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A Summer Night like No Other NC-17
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A Summer Night like No Other NC-17

A Summer Night like No Other


A few hours pass and Leo wakes up. Then he heads downstairs and sees Shannah fast asleep and sighed. Then he headed into the kitchen and made some microwave pizza for them to eat. His shell cell rings and it was Raphael.

“Yo bro wuz^. How was school?”

Leo sat at the kitchen table and responded.

“It was ok I guess. I mean I pulled it off with no problem, well except maybe Rod trying to pick a fight with me at, lunch and after school. I ignored him and just walked away so I wouldn’t lose my temper and severely injure him. Then today after school he threatened Shannah’s life and we fought. I won against him, but he still has no idea it’s me in human form. He just thinks I’m a pretty boy with ninja skills. What about you 3 any new information on the foot?”

He responded and said.

“No Leo not yet. Whatever she’s up to may be beyond our skills. I mean she has the heart of tengu, wears Shredder’s outfit, uses his sword and let’s face it bro she literally kicked our shells on the ship. Then when you went away to Japan she destroyed our lair and nearly killed us all!! She’s dangerous bro and we’re definitely in for a challenge. Speaking of which where are you?”

Leo looked and sighed.

“I’m by Shannah’s house trying to spend some time with her since I basically avoid her in school and I know she thinks I’m going to end it with her. Well I got to go bro; don’t wait up for me either. I’ll see you 3 in the morning Leo out!”

He hung up his shell cell and turned it off. Then he sat in the kitchen and waited for the microwave to go off. When it went off he entered the living room and shook her gently. She opened her eyes and asked.

“Oh Leo how long did I sleep? How’s your arm feel?”

He smiled and said.

“My arm is fine. Come on I made pizza for us. What do you want to drink with your pizza?”

She stretched and got up then she said.

“I’m going in my room to change out of my school clothes. I’ll be right back I promise and to drink I’ll have lemonade.”

He smiled and nodded. Then he watched as she walked upstairs fighting the ache he felt in his jeans. He closed his eyes and took deep breaths to make it go back inside his shell since his jeans were rather tight. Then he entered the kitchen and took the pizza out of the microwave. Then he poured lemonade for him and Shannah. When he finished he sat down at the table and ate his pizza in silence. In the meantime Shannah sat on her bed and took off her blouse, then her bra. When she took them both off she went in her drawer and wore a white tank top. Then she entered her bathroom and grabbed the KY liquid. She stared in the mirror and said to herself.

‘Hmm should I put this on or just let nature take its course. Will he get mad at me if I try to arouse him with this garbage? I wish I knew how the others did it. This ache below just won’t seem to go away and those dreams I had when I fell asleep on my couch felt so real I woke up 4 time and had sweat dripping down my arch and also realized I was breathing heavy like I just got done making love to a man. Then when he woke me up I wanted to push him down to the couch and tear my clothes off! It’s hopeless he isn’t interested like his other 3 brothers. I give up I swear. Besides I am not even sure he knows what to do to a woman like me. It just doesn’t seem like he wants to feel loving to it’s fullest like I do.’

She took a deep breath and headed downstairs to the kitchen. He looked up and asked.

“Are you ok sweetie? When you went upstairs to your room you really seemed upset.”

She sighed and said.

“I am fine Leo. I just was all sweaty because of the humidity outside its brutal; I had to put something cool on. Another question why do you still have the jeans on? Aren’t you very uncomfortable?”

He looked up from his plate and said.

“No I’m actually comfortable in jeans. I guess spending all that time with you during the summer got me used to them.”

She smiled at him and finished her pizza in silence. Then when she finished eating, she took the dishes to the sink and washed them. While she was washing them she soaked her tank top and looked down. When she looked down she could see that her shape was visible and that her skin was also visible through the fabric. She gulped as she continued to wash the dishes. Then he came by her and offered to dry.

“Here let me dry them so you can finish them quicker.”

She handed him the washed dishes and he used the dish towel to dry them off. Then he put them up in the cupboard and looked at her. He also realized she was covering herself for some reason. He looked at her puzzled.

“Did you cut yourself or something? Shannah will you answer me please? Why are you covering yourself like that? Is there something you don’t want me to see? Stop being afraid of me will you? I am not trying to pressure you into anything, now let go and let me see.”

She looked and shook her head.

