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Quench The Fire Within NC-17
Ch 5

Quench the Fire Within

Ch 5


Leo woke up around 4:30pm and felt the sheets below him and shook his head.

‘Oh man this is not happening to me; how the hell can I fantasize about that woman if I’ll never see her again.

He got up out of his bed and took another shower to cool down from that fantasy. When he finished his shower he dried off and got dressed and stripped his bed and replaced the wet sheets with clean, dry ones. After he finished he did a load of his laundry and went downstairs. He seen April on the couch and she looked up.

“Hey Leo you slept pretty long. That must’ve been some tournament today. So are you and Raph on good terms once again?”

He looked at her and sighed.

“Yea you could say we are. It just gets me mad out of my brothers he’s the only one brave enough to come to me. I mean April we were always close when we fought crime in our youth, but then it just seemed like we grew so distant from one another and we’re brothers.”

She looked at him and held him in her arms.

“It’s ok Leo Mike and Don will come around. You just have to give them time; especially after what they did to you 10 years ago they probably think you hate them. Try to stop thinking about the past and look more toward the present and future. You 4 will reunite when you all least expect it.”

He sighed and stared.

“Yea I know let’s just hope it’s before the foot get any stronger than they already are. The tournament was nothing more than a trap set up by Karai to lure me to a fight so she can avenge her damn father. This time she didn’t fight me she had her younger sister do it and as Karai failed so did her sister the Mystic Dragon; but I’ve fallen in love with her just like I did with her sister years ago.”

April eyes widened and she asked.

“You and her didn’t…did you? If it happened you can tell me Leo I’m like your sister.”

He looked and stared at her.

“No what are you crazy? We never even got together as a couple because we were enemies. Why would you even think that?”

She sighed.

“No reason I was just wondering that’s all. Don’t yell at me for asking you a question? If nothing happened then why are you so nervous? Well Leo answer the question.”

He stormed out of the house and drove to the beach to clear his mind. He walked along the boardwalk and ate his ice cream. Then he sat along the shore and stared at the waves crashing up against the sand. He also thought about his brother and Aimee.

‘Yea of course Raphael gets a girl and probably Don and Mike also. Not me; always the unlucky one when it comes to love. No wonder why Casey just loves to drive me crazy.’

He looked up and sighed. Then he heard a familiar voice and shook his head.

‘Oh now her voice is in my head. This is not good at all.’

Kimiko sat down next to him and put her hand on his shoulder.

“Mystic Blue Ninja do you remember me? Look over to your left I’m right here.”

He turned to look on his left and seen a woman wearing blue jeans, a white tank top, and a white leather jacket. He also realized her long, black hair was pulled up in a high ponytail.

“How do you know I’m the Mystic Blue Ninja? We never met before.”

She smiled and took her sunglasses off and gazed into his eyes through his bandanna.

“Now do I remind you of someone you fought earlier this afternoon and beat me? I may be Karai’s sister but refuse to join the foot. Besides I’m a ninja that fights with honor just like you. Now I have the foot after me because my sister is aware that I have betrayed her and wants me dead right now!”

He looked up and gazed into her ice blue eyes and smiled.

“Well my name is Leo. What’s your real name?”

She smiled and gazed into his eyes through the bandanna and said.

“My name is Kimiko Saki but you can call me Kim or Kimmy for short.”

They gazed into one another’s eyes and their lips met once. She pulled away and took a deep breath as she leaned into kiss him again. He seen her leaning in toward him and embraced her kissing her full of passion pushing her down to the sand. They laid on the beach making out till the sun set behind the clouds. Then  he heard his shell cell ring and answered.

“Yo bro Leo here? What’s up?”
Kimiko sat up and held onto him as he talked into his cell. On the other end Raph said.

“Yo Leo are you ready yet? It’s already 8:30pm and April said that you stormed out for no reason at all.”

He looked at his watch and said.

