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Quench The Fire Within NC-17
ch 6

Quench the Fire Within

Ch 6


Don watched in the far corner as his brothers danced with their girls. He took a sip of his beer and sighed.

‘Why the shell am I drinking beer? I hate it; ill gross. Maybe my girl will give me a sip of her drink.’

He looked at Jessie’s glass and she stared at him puzzled.

“Umm Don why are you looking at my drink? You asked me for a beer and now you’re not drinking it.”

He sighed and asked.

“I don’t know why I asked you for the beer in the 1st place I hate it. Can I have a sip of your drink?”

She smiled and gave him a sip.

“It doesn’t have that much alcohol in it because I really don’t drink. You can finish mine I’ll just get another one for myself.”

He sipped it and smiled.

“Ok thank you babe. Wow it’s pretty good. What is it called?”

She smiled as she responded.

“A strawberry daiquiri. I’ll be right back Don don’t miss me too much.”

He smiled when he responded.

“I’ll try not to Jess. I’m going to talk to my brother as soon as he sits back down. Now this being separated from my brothers for 10 years is really ridiculous. The worst that could happen to me is my brother Leo kicking my shell in.”

She walked over to the bar and got herself another drink. Then she went back to the table where Don was sitting in silence. Then he took her hand when she sat down and they went to the dance floor by Leo and Raph. Leo looked up and smiled.

“Bout time you come around bro. Anything about Mike yet?”

Don shrugged as he responded.

“No I haven’t heard from him since that night we…Leo I’m sorry for attacking you along with hot head and Mike. Please don’t hate me.”

The song ended and he signaled.

“Why don’t you and your girl join me and Raph by our table? We can talk; ok bro.”

Don smiled as Jessie walked to their table and pulled two chairs up by them. Then he sat down and sighed with relief that him, Leo, and Raph were reunited once again. Then he looked at Kimiko and asked.

“Whoa Leo I thought we had good taste in women? You have better taste than both of us; no offense Jessie.”

She laughed and stared.

“No offense taken Don. What are your brothers’ names?”

Leo looked up from his glass and introduced himself.

“I’m Leonardo but my friends call me Leo for short. This beautiful ninja by me is my girl Kim.”

Raphael took a sip of his drink and introduced himself.

“I’m Raphael but my friends call me Raph for short. This is my girl Aimee. Wow Don you surprised me bro. All that time I thought we had a weirdo in the family.”

Don glared at him and said.

“Oh no don’t you even start that shit again!! I’m not gay just because I’m into science.”

Leo put his hand between them and yelled.

“Ok enough you two. None of us are gay so let’s drop the subject now. We’re brothers not enemies!”

Kimiko looked at her watch and said.

“Leo it’s getting late and I’m bushed. Can you take me home now I’m falling asleep on your shoulder?”

He smiled and nodded his head.

“Yea it is kind of late. Let me go pay the bill and then we’ll leave.”

Raph also yawned as he stared at his watch.

“Oh man I’m with you bro. I agree with you it’s really late. I’m so beat after we fought the foot at your tournament.”

Don’s eyes went up.

“The foot? What are you serious? We all saw Leo hurt Karai; don’t tell me she ‘s back in charge of the foot again?”

Leo looked and nodded his head.

“Yes she is back in charge. We have to be ready if she decides to make a move. That’s why I wish Mike would get over himself and confront me damn it.”

Raph looked and asked.

“Huh what good is Mike? All he ever did was play around when we were on training runs Leo. If he wasn’t playing around he had his head stuck in a comic book during the lessons!”

Don interrupted.

“Maybe that’s true Raph, but when we needed his help in battles he was just as skilled as the 3 of us. Either way you put it he’s a ninja and our youngest brother. We need him, because we were always told that we were unbeatable when the 4 of us fought together.”

Leo looked and nodded in agreement.

“Yea I agree with Don. Let’s just hope he comes around before it’s too late. Well goodnight Raph, Don, Aimee, and Jessie see you soon. I need my rest after that tournament and the argument I got into with April earlier. I’m losing my voice because I yelled at her.”

Raph looked and asked.

“Why the shell did you argue with April bro? What did she ask you that pissed you off and caused you to drive to the beach?”

He sighed as he responded.

“Call me later and I’ll explain. I rather not say anything by Don if you know what I mean bro?”

