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When Lightning Strikes!! NC-17
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Quench The Fire Within NC-17
Ch 8

Quench the Fire Within

Ch 8


The next morning Leo woke up and didn’t see Kimiko. He stared at her clothes on the floor and buried his head in his hands.

‘What did I do? Oh man my life sucks! A woman actually loved me and I go and take advantage of her. She definitely hates me now!’

He exited her apartment and drove toward Casey and April’s house around 5:30am. He tried to sneak in, but Casey caught him.

“Looks like you had a long night hmm bro. It’s all over your face too. Mind telling me about it we are both men here you know.”

Leo looked and nodded.

“Yes I know that Casey. Ok here it goes. I went to the beach last night to clear my mind after getting into an argument with April. She asked me a question that really got me mad and I just yelled back at her. Then I stormed out of the house and drove to the beach and took a walk along the boardwalk. Then I sat on the shore and watched the waves crash up against the shore. Then I met a beautiful Japanese girl named Kimiko. We started talking and then we kissed. Then the kisses turned into passionate ones and we laid on the beach and made out for a long time. My brother Raphael called me because I was late meeting him and Aimee at the club. Besides April told him about the argument her and I had about Karai and me. Which you should be aware that there was never Karai and I involved at all. She was the enemy back then and definitely an enemy now. That’s what got me so mad last night. Your wife actually thought I slept with Karai.”

Casey looked and nodded.

“Ok I kind of figured that part out already bro. Ok after you and this Kimiko made out on the beach what happened next?”

Leo looked up and sighed.

“Nothing we just got into my SUV and headed toward the club to meet my brother and his girl Aimee. We had a drink and danced on the floor as a couple. It felt so good to be loved by a human woman so HOT!! Ok enough about how she looks. Then shortly after Raphael and I made up with Donatello and met his girlfriend Jessica.”

Casey yawned.

“That’s it nothing else.”

Leo smiled slyly.

“No you didn’t let me get to that part yet lamebrain. Be quiet or I won’t tell you about my night understood.”

Casey looked and remained silent as Leo continued.

“I drove Kimiko home and walked her to the door. I kissed her goodnight and she asked me to go in her place. I hesitated before I answered and said yes. Then before I knew it I had pushed her to the couch and undressed her. Her sighs of pleasure went right through me and I almost lost all my self control. Casey what I’m saying is last night I had oral sex with a girl I just got with and it gets better. She’s Karai’s younger sister and is known as the Mystic Dragon. That’s why I feel like what we did last night was wrong. She’s the enemy and we’re closer to getting intimate than you’d ever expect from me especially being the serious one out of my brothers. I just don’t know what to do. I just know she hates me!”

Casey looked at him and laughed.

“Boy bro you have a lot to learn about love. Believe me she doesn’t hate you. She’ll pop up when you least expect it. She probably doesn’t want her stupid sister to know that you are her man. As for thinking you betrayed your honor by doing that with her you’re wrong. If she didn’t want it to happen believe me she would’ve stopped you and kicked you out.”

Leo looked up and sighed.

“Casey when I woke up this morning she was gone. She didn’t even kiss me when she left this morning. What am I supposed to think?”

Casey laughed.

“By any chance did you see a piece of paper on the coffee table this morning when you woke up and discovered she was gone? Or did you forget to look on the table. Maybe that note explained to you why she left so early in the morning did you ever think of that? Leo check your back pocket there’s a piece of paper stuffed in it shaped like a heart.”

He reached to his back pocket and opened the heart shaped piece of paper and read it to himself.

