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When Lightning Strikes!! NC-17
A Summer Night like No Other NC-17
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Quench The Fire Within NC-17
Ch 7

Quench the Fire Within

Ch 7


Donatello and Jessica arrived at his apartment around 10:45pm that night. He unlocked his front door and locked it behind them. He hung up his keys and took off his hoodie and entered the kitchen to put the water on for their tea. Jessica took his jacket and breathed in the scent of his body spray and sighed while the ache returned. Then she hung it up on the coat rack and took off her socks and sneakers. She sat on the living room couch and sighed while she watched him in the kitchen. She put her head back against the cushions and sighed closing her eyes. She tried to come up with a way to get Don in the mood for sex because she has tried so many times and failed miserably. Tonight was different though; she had the urge to make love to him and would stop at nothing to get her way especially since the night was a steamy summer night in New York City. The right time to get hot and heavy with the one you love.

He peaked at her from the kitchen and sighed while he got the urge to push her down on the couch and make love to her. He took deep breaths and turned his shell toward her and poured the water for their tea.  When he finished making their tea he entered the living room and handed Jessica her tea. She smiled and watched as he sat in the chair across from her so he could drink his tea. She sipped her tea and eyed him up and down while he sat in the chair and drank his tea in silence. She looked up and asked.

“Donnie why are you sitting over there? When I’m right here? Please come and sit by me on the couch. What has gotten into you tonight?”

He looked up and responded.

“Nothing why are you saying that? I have a lot on my mind right now and besides I’m tired. I’m fine really; stop worrying about me.”

She looked over at him and said.

“I know you’re worried about your brother Michelangelo. Come by me and I’ll get your mind off of him “

He finished his tea and asked puzzled.

“Exactly how do you expect to accomplish that Jess? When you figure it out I’ll probably be asleep. Goodnight babe. I’ll see you in the morning love you Jessie.”

He kissed her and walked up the stairs to his room and entered the bathroom so he could brush his teeth. When he exits he felt Jessie’s hands around his waist and felt her warm lips kissing his neck. Then he turned around and faced her with a smile across his face. He embraced her and their lips met. While he kissed her up against his bathroom door she moved his hand to her blouse and said.

“I know you want me Don. I also want you to so let’s just skip the kissing tonight and get down and make it tonight?”

He looked at her confused and said.

“What the shell are you talking about Jess? What do you want from me anyway?”

She let him go and slowly unbuttoned her blouse moving toward him in a seducing matter. She slipped one sleeve off at a time and stood in front of him. She moved his hands to her bra and reached behind to undo the clasps. She undid them and he moved his hand away from her shoulder and backed up into the wall shaking his head.

“No way I don’t think so. Stop trying to seduce me I’m not a damn human. Sorry babe but mutant turtles don’t make love the way you do. Actually I rather not talk about it. The thought of it makes me sick to my stomach. “

She put her finger to his lips and kissed them as she embraced him. He gulped as his hands slipped the straps off her shoulders throwing it to the floor on top of her blouse. Then he held them firmly in his hands causing her to sigh She moved his hands to her jeans and he looked down while he unfastened them. He slipped them down slowly over her thighs and she pulled her legs out and kicked them to the side. He pushed her up against the bedroom door and locked it behind them while he kissed her full of passion letting their tongues wrap around each other.

“Jessie I have no idea what to do? I’m not a human and I highly doubt anything can happen between us. All I know about is making out with you in passion on my bed, the couch, and sometimes the swing on my porch. As for making love to you I’m clueless on how it begins.”

While she moved her hands to his shirt slowly unbuttoning she said.

“It starts out with making out and then it develops into making sweet love all through the night or as long as it can last.”

He just continued to kiss her with passion as his shirt slipped off his shoulders to the floor on top of her clothes. She stroked his forehead gently and then used her fingers to trace his biceps watching as his veins crawl beneath his tough, green skin. Then she moved her hands along his chest and traced the cuts in his plastron. She still felt nothing she is satisfied with. She gets frustrated and kisses his chest and still felt nothing. He felt how hot her body was and gulped while her hands moved to his jeans. He looked down and gulped.

“Jessie don’t do it. I told you I’m not a damn human what part of that don’t you comprehend! I am not capable of making love to you and that’s final now knock it off! All I’m good for is making out not satisfying you by making love to you!”

She ignored him and unfastened his jeans slowly moving them down a little while she pushed him toward his bed sliding them off completely causing them to land on top of their other clothes. He looked up and gulped as he felt the heat her body was letting off as she kissed him full of passion while he lay flat on his shell. While he embraced her he realized his hands were inside her panties slipping them off and threw them to the floor. He took a deep breath as it snapped from inside his shell. He felt the head making its way between his legs and said.