“Oh man I forgot all about it. I’ll meet you there bro; I just had to go and clear my mind see you in about 45 minutes Leo out.”

He hung up his shell cell and Kimiko glared.

“Is this April your girl or something?”

He smiled as he replied.

“No I’m actually single right now. April is a friend of mine and my family’s; besides she’s married to our friend Casey and they have a 7 year old daughter named Codi.”

When she heard that she was relieved.

“You wouldn’t be looking for a girl would you? I to am single and looking for a man to love me and respect that I’m a ninja. I would love to be with you Leo since you’re so sweet, and just like me. What do you say?”

He smiled and embraced her again kissing her lips and their tongues actually met. While they kissed his body heated up and he got scared.

“I’d love you to be my girl, but we have to take it slow ok. I’m not the kind of guy that would..”

She cut him off as she continued to kiss him.

“Have sex with the girl on the first date right? I’m actually relieved you’re not like that, I need a man that can respect me and won’t pressure me..”

He smiled and embraced her brushing the bangs back from her eyes.

“Well then you came to the right guy babe. Come on I’m supposed to meet my brother and his girl Aimee at the club would you like to join me since you’re my girl?”

She smiled and he took her hand as they walked along the boardwalk toward his SUV.

“Yes I’d love to join you at the club. I love to dance and just chill and listen to the music as it plays. “

He smiled as they drove toward the club.

“Yea me too.”

They pulled up to the club and he put his alarm on; then he took Kim’s hand and they entered. Aimee looked up and nudged Raph.

“Oh man Leo has a beautiful Japanese girl with him. Call him over honey.”

Raph looked up and his mouth dropped. Then he yelled.

“Yo bro come and join us.”

Leo and Kim walked over by the table and sat with Raph and Aimee. Raph introduced Aimee to Leo and Kim introduced herself to them both. Leo looked up and spotted Karai and his eyes slanted. Kim looked up and also saw her sister and gulped.

“Oh man she spotted me oh man now what am I going to do?”

Aimee looked over and nudged Kim.

“Come on with me to the counter let the boys handle it?”

Raph muttered to himself.

‘Yea I’ll handle it alright I’ll kick the shit out of her if she says a word.’

Leo saw her walk over to them and nudged Raph.

“Umm bro let’s try to act normal here. I know she’s our mortal enemy but this is no place for us to fight her and the pathetic foot clan. Just follow my lead and let me do the talking.”

Raph looked and nodded his head.

“Yea whatever you say fearless leader.”

Karai approached their table and looked at Leo.

“Did you gentlemen see a Japanese girl with long black hair and a white leather jacket by any chance? She’s my little sister and I worry about her?”

Leo stopped himself from glaring and responded non chalant.

“No sorry ma’am we haven’t seen her at all. We hope you do find her and have a goodnight.”

They both sighed as Karai and the foot exited the club. Raph looked and said.

“Lucky neither of us went after that dishonorable bitch when she was right there. Ladies it’s safe now!”

Aimee and Kim went back to the table and sat in silence drinking their daiquiris while Leo and Raph drank their pina coladas. A song came on and Aimee tugged at Raph’s arm.

“Come on let’s go dance; please it’s our song.”

Raph sighed and followed her lead to the dance floor and Leo watched as Aimee held his brother’s waist while the slow song played and sighed. Kim took his hand and said.

“Come on Leo let’s go dance! That’s what couples do am I right?”

He smiled and took her hand and followed Raphael and Aimee. Kim moved his hand from hers and down to her waist resting her head on his shoulder as they moved along to the slow song. While they danced she felt a sense of security that she had never known before and sighed.

“I love you Leo.”








3 Brothers reunite and how innocent is LEO!!

Warning...Before you enter please be sure that you're not underage and get offended by TMNT in EROTIC SITUATIONS....YOU HAVE ALL BEEN WARNED!!FOR ALL THOSE WHO ENJOY READING EROTICA>>>HAVE SOME READING PLEASURE!!!!!!!!!!!!