‘To Leo my ninja lover. What happened between us last night was far from going against our ninja honor. I don’t want you to think that you took advantage of me last night cause you didn’t. I allowed it to happen and want you to know I enjoyed it a lot!! Sorry bout rushing out this morning before you woke up but my dumb ass sister called me and demanded I meet her by our father’s old skyscraper! I had to be there by a certain time and didn’t want to wake you up. You seemed so peaceful when you were fast asleep on my couch! We’ll meet again Leo I promise you that. But for now I have to be very careful; my sister is a cunning ninja and can’t find out about us!! Love your girl KIMIKO AKA The Mystic Dragon!! Love you lots!! PS check out the art shop across the street from Roy’s Pizza and reunite with your youngest brother before my sister attacks him unexpectedly and kills him…I overheard her talking to her stupid ninjas about attacking Michelangelo unexpectedly because he hasn’t been training since you 4 went your separate ways ten years ago..Love you Leo!!’

He looked up and folded the note back up and stuck it in his pocket. Then he headed up to his room and took a shower to cool down from the night before even though they really didn’t make love. When he finished his shower he put a pair of black jeans on and a gray Tshirt. Then he wore a hoody to hide his katana. He took Kimiko’s note and put it in his top drawer before he followed Casey out of the door toward the garage. They drove to the garage and Leo sat at the table and sighed.

“Well you were right about her sudden exit. Now I really have a problem. Our baby brother works at the art shop across from the pizza parlor and hasn’t been training. According to Kimiko her sister is going to attack my brother and kill him!! That means the foot have been watching every single move Mike makes and will strike hard when he is the most vulnerable. Should I call Raph and Don or deal with it myself? “

Raphael and Donatello look up from the table and say.

“What fun would that be if we’re not involved? We’re brothers Leo and are stronger when we’re together. Our team needs to come back together if we’re going to take down Karai and her dishonorable foot once and for all! Let’s go visit our baby brother after work and then help you find an apartment of your own.”

Leo smiled and nodded.

“Ok then it’s agreed. After work we go pay Michelangelo a visit bros.”

In the meantime Karai had her foot ninjas and her sister watch over the art shop. Then they saw Serena enter. She looked around because she sensed trouble and entered the shop. She walked over by the counter and looked.

“Mike when are you going to start training again? Lately I’ve been sensing trouble outside of the shop and don’t like it one bit. Don’t you sometimes get the feeling you’re being watched? I’m worried about you. Lately you’ve been avoiding training when you know you’re a ninja and need to always be on the alert for the foot. They have formed once again and what I’ve heard they are stronger now then they were in your past!”

He looked up and stared.

“Yea some ninja I am. I attacked my older brother 10 years ago and nearly killed him. Believe me the last thing I intend on doing is going back to my roots! As for the foot I could care less if they’re waiting for the right time to kick my shell in. No matter what you say it won’t change my mind. I’m not a ninja anymore and that’s final! I’m an artist and own this shop that’s my life now, not a crime fighting ninja anymore! Now drop it; I don’t want to hear about it at all. I gave up ninjitsu 10 years ago because my skills murdered my brother in cold blood and that is against my ninja honor!! There’s no way he could’ve survived that attack; we all saw him on the floor of the lair bleeding and not breathing! I’m alone now and like it that way anyway. I am not worthy to carry on as a ninja.”

She looked and glared.

“Oh really. Then tell me this why does Raphael and Donatello still consider themselves ninjas? How do you know that you killed your brother 10 years ago well Mike? Try reading the paper and see if he’s a ghost or not!! I advise you to wisen the hell up and get back to your ninjitsu skills before you’re denial gets you killed!! Get over yourself and try to reunite with your brothers!! Your problem is you’re scared…to admit that you can never deny the fact that you’re a ninja and made a mistake when you were 17 and wonder if Leo will forgive you or kick your shell in!! Read the paper Mike I guarantee your brother Leo is alive and well and without a grudge!! Just like Don and Raph!!”

He took the paper from Serena and read the article about the Mysterious Mystic Blue Ninja who is the defending champion for 6 years after defeating one of the most deadly female ninjas known as The Mystic Dragon! His eyes widened and he scratched his head.

“Ok you made a point where is he then? Is he even in New York or did he go to Japan permanently? Who would’ve thought after all these years Leo still practices Ninjitsu and isn’t cussing us out in his article when asked about his family.”






Does Mike come around?

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