Raph shrugged and followed Leo to the register to pay out of everyone else’s sight.

“Leo; she questioned you about your involvement in Karai right?”

He nodded his head.

“Yes she did and I got pissed off and yelled at her. Then I stormed out of the house and drove to the beach to clear my mind.”

Raph looked and asked.

“Why did you get mad if nothing happened between you and Karai; unless you’re not telling me something damn it Leo I’m your friggin brother.”

He sighed as he responded.

“No nothing happened actually we never really got together. I wouldn’t because I knew she was the enemy and couldn’t betray my family like that. I just can’t believe April would ask me something like that.”

Raph looked and responded.

“She was only curious bro. Because she seen how many times you saved her life and wondered if there was something between you two nothing else. Now when you get back to their house if April is still awake apologize to her for blowing up like that ok bro.”

He smiled and responded.

“I will Raph. Not tonight though she’s probably asleep already. First thing in the morning I’ll apologize to April and get an apartment of my own. I’ve been living there for 10 years and now it’s time I live on my own don’t you think?”

He nodded as he responded.

“Yea it is you’re 27 Leo and are practically a man. Besides you have a girl friend now.”

He looked up and asked.

“Yea I do so what’s that supposed to mean? Well I’m waiting.”

Raphael laughed.

“Tell me you have no idea what I meant by that? I swear I’ll bop you upside your head.”

Leo smiled slyly.

“Of course I do but why are you bringing that up now. Hello bro I’m only with her for one night; It wouldn’t be right and you sure as hell know I’m right.”

Raph remained silent and paid the bill; then the 3 brothers and their girls left the club and headed home.

Leo pulled up to Kimiko’s place and walked her to the door. She embraced him and leaned into kiss him. He accepted and returned the approach by kissing her up against the pole. She grabbed his neck as they made out and said.

“Why don’t you come in Leo? I wouldn’t mind going against our honor tonight because I am in love with you. What do you say?”

He kissed her and gulped.

“Umm no I have to be going. I have to be at the garage early in the morning with Casey and need some sleep. Besides after work I need to find an apartment of my own so I can move out of their house.”

She continued to kiss him and said.

“I didn’t say we had to do anything Leo. I just want you to spend the night with me and maybe we could have a few passionate make out sessions to practice until we’re ready to take it all the way?”

He continued to kiss her as they entered her apartment and said.

“Yea maybe; but that sometimes leads to more especially when the passion is present.”

She smiled and asked.

“True but I think we can both handle it don’t you think? We are ninjas right?”

He nodded his head and pushed her to the couch kissing her full of passion moving his hands inside her blouse and slipping it off. She seen it fall and unbuttoned his blouse also slipping it off. She reached behind and undid the clasps causing her bra to fall to the ground. He stared at her breasts and gulped. Then he wrapped his lips around them sucking them until she sighed and traced his shell ridges. Her hands caressed his smooth plastron and she smiled up at him moving his hands to her jeans where he unfastened them and slid them off to the floor. She moved her hands to his jeans and he grabbed them.

“No not yet. Remember neither of us are ready to take it all the way…It’s only our first night together Kim. Please try to be patient with me.”

She looked up and kissed him full of passion moving his hand to her underwear. He moved his hand to the waist band and slid them off slowly exploring the warmth. She sighed and grabbed his hand while his fingers moved up causing her to sigh and grip the couch.

“Aagh…Leo…ooh don’t stop there. Aagh God…YES…..”

He smiled slyly and moved his lips back to her breast and took each one in his mouth causing her to sigh again. His lips moved from her breasts and down her arch. Then she felt his hot lips against her clit and sighed loudly….

“Aagh GOD….Aagh LEO…are you sure.. You’re not ready to make love to me yet? Aaaaaaaaaaaaghhhhhh YES………”

She couldn’t bare it anymore and fell asleep as he continued. He realized it and sighed with relief…

‘Whew that was close!! I was about to let myself loose….Ok now I’m really tired….’

He got off the couch and entered the bathroom washing his face off with cold water staring into the mirror…Then he sighed as it returned back inside his shell where it belonged….Well she knows I’m a turtle and hasn’t run away yet but she’s Karai’s sister and could be an enemy also!! Oh man what am I going to do to find out if she can be trusted or not? I am so in love with her that’s it’s not even funny!’









ch 7 Does Jessie get what she on and find out!!

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