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When Lightning Strikes!! NC-17
A Summer Night like No Other NC-17
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Quench The Fire Within NC-17

ch 2

Quench the Fire Within

Ch 2



She looked in his eyes through his bandanna and could see the desire and passion in them. She pushed him up against the hallway and began to kiss him full of passion moving her hands inside his shirt and then back out again. Her fingers moved down his chest unbuttoning his shirt slowly; she slid the shirt off and threw it on the floor in the room. Then she moved her lips down his neck while her fingers caressed his plastron tracing the cuts of his muscles. His biceps crawled beneath his skin and he felt the ache shoot from his shell and between his legs. Then he froze and tried to fight the temptation while her lips moved along his chest. She took his hand and placed it where her straps were over her shoulders exposing her arch.

He looked down at her arch and gulped. Then he realized his hands were already slipping them off her shoulders and he kissed them gently. She reached behind and unclasped her bra throwing it to the floor in the hall way exposing her full breasts to him. He swallowed hard and wrapped his lips around each one individually and sighed while he tasted them. She looked and traced his shell ridges while he sucked on her nipples causing her to sigh.

“Oh Raph….that feels so nice!”

As he continued sucking her nipples his hands moved down to her waist where he unfastened them and put his hand inside them. He moved his hand back up and moved them down slowly leading her in to the room against the bedroom door. They descended to the bed and he slid them completely off over her hips and threw them to the floor. She moved her hands to his jeans and unfastened them moving her hands inside them. While she felt around she felt something rough and round. Her eyes widened as she grabbed it causing him to scream.

“Aagh your nails…please they’re digging in I’m going to bleed if you don’t let go now…Aagh….Aimee stop it now before you piss me off and I mean it. I’m the hothead out my brothers and will lose my temper if you don’t cut the shit now!!!! Enough!!”

She thought he was playing until she seen the anger in his eyes. Then she released it and moved his hands to her panties. He slipped them off and threw them onto the floor on top of his clothes. His hands caressed where the warmth was and she screamed…while she felt his fingers move up beneath the hot, wet lips to her vagina.

“Aagh…Ok I’m sorry stop it please. I thought it was your belt rubbing against me…please stop you’re hurting me Raph!!”

He looked into her eyes and said.

“Don’t you ever try that again Aimee…You’re the one that started it and I’m going to give you love like you’ve never even known existed…No more mind games I mean it I’ve put up with them for a fucking year and I’ve had it!! Too many times you made a play for me and then backed down…I can’t hold back anymore; you just set me off and there’s no turning back now understood! I’m a ninja and don’t like my emotions being played with!! Either you loosen up or I will walk out and not come back again!”

She seen the seriousness in his eyes and pulled him down to her widening them without hesitation.

“I love you Raphael; and didn’t mean to lead you on, but my last boyfriend raped me when we lived together and I really haven’t been able to trust any guy I’m with. Then I met you and trust you enough to do this tonight... just take it easy on me I’m still a little scared because the visions of him raping me might come back like they have many times when I tried to give myself up to you! Please understand I didn’t mean to hurt you.”

He smiled slyly and brushed her bangs back from her eyes. Then he came down on her and she felt it snap as he entered her and came back out! He felt the pain as he continued entering her and fought back the tears that formed in his eyes. Then he wiped his eyes and thrust a little harder as she screamed!

“Aagh Raphael….come harder…I want you more than I did before tonight aagh…aagh…god Raphael!! Yes fuck me all night long or as long as you can last!! Aagh…Aagh…OH….”

She pushed him down on his shell and pumped against him jerking her head back as he pumped himself into her. Her nails dug into his shoulders as the movement picked up speed banging the bed against the wall. He closed his eyes and thrust harder as she pumped against him faster and faster until he began to scream out…

“AAgh God…Aimee…..Aimee…..Aagh…”

Soon his screams turned into loud animal sounds as her nails dug in deeper causing him to bleed. He felt her lips moving down and his eyes widened as he felt her mouth around his head…..He let out several more animal sounds as she sucked his hard, rough, round cock causing his toes to curl and his muscles to tighten making him weak and unable to move…

“Aagh Aimee…don’t stop that feels nice Aagh god…Damn no wonder why men can’t avoid having hot, steamy sex with a hot woman….Aagh…AIMEE!!!!!”

She stopped and he pushed her down to the bed sucking her breasts until her nipples hardened in his mouth…he moved his lips down tasting every inch of her body causing her to sigh…

“Aagh Raphael….what are you up to?”

She watched as his mouth moved down her body and screamed when she felt his lips tasting her and sighing as he did so letting out more animal sounds as she closed her eyes and sighed letting out several moans and groans of pleasure as she felt him there doing what she had done to him not too long ago…Everything faded to red around them and she felt him thrusting again harder than he did earlier. .She screamed out…their breathing was heavy and she felt his hot breath against her skin as he continued pumping all of himself into her... their breathing became so heavy that neither of them were able to catch their breath while he pumped harder she jerked her head back and arched up to him to feel the electricity that went through her body as he moved up on her faster catching her lips in his to keep her silent..,.He was also feeling it as the electricity shot through his body…he knew at that moment that they reached ecstasy…

When they finally ended both of them fell asleep with sweat pouring down their foreheads and all over their bodies as they were wrapped around each other.


ch 3 One of Leo's younger brothers reunite with him..guess who it could be..

Warning...Before you enter please be sure that you're not underage and get offended by TMNT in EROTIC SITUATIONS....YOU HAVE ALL BEEN WARNED!!FOR ALL THOSE WHO ENJOY READING EROTICA>>>HAVE SOME READING PLEASURE!!!!!!!!!!!!