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When Lightning Strikes!! NC-17
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Quench The Fire Within NC-17
ch 3

Quench the Fire Within

Ch 3


The next morning Raphael woke up all heated up and sweaty from the night before. He looked by his side and seen Aimee still fast asleep. He looked around and stared at the floor covered with their clothes and sighed. He tried to get up and held himself.

‘Aww that was so painful; but well worth the pain. I’d never imagine myself getting intimate with a beautiful woman like Aimee. All those times I fought with Casey and denied it, I really feel stupid now! I really miss him, April, and my brothers now. Leo where the shell could you be staying? I saw you at the bar last night but made a fool of myself.’

He heard Aimee get up and looked back at the bed.

“Good morning Aimee. Did I surprise you last night? I told you I was sober. Don’t be scared neither of us drank last night it happened because we wanted it to.”

She sat up in the bed and covered herself with the sheet and sighed.

“I know…yes of course you surprised me Raphael about all those times I teased you I’m sorry. I just couldn’t because the memories of that jerk were always there when we got close. I actually thought I dreamt the whole thing up; I mean you’re a mutant turtle and not human.”

He moved back by the bed and removed the sheet from her body and smiled slyly.

“O really would you like me to prove it wasn’t a dream hmm? You still have an hour until you pick up your sister from the airport; we have plenty of time.”

She looked and pulled him down to her and said.

“Oh yes I’d love you to prove it really happened. I was actually drunk and didn’t realize what happened last night between you and me.”

He began to kiss her with passion and said.

“You know you’re a bad liar. I bought the drink for you Aimee and there was no alcohol in it whatsoever. Remember you don’t drink. So try again.”

She arched herself up to him and screamed out again…

“Aagh Raphael you caught me in a lie...Aagh god it feels better than last night when we made love…Aagh…”

He continued to pump into her and heard her cell ring…and grabbed for it looking at the caller id. Then he looked at Aimee and said while he tried to catch his breath as she continued…

“Aagh man it’s your sister. You better answer it. Maybe you didn’t hear her right when she told you what time her flight was coming in…”

She looked up and nodded not happy at all. She held the sheet against her body and answered trying to catch her breath.

“Hey Serena why are you calling me so early? It’s only 8:30am you don’t come in till 9:30am.”

Serena looked at her watch and knew that something happened between her and Raphael last night as she responded.

“Aimee its 9am…We’ll be landing in less than 30 minutes. Aren’t you picking me up at the airport my car is back in the shop and Mike is working and won’t be home till later tonight.”

She sat up and responded.

“I guess my alarm didn’t go off this morning. Yea I’ll be there to pick you up. Besides Raphael has to face his older brother and apologize for what they did to him 10 years ago. Right Raph?”

Raphael looks and nods.

“Yes you’re right Aimee. Let me go call Casey and ask him where I can find Mr. Fearless Leader.”

He picked up his shell cell and dialed Casey.

‘Oh come on Casey answer your shell cell. My brother’s tournament is in less than an hour. Oh forget this I’ll go over there myself.’

Aimee looked up as she hung up her phone.

“No it’s at noon. You have plenty of time to talk to Leo before he competes against The Mystic Dragon... Raphael he’ll need all the support he can get this woman is one vicious ninja from the Dragon Dojo straight out of Japan…Read for yourself if you don’t believe me, I’m going in the shower before I push you on that bed again and forget to pick up my sister would you like to join me?”

He looked up and shook his head.

“Umm no I’ll pass thank you. I’m still in shock after making love to you last night. I need to be going any way love you Aimee call me later.”

She looked up and asked.

“What? Aren’t you coming home tonight?”

He smiled and stared.

“Boy you worry too much. Of course I’m coming home tonight. I want you to call me later so we can go out tonight with my brother Aimee. I’m not going to leave you because we slept together. I love you babe. Why else would I let you move in with me?”

She kissed him as he left.

“Oh ok just call me after Leo’s tournament. I’ll be home after I pick my sister up so I can clean the apartment and strip the bed it’s soaked from last night. Love you Raphael.”

He responded.

“Love you too Aimee. Let’s just hope Leo doesn’t kick my shell in for starting with him in the bar last night.”

He got in his SUV and decided to try Leo’s shell cell since he still had the number stored in it. He dialed Leo’s number and gulped as he answered.

“Leo here who’s this and how’d you get my number? Hello.”

Raphael took a deep breath as he waited for the light to change. Then he responded.

“Bro it’s me Raphael. Where are you staying? I need to talk to you about what happened in the bar last night and 10 years ago after our father’s death. Please I can’t live without at least one of my brothers especially you bro we were always close!”

Leo sighed as he responded.

“Whatever Raphael just get your shell over to April and Casey’s place before I have to leave for my tournament. Then we’ll talk ok? I’ll be out front waiting for you on the porch. Leo out.”

Raphael sighed with relief and responded.

“Ok Leo see you in about 10 minutes Raph out.”

Codi seen Leo and ran to him.

“Uncle Leo who was that you were talking to on your cell? Why are you crying are you hurt?”
He smiled as he hugged her.

“No sweetie I’m just happy because I can see my brother again that’s all. Go on run along and tell your mom I’m out front on the porch.”

She kissed him and ran into the kitchen.

“Mommy Uncle Leo went outside to meet one of his brothers? Does that mean I have more than 1 Uncle? Well Besides Uncle Sid?”

She smiled and responded.

“Yes sweetie you have your Uncle Sid, Leo, Raph, Don, and Mike. Uncle Sid is daddy’s cousin and as for Raph, Don, and Mike they are your Uncle Leo’s 3 younger brothers. Go on and get your dad up so I can make breakfast and coffee for the adults and tea for my little princess.”
She kissed April and ran upstairs to her parents’ room and jumped on Casey.

“Come on daddy get up. One of Uncle Leo’s brothers are coming over and mommy’s making breakfast and coffee. Which Uncle do you think it is?”

Casey looked at his shell cell and seen it flashing red. Then he sat up and looked at the caller id.

‘Oh man Raph are you kidding me? Whoa princess go tell mommy I’m going in the shower and I’ll be right down ok.”

She kissed Casey and smiled.

“Ok daddy. Love you.”

Then she went back downstairs and helped April with breakfast. Then she set the table and asked.

“Mommy how many plates should I put out?”

April walked outside and asked.

“Leo who’s coming over to see you? Is it Don?”

He shook his head.

“No not yet. It’s the hot head. The only one out of my 3 brothers that want to reunite is the one I’m always arguing with. Whatever Don and Mike can be like that if they want I could care less. Raphael and I were always close anyway. Speaking of the hot head here he comes.”

Raphael got out of his SUV and hit the alarm on. Then he walked up the path to the house and ran to Leo giving him a hug.

“Bro I missed you so much. About last night and 10 years ago I’m sorry. Leo please forgive me I was drunk that night when Splinter died and as for last night I was in a really bad mood because of work and everything else. I didn’t mean what I said last night. I’m just glad I have my brother back that’s all.”




Leo competes and Serena loosens Mike up!

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