“Jessie have you done this before? If not then just let me know now before there’s no turning back babe! “

She felt something rub against her thigh and yelled.

“Ooh Don take your belt off it’s rubbing against me. Oh no don’t tell me it’s your…oh my it’s so big. But not hard enough to enter me…I’ll take care of that right now!”

He watched as her head moved down and felt her lips around his round, leathery tail and made several animal sounds as she sucked on it slow at first. Then she picked up the pace and caused his toes to curl and his muscles to tighten. He couldn’t move and gripped the sheets tightly as she sucked harder on his tail….Then he removed his purple bandanna and threw it to the floor on top of their clothes.

He escaped her mouth and pushed her down to the bed while he smiled down at her and began to kiss her full of passion while he caressed every inch of her body. She grabbed his hands and traced his shell ridges. Then she asked.

“Did I manage to get you in the mood? I have tried so many times since the 1st night we met and somehow you managed to control yourself.”

He laughed and whispered in her ear.

“My Ninja training babe. Being trained as a ninja you usually learn self control. Then sometimes all your training doesn’t matter when you have a beautiful woman in your arms. Before I do anything; tell me the truth Jess. Will I be your first love or have you had men before me?”

She looked up at him and embraced him kissing him full of passion.

“Yes you will be. I have dated many men before you and never could trust them enough. With you it’s a different story. You are nothing like the other men and have a lot of respect for me. Then when you hold me in your arms; you make me feel loved, appreciated, and secure. No other guy made me feel the way you do. That’s why I’m willing to give myself to you tonight. I want to become 1 with you Donatello; that’s how much you mean to me.”

He stroked her forehead gently and smiled down at her. Then he moved his hands between her thighs and used his fingers to loosen her up. She sighed while she grabbed his hand by her vulva.

“You’re very sneaky. I guess that’s what I get when I go with a ninja like you. Stop playing with me and get to it already. I don’t want to lay here and beg you.”

He smiled slyly as he widened her legs and held her down with his weight.

“I know you want to get laid Jessie I’m not that dumb. I’m having a problem right now or have you not been able to realize it. Thanks to you I can’t get it up. You had to go and be a smart ass and force yourself on me.”

He got off the bed and sat on his porch staring at the stars in the sky. Then he sighed while he wiped the sweat from his forehead. He entered the shed and grabbed his Bo staff to go in the field and brush up on his ninja skills now that Leo made him aware the foot were back and pose a threat to them once again led by Karai. He practiced until 12am and then took a break lying in the grass staring up at the stars. Then he closed his eyes and meditated

In the meantime Jessie lay in his bed and buried her head in her hands. She looked at the clock and decided to call Serena who was asleep in Mike’s arms. Mike heard her cell ringing and answered.

“Jessie why are you calling Serena so late? She’s fast asleep right now. What is so important that can’t wait till morning?”

She responded.

“Oh Mike you wouldn’t understand it’s a woman thing.”

He sat up and said.

“Oh really try me. I am your best friend’s boyfriend you know and you happen to be dating my braniac brother Donatello.”

She looked and yelled.

“Oh really he’s your brother right? Well then tell me this Mr. macho turtle why the hell haven’t you tried to track him down? Well smartass answer the question. How come your brothers Raphael and Donatello are on good terms with Leonardo and you’re still hiding from him? Well answer the question Mike; you can’t can you? Your brother Donatello is worried sick about you and you don’t seem to give two damns. You’re still afraid of Leonardo when you know damn well he doesn’t hold grudges. You know what I’ll deal with it myself forget you and tell Serena I’ll call her tomorrow!”

She slammed her cell down and put some clothes on. Then she looked downstairs and didn’t see Donatello anywhere. She entered the shed and seen his Bo was gone. Then she decided to go out by the lake and apologize to him about what she did earlier. When she arrived by the lake she seen Don in meditation and decided not to disturb him. She walked down by the lake and decided to skip rocks on the water. Then she sighed and sat by the edge and stared up at the stars above the water.

Donatello came out of meditation and sat by her holding her close to him. She rested her head on his shoulder and said.

“Don I’m sorry for what I did to you earlier. It’s just that Aimee and Serena already felt passion with your brothers and rubbed my face in it. They think there’s no trust in our relationship because we haven’t made love yet and it hurts me inside. Sometimes I wonder if they may be right. See they turned your brothers on first and got what they wanted as for me I got the cold shoulder from you.”

