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Quench The Fire Within NC-17
ch 4

Quench the Fire Within

Ch 4 part 1


Leo and Raphael entered the house and everyone greeted him with a hug. Raphael kindly returned the hugs and picked up little Codi. She smiled and gave him a hug.

“I love you Uncle Raph. I’m so glad that I finally got to meet you after all the stories daddy told me about you.”

Raph raised his brow and looked at Casey. Then he gave Codi a big hug.

“Whoa you’re as pretty as your mother but have your dad’s eyes. How old are you again?”

She smiled as she kissed him on the cheek.

“I’ll be 8 years old in two months. Are you coming to my birthday party?”

He smiled and responded.

“Yes I’ll be there with my girl friend Aimee. Now run along sweetie your Uncle Leo and I have to talk now. Little girls should be seen and not heard.”

Casey looked at his watch and called.

“Come on Codi you’ll be late for softball practice. You’ll see Uncle Leo and Uncle Raph later. April let’s go her game is in an hour. The coach specifically said to have her there an hour earlier for practice before the game we’re running late.”

April ran downstairs and followed Casey and Codi to the car and they drove off.

Leo got up from the table and locked the door. Then he walked by the coffee pot and asked.

“Raph do you want a cup of coffee? You look like you’re in a daze or something. Do you want to talk about it or no?”

He nodded his head and sighed.

“Oh man last night was too intense bro! I have never felt so alive like I do right now in my 27 years on this earth!!”

Leo looked and scratched his head.

“Huh come again? What was so intense about last night? Mind cluing me in here I’m completely lost now!”
Leo poured each of them a cup of coffee and sat across from his brother handing him his cup of coffee. Then Raph took a sip and looked up.

“Aimee and I made love last night twice in a row and again this morning! Bro it was amazing!! No wonder why Casey was always in a daze when we went up to his grandmother’s farm in Massachusetts!!”

Leo looked up and sighed.

“I wish I was that lucky in love like you are. Does she know what you are?”

Raph nodded his head and smiled.

“Yes she does and she accepts it. Maybe dad was wrong about humans not accepting us I mean we are friends with April and Casey aren’t we?”

Leo nodded his head.

“Yes we are. Please don’t bring up Master Splinter right now bro. I still blame myself for his death and wish you 3 would’ve killed me that night!! I literally broke down seeing him on his bed so limp and lifeless! If I would’ve just left you alone when you came in that night he’d still be alive.”

Raph looked up and put a hand on his shoulder.

“Whoa Leo! You didn’t kill our father! Stop blaming yourself and don’t you ever say that you’re nothing without him! Bro you are the leader for one reason and that reason is our father seen through you and knew that we’d be safe after he was gone because you were always there for us when we needed you! You had every right to yell at me 10 years ago when I came in drunk! I’m a ninja and that is unacceptable especially with his heart condition!! I lost my focus after you defeated Shredder because I wanted to be the one that killed him and I was really jealous of you like I have always been! Especially when you became top turtle that really ticked me off!! What we did to you 10 years ago was wrong and I see it now! We’re brothers Leo not enemies and we should’ve never attacked you like we did! Leo I’m sorry and to that I swear on my ninja honor!!”

He gazed out of the window and grunted.

“Yea right some leader I am! I have no friggin idea where the shell our brothers are and spent the last 10 years of my life mourning over our father!! I’m not worthy to compete today either…maybe I should stand there and let her kick my shell all over the damn arena”

Raphael grabbed him by the shell and glared.

“What are you fucking crazy!!? Leo you have been the champion for 5 years already! Why the hell would you back down now? At least you’re still training and using your skills to stay in shape. Look at me I’m not even sure I know how to use my damn Sai anymore! I haven’t even been practicing my skills! “

Leo looked and stared.

“Oh really? Well how about you help me train for my competition today bro. Its a few hours away and according to what I’ve read this girl is vicious and shows no mercy!! Besides her opponents lost to her because of her beauty and lost their lives because they gazed into her eyes and were in a trance, and didn’t realize her katana pierced their heart till the last breath before they died right there on the arena floor!!”

Raph looked and smiled slyly.

“Ok fine then. I’ll help you train if I even remember how to use these things.”

The two brothers headed in the back and began to spar. Raph lunged at Leo and he blocked him and flipped him on his shell. Then Raph flipped backward and used his Sai to block his brother’s attack knocking Leo to the grass. Leo used his katana to block Raph’s Sai again and lost to him!!

Leo looked up from the grass.

“You were saying Raphael? See you beat me fair and square!”

Raph looked in his brother’s eyes and stared.

“Why you…Leo you let me win get back here! I’m going to get you for that…Leo!!”