“No I can’t. If I do then you’ll think I did it on purpose to get you in the mood. Leo I can’t afford to make you mad at me.”

He looked and shook his head.

“What are you talking about? Make me mad, huh? Will you cut the crap and let me know what the hell your problem is already? You tell me you’re sweaty and it’s cold in the house. Then you cover yourself and tell me that if I see then I’ll be mad at you. Ok fine you going to be like that then I’m going back to the lair. I really don’t need this right now.”

He headed to the door and she said.

“No Leo don’t go. I’ll let you see what I’ve been hiding, but please don’t get mad at me It was an accident. I didn’t do it on spite.”

She removed her hands from her chest and he seen the wet spot in the middle of the tank top. She realized his eyes were fixed on the wet spot and gulped. Then she asked.

“Leo are you ok? Hello are you even listening to a word I’m saying? Will you stop looking at me like that, you’re scaring me.”

His eyes remained fixed on the wet spot and the ache inside his jeans started to get sharper. While he looked at her blouse sweat started to form below his bandanna, and he wiped it away. He walked toward her and asked.

“Is it getting hot in here or is it just my imagination running wild again? Can’t you feel the heat as we stand across from one another? Does this heat present remind you of a certain night by the field hmm?”
She looked and froze as she gazed into his eyes shining through the bandanna. Then she walked up the stairs slowly, kind of seductively looking at him as she headed up the stairs backward. She finally answered.

“Oh yes I remember that night clearly. You were training me and I ended up beating you. Then I asked you if the lesson could end for the night and you pushed me down to the grass and next thing I knew you had undressed me and went down on me. I was so hoping that you would’ve just done me right there on that grass away from everyone. But you stopped and I understood. Ever since that night I have kept the truth from you of how much I longed for your touch deep within me Leo. Even as you stand there below the stairs; I still long for your loving. I am not going to pressure you either.”

He walked up the stairs after her and pinned her against the wall by the entrance to her room. His hands wrapped around her waist and he kissed her full of passion as he pushed her up against the wall. She grabbed his neck and also kissed him with passion moving her hands to his jeans trying to get inside them. He grabbed her hands and said.

“Whoa not so fast babe. Before you even attempt that tell me if you’re ready or are you still afraid? Don’t think just because I’m a mutant turtle that I can just stop if you tell me too. I’m warning you, if you’re ready to trust me then you’re in for a rough night. Once I start there will be no stopping me even if you beg me to stop I won’t be able to hear you. That’s what happened with Mandy underneath that pier. She was only trying to test my brother. Then when she turned him on she begged him to stop and he couldn’t hear her. Don’t ask me how I know that I will not be able to stop if I start, because if I do tell you then you might just have a fit.”

She continued to move her hands to his jeans unfastening them and said.

“Oh don’t worry I already know turtle boy. Let’s just say I over heard a conversation you had with Ms. O’Neil when we watched your concert at Radio Music Hall. So you don’t have to worry about me having a fit. All I ask of you is to show me what you have to offer, and when I say this I mean everything you have to offer me. Meaning don’t hold back because you’re afraid I’ll change my mind. Remember Leo I’m a human girl and need satisfaction and of what I see you’re the one that will quench that fire within me!”

He looked into her eyes and smiled slyly.

“Oh really you’re sure about that? Exactly how did you come across that decision? You really have no idea what you’re in for with me do you? Let’s put it this way; I’m a turtle that happens to be half human because of my father Hamoto Yoshi AKA Master Splinter. It’ll take a lot more to get me in the mood than a normal teenage boy. One question though?”

She moved his zipper down and asked.

“Oh and what question is that? Well Leo I’m waiting.”

He looked as he moved his hands inside her blouse and caressed her chest as he moved closer to her. He whispered into her ear.

“Exactly how bad do you want me? So far all I heard was words, but yet you haven’t even tried to touch the right spot babe. Unless you want me to make the 1st move, because you’re not sure.”

She sighed as his hands moved across her smooth skin inside her blouse. He raised her arms above her head and slipped the tank top over her head letting it fall to the ground in the hall way. He pushed her further against the wall and wrapped his lips around each breast tasting it several times causing her to sigh.

“Aagh Yes that feels so nice…Aagh your lips are so warm and yet so wet…But they feel so good against my skin. Especially…aagh since you happen to be cold- blooded……”

His hands moved to her jeans as he moved his lips back up to kiss her full of passion. His fingers unfastened her jeans and pulled the zipper down. He slid them down her thighs and moved his hands up her thighs as he pulled her panties down…well half way down anyway. He left them alone and caressed the warmth slowly moving his fingers between the warm lips causing her to scream….as her body ignited with desire…As he continued to kiss her full of passion she grabbed his hands and said still trying to catch her breath.

“Aagh…you’re so hot and full of sweat…I’d aagh say you’re more sweaty than me at this point…AAgh when you and April did this how surprised was she? Did she think she was dreaming or was she really afraid because…you’re aagh not a human?”

He paused for a second and gazed into her eyes smiling slyly.

“Can we not talk about my past and focus on the present please? Besides we really had no past. She was more like an older sister to us than anything else. You thought I made love to her. Oh no way; just so you’re aware you will be my 1st love sweetie. That conversation I had with April during the concert was mainly about the way I was heating up when you were in my arms. Besides the dreams I had about this whole passion thing; I didn’t know what they meant. I actually thought I was sick or something especially since I’m cold-blooded. Now that you know the truth are you ready to trust me or are you having 2nd thoughts?”

She stayed silent for a second and moved her hands inside his shirt and lifted his arms up above sliding it off over his head. Her lips moved down to his neck and to his shoulders. The muscles in his arms began to crawl beneath his green, tough skin and he took a deep breath as he slid her jeans and panties completely off causing them to fall to the carpet on her stairs. He grabbed her hands and placed them by his jeans as he rubbed up against her body causing her to ignite once again with desire. He felt her hands by his waist and then he felt the zipper coming down. He closed his eyes as she slid them down his thighs and froze in place as she pushed him against the wall. Then she kissed him full of passion and asked.

“Are you sure about this? You really seem scared. You know you should be leading not me, you’re the guy here Leo not me. If you’re not ready then we won’t go any further.”

He looked at her and said.

“No it’s ok, even if my mind says I’m not. My entire body is telling me I’m more than ready. It just might take a while for me to get turned on, even though I am more than certain that you’re definitely on because your body is really heated up and sweat is pouring down your forehead and hitting my skin as I hold you in my arms. This is hopeless, maybe I’m not like my brothers because there is not one sign that I’m on and ready to satisfy you.”

She paused and thought for a second. Then she moved her hands to his shell and up his thighs once again. He froze and then he felt it emerging from within his shell. Then he continued to kiss her with passion against her bedroom door using his hand to turn the knob. When they entered he continued to push her against her door with their lips locked. He reached behind and locked it then he felt his body ignite with true desire. He took a deep breath and asked trying to catch his breath.

“Are you ready for this to finally get under way? Relax and trust me babe.”

She nodded her head and grabbed his neck again. Then she felt his tail rubbing against her. She looked down and gulped as she stared at the size about to enter her. She closed her eyes as he picked her up wrapping her legs around him and took a deep breath as she prepared for the intrusion. He waited for it to erect and entered her slow at first pushing her against the door as he continued to move up slow. She felt the sensation as it ripped through her casing her to scream with tears rolling down her cheeks. He paused for a second and lifted her chin and said.

“Trust me and help me out a little will you? We both know we want this to happen so calm down and let it. I’m going to try one more time, you have to loosen up so this can work understood?”

She nodded her head and closed her eyes again. He thrust again and she cried out but then it was followed by a sigh of pleasure. He thrust again at a higher rate and her head jerked back as she felt his tail rip through her. The sensation not only penetrated her but the sensation went through her body like a lightning bolt hitting a metal pole. Her nails dug in his skin as he thrust harder each time he came. Then he continued to thrust as they made their way to her bed. She let out several moans and groans as he thrust harder. While he thrust he used his hand and cleared off the bed as he pushed her to the top of the bed causing the headboard to hit against her wall shaking the room opposite hers. As he continued to thrust harder their breathing became heavy and sweat dripped down their bodies soaking her satin sheets that lined the bed. She opened her eyes and gripped him digging her nails deeper into his skin drawing blood. Her nails scratched his shoulders and his plastron as the thrusts came harder each time he moved up on her. While he thrust animal sounds escaped his lips as he held her down with his immense force and body weight. She continued to scream his name as her head jerked back.

“Aagh Leo...Aagh yes…harder and faster please…let all the force be thrust into me as we lay in this passionate environment...aagh...aagh…aagh...harder! Don’t stop please not until all our energy is wasted while