He laughed as he rubbed her shoulders.

“Actually Aimee turned Raphael on and he was ready. As for Serena she’s full of it. I know for a fact that Michelangelo made the 1st move on her because she was probably trying to take Aimee’s advice and tried to seduce him. Mike isn’t as innocent as you girls may think he is and I only know this because I caught him when he was turning 16. As for the trust in our relationship; Jessie don’t think like that. I do trust you and really am in love with you babe, but you’re trying to move real fast and sweetie when a couple does that they don’t stay together. We’re only together a few weeks and you’re already trying to make our relationship an intimate one. The operative question is this.

“Do you trust me enough to allow me to make love to you? Or are you just trying to seduce me because Serena and Aimee are teasing you?”

She looked up into his eyes and seen the passion and desire in them. She also felt how hot he was getting and felt his fingers unbuttoning her blouse. She looked down and knew he was horny because it was erected. She gulped as his hands unfastened her jean shorts and he slipped them off while he pushed her down to the ground underneath the moonlight. She moved his hands to her panties and helped him slide them off. Then she widened them and pulled him down to her arching up to him. He thrust slow at first and she screamed out..

“Aagh Donatello…you’re so..aagh…sneaky!! Aagh God harder…Ooh. While he thrust harder he sucked on her breasts until the nipples hardened between his teeth…She moaned and groaned gripping onto the grassy bank below them and pushed herself against him feeling his tail inside her vagina. Sweat dripped down from his forehead as he continued to thrust harder each time he came down on her!! He picked up the pace shaking the ground below them and let out several loud animal sounds…..Aagh Jessica…I’m the..aagh..aagh…ooh..luckiest…aaaaaaggghhhh..mutant turtle to have such a beautiful partner….aagh..god….Here comes the pain….AAAGGGGHHHHH….GOD…..”

She pushed him down to the bank and pumped against him while it went deeper within her…tearing into her like a bolt of lightning…she pulled her head back as she continued to pump him…faster each time she came up on him….

“Aagh Donatello…..I feel like a goddess the way we’re makin…aagh…love below the moonlight on this hot, steamy, summer night…Aagh yes…more…more…..ooh..ooh…….oooohhhhhhhhh…..What a lover…Aagh..aagh..aagh..”

He pushed her back down to the bank and thrust harder causing her to moan louder each time he came down on her …..the breathing became heavy as he came harder each thrust…his heart beat rapidly as he continued to thrust into her…She screamed out and dug her nails into his shoulders…

“Aagh Donatello ……”

He silenced her as he continued. And she closed her eyes being surrounded in red…..she knew he took her to ecstasy. And moaned his name each time he thrust…


As he continued her toes curled and her body became numb from his loving…He finally rolled off of her and kissed her full of passion wrapping his arms around her soft body….She realized he was holding himself and that tears were rolling down his cheeks. She caught her breath and stroked his forehead gently wiping the sweat from his brow. Then she smiled at him and asked.

“Don are you ok? Omg you’re bleeding. Did you hurt yourself? I’m so sorry for pushing you the way I did.”

He smiled at her and stroked her forehead gently.

“I’m actually glad you did push me. If you didn’t we would’ve never made love because babe I was scared to even attempt it being a mutant turtle and all. As for the blood it’ll stop eventually…Whoa we actually reached ecstasy what a feeling!! Aagh god that was so intense! Painful as hell but rather satisfying and refreshing at the same time!! Are you ok babe? Did I hurt you?”

She smiled at him and traced his shell ridges.

“I’m fine Donatello. What an experience Oh god…hot, steamy, passionate and so damn wet SEX!!! You’re really good at it for a huge mutant turtle…I’m so sticky from the sweat pouring down and so are you!! What are we going to do now? Are we sleeping here tonight or going in your room…I can’t move right now!”

He smiled slyly and entered the barn. Then he pitched the tent over her and lay next to her. Then he got back up and went in the house to get a battery powered fan to use. When he returned Jessie was fast asleep on the pillow. Then he used a light blanket and covered them both while he wrapped his arms around her and fell asleep. She opened her eyes and rested her head on his chest falling asleep immediately feeling satisfied and refreshed for the first time.




ch 8...Casey questios Leo about the events from the night before and its a possibilty that Mike will finally come around..or not!!

Warning...Before you enter please be sure that you're not underage and get offended by TMNT in EROTIC SITUATIONS....YOU HAVE ALL BEEN WARNED!!FOR ALL THOSE WHO ENJOY READING EROTICA>>>HAVE SOME READING PLEASURE!!!!!!!!!!!!