Leo came out from the shadows and grabbed his younger brother by the shell and laughed.

“Yes so I did but I proved to you that you’re a ninja and will never forget your skills bro!! Besides you are still in good shape just like I am! So much for you not remembering how to use your Sai. Come on it’s time to go.”

Raph wiped the sweat from underneath his bandanna and sighed.

“Whoa what a workout!! Come on Mystic Blue Ninja let’s go and watch you defend your title. Pretty creative I guess! You know I was thinking maybe the opponent is related to Shredder some how. I mean she calls herself the Mystic Dragon isn’t that the name of his dojo!! Something doesn’t sound right bro are you sure it’s not one of Karai’s traps I mean who ever heard of a Ninjitsu competition in New York City? I mean all 4 of us had to go to the Nexus to compete in a battle like the one you’re in today! It just doesn’t sound right maybe we should go check it out and see what it’s all about?”

Then he looked.

“Ok you might be right, but if I don’t show up I’ll be laughed at. The last competition I was in was held in Japan. Ok I have an idea we go there and I go warm up for the battle, while we’re fighting look around and see if anything seems suspicious to you…if it does give me a signal and we’ll take it from there ok bro.”

Raph smiled slyly.

“I’m so going to enjoy this!! It’ll be like old times when we used to ninja kick the foot! Bring it on!!”

Leo laughed as they headed out to his SUV. Then when they pulled up Leo put his ninja outfit on and Raph put his hood up with his sunglasses covering his eyes. Then he watched as Leo went in through the entrance for competitors only. He entered the arena and sat up high so he could see any suspicious activity and see his brother compete.

In the meantime Karai approached her sister.

“Kimiko listen to me. The one you are facing today is responsible for our father’s death and the fall of the honorable foot. Show him no mercy and destroy him before the last round ends!1 Do not fail me or I will know that you have betrayed me and then you’ll have a big problem with me and the foot clan do I make myself clear baby sister? Do not betray me!”

She sighed and bowed to her sister.

“Yes Karai! I will avenge our father’s death by ending his pathetic life! He has never faced a ninja with my skills and tricks! He will perish at my hand!!”
She put her ninja out fit on and tied the bandanna around her brow with the sign of the dragon. Both competitors entered the middle and bowed to one another. Then they unsheathed their katana at the same time. Raph watched from above and out of the corner of his eyes he looked around and didn’t see anything suspicious.

Kimiko lunged at Leo first and he flipped back ward avoiding her katana. She slanted her eyes in anger and lunged at him again. He used his katana and blocked hers smiling slyly. Then he lunged at her and she used her blades to block his. As he held his katana against hers she gazed into his eyes through his bandanna and instantly fell in love with him. She shook her head and flipped backward ending up behind him. He knew she was there and turned to block her again causing her to lose her balance tumbling to the floor holding her arm where he slashed her. She looked where the blood dripped from her arm and got back up coming at him with a driving kick knocking him into the sign hitting his shell.

He shook his head and got back up jumping up and coming down with a driving kick knocking her unconscious as the buzzer rang to signal the round ended with him winning again! He looked at the floor and seen her lying there unconscious, then he resheathes his katana and ran to her realizing the mask was off. He was consumed by her beauty and her beautiful, long, black hair. A certain feeling came over him and he  nudged her…Raphael looked and ran to the arena looking at Leo.

“Bro what happened?”

With tears in his eyes he said.

“I killed her. “

She came to and looked up smiling at him. Then he gave her his hand and helped her up. He gazed into her ice blue eyes and smiled. Then she seen her sister and disappeared into the shadows.

“We’ll meet again Mystic Blue Ninja. Farewell for now love you!”

Leo looked around and seen they were surrounded by the foot and said.

“Ok Raph you were right it was a trap! Let’s kick some shell shall we?”

Raph smiled slyly as he took the hood down. Then he drew his Sai and lunged at the foot beating all 20 he fought. Leo looked up and seen the foot mech ninjas and laughed.

“Oh please! This will be too easy!”

He put his bandanna over her eyes and listened as they moved around. Then he jumped up and slashed all 10 of them at the same time! Anymore competitors!”

Karai glared at him.

“Leonardo we meet again! Now you perish for killing my father and taking my honor!”

He watched as she lunged at him and blocked her blades. Then he jumped up and came down with a driving kick knocking her unconscious. He heard the cops and yelled.

“Raph let’s make turtle tracks boys in blue!”

Raphael took one of his smoke bombs and threw it giving them a chance to escape into the shadows. Leo and Raph retreated into his SUV and sped down the street back to April and Casey’s house. They got inside and slumped on the couch.

“That was fun don’t you think?”

Leo looked and sighed.

“Yea real fun! It never fails every time a pretty woman shows some type of interest in me they either get scared or just disappear! See what I mean me and love don’t mix; maybe Casey is right maybe I am into guys and not women.”

Raph looked up and said.

“What? You gay no way in hell. Come on why are you listening to that lamebrain anyway? Leo your problem is that you’re shy and afraid that the woman won’t accept you if she finds out you’re not human! Besides that you can land any girl you want. Lotus fell for you instantly and she knew exactly what you were!”

Leo sighed.

“Oh yea sure and where did it land her? Exactly she was killed by Shredder because she got involved with me. Oh forget it I’ll never see her again she’s gone and on the run because she betrayed Karai! I’m meant to be single and that’s the end of it!”

Raph looked at his elder brother and said.

“You need a night out with me. I’ll guarantee you’re not as unlucky in love as you think you are. Aimee and I will be here at 9pm to pick your shell up and take you out! I’m all sweaty from that battle and seriously need a shower. See you tonight Leo! Get some rest will ya?”

Leo walked him out to his SUV and watched as he drove down the road at top speed. Then he sighed and went upstairs to his room to take a long shower. While he was in the shower that ninja’s ice blue eyes were gazing at him with that smile across her face. Then he closed his eyes and thought he felt her lips against his. When the hot water hit his skin visions of him making love to that beautiful female ninja played in his mind. He sighed as he felt her body rubbing against his and could hear her screaming his name as he thrust inside her and continued to kiss her full of passion while he held her down with his body weight. He opened his eyes and looked around. He realized there was no one there but him. He dried off and decided to take a nap before he went out with Raph and his girl. Even as he slept the same visions played in his mind causing him to grip his sheets while he slept! 


Quench the Fire Within

Ch 4 part 2


Aimee and Serena get a bite to eat after they go shopping. Serena looked in her sister’s eyes and could see something in them. She decided to ask.

“Umm Aimee did you get laid by Raphael last night by any chance? I can see it in your eyes, I just don’t understand why you’re still in shock. You lost your virginity when you were 17 on Prom Night with your boyfriend. You’re 27 now; you have 10 years of experience. What was so different about last night that caused you to be like you are right now?”

She looked up at her twin sister and said.

“Yes I know that. It’s just after being raped by my ex I lost trust in men completely. So many times we got so close and I backed down and he got really mad at me. Then last night I knew I could trust him and finally told him what that jerk did to me when we lived together. He actually understood and we made love all through the night; With Raphael I actually experienced being in ecstasy! It was so, hot, steamy, and full of passion; not sex either sister dear…I mean MAKING LOVE TO HIM ALL THROUGH THE NIGHT and again this morning when we woke up!”

Serena scratched her head.

“Umm isn’t having sex and making love basically the same thing? Well what’s the difference between the two. Why am I even asking you I’m still innocent because I fear men! I guess when my ex boyfriend tried to rape me on prom night I assumed all men were like him.

Aimee sighed.

“Serena you need to calm down and take a deep breath. Do you want something to happen between you two tonight?”

She sipped her shake and responded.

“Yes of course I’m in love with him and have so much trust in him that it’s not even funny! But he’s a turtle do you have any idea how they get busy? I don’t want it like that I want the real thing. I want to fuck him all night long until he can’t take it anymore!”

Aimee sighed.

:”Then make the 1st move on him. I did and it worked to my advantage. Use the key he gave you and set the environment so he won’t be able to resist! Wear the lingerie you bought today and dim all the lights in the house. Then in his bedroom lie on his bed and use this warming liquid and signal him to join you in the bed. Oh yea and don’t forget to have champagne.”

Serena looked up.

“Umm Aimee he doesn’t drink and neither do I. Besides I’m not going to get him drunk so he’ll screw me it won’t be right! He’s too sweet for me to pull a trick like that on him and he has a lot of respect for me too! Besides he’s a ninja and wouldn’t fall for it!”

They finish eating and Aimee drives Serena to Mike’s apartment. She uses the key for the apartment and dims all the lights in the apartment. Then she goes in the bathroom and uses the warming liquid before she puts her lingerie on and lies in Mike’s bed . Then she remembers to leave him a note.

‘To Mike,

The love of my life! Happy year anniversary to you! I have a surprise for you upstairs!! Love your girl Serena


Don’t keep me waiting!!’

After she signed the note she left it on the counter and went back upstairs and lay in his bed.

Mike arrived home and used his key to unlock the door. Then he entered and locked the door behind him. When he entered the kitchen he seen the note from Serena and read it. When he finished reading the note he scratched his head. Then he headed up the stairs.

“Serena I’m home where are you?”

She sat up and said.

“In your room Mike. Waiting for you of course!”

He entered his room and seen her on the bed sprawled out. Then he smiled slyly and stared.

“What do I look like a psychic? Come over here and tell me what you want? Well I’m waiting Serena!”

She got up out the bed and pulled her long, blonde, wavy hair out of her ponytail and moved toward him kissing him full of passion. He used his hand and locked the door behind them. Then he embraced her and returned her approach moving his hands to the straps and pulled them down slowly kissing them gently. He looked down and removed it from her breasts and grabbed them in his hands. Then his lips brought each full breast into his mouth and he sucked them until the nipples hardened between his teeth. Then he pushed her down to the bed slipping the lace lingerie from her body and moved his hands down exploring the warmth. She unfastened his jeans and slid them off throwing them to the floor and slipped his shirt off over his head kissing his chest gently. He smiled down at her and said as he caressed her body.

“Next time skip the warming liquid huh? I’m a turtle remember that stuff makes my skin shrivel. I’ll take care of that right now. She watched as his head moved from her breasts down her body and felt his tongue against her clit causing her to sigh.

“Aagh Michelangelo…that feels nice…enter me already I want you now! I can’t resist you anymore…Aagh yes…”

He ignores her plea and continues to use his tongue to get between her legs and she sighs louder.

“Aagh my God Michelangelo that feels nice more!!”

She sighs even louder as he eats her and makes loud animal sounds while he does it…Then he widens her legs and positions himself to enter her. While he tries to catch his breath he asked.

“Have you done anyone before? Let me know now before I get inside of you babe! I’m just warning you once I start you can’t stop me let me know now…If you haven’t then I’ll start slow if you have I’m coming full force!!”

She shook her head as she sighed.

“No I haven’t…I’ve always feared getting intimate with men because of my ex  attempted to rape me on Prom Night in his limo!! Since that day I haven’t even dated another guy!! Well until I met you that is….”

At that he took a deep breath and waited for a short while…till he felt it snap and make its way out from underneath his shell. Then he entered her slow at first and said.

“Loosen up a little and let me in if you trust me Serena! Remember it’s me Mike no one else take a deep breath and open up….for me.”

She took a deep breath and closed her eyes as she felt him come in and then back out of her screaming as he thrust against her. Then she decided to arch up and meet him half way to make it easier for them both. He lifted her leg and their bodies moved against each other causing them both to sigh loudly causing his bed post to bang against the wall he made a sound as her nails dug in his shoulders…

“Ooh Serena relax and trust me already! I’m your man for an entire year and you know I’ll never hurt you! Take it easy and lay back and enjoy the ride babe!! Prepare to feel love like nothing you ever felt before!! I have an advantage I have two instincts one is my human instinct allowing me to take it easy…and then the other one I would rather avoid is my animal instinct where I’ll get carried away and completely lose every inch of my self control!!”

She laughed as the tears stung her eyes while her breath escalated as she felt him thrust harder deeper inside of her….

“Aagh Mike its’ safe to…aagh…assume….Every inch of both our self control is now gone!!!!! While he came harder she felt his hot breath against her bare skin and everything faded to red around them….He thrust harder and she screamed his name MICHELANGELO……aagh fuck me….harder and give it all you got…now I want you inside of me as far as you can get in!! Aagh…God…..yes!! Michelangelo…don’t stop continue….”

He kissed her full of passion as he picked up speed and cried out….Aagh Serena I can’t anymore…the pain Aagh God!”

She pushed him down and said while her breath got heavier…

“Let me take the lead then…now you lay back and indulge in a human woman’s loving turtle boy!!”

He closed his eyes and gripped her tightly as she pumped herself against him throwing her head back every time she pumped him….He looked up and tears formed beneath his bandanna as she began to move faster up on him….

“Aagh God….Serena I can’t…go. on …”

He lost all his energy and fell asleep below her with sweat dripping from his bandanna and along his body.. she rolled off of him and rested her head on his smooth plastron sighing as sweat also dripped down from her forehead.. She leaned over and placed a kiss on his lips. She then fell asleep with her head on his chest. He opened his eyes slightly and held her close to him stroking her forehead gently drifting off to sleep.”
















The Mystic Dragon finds Leo..anything can develop!

Warning...Before you enter please be sure that you're not underage and get offended by TMNT in EROTIC SITUATIONS....YOU HAVE ALL BEEN WARNED!!FOR ALL THOSE WHO ENJOY READING EROTICA>>>HAVE SOME READING PLEASURE!!!!!!!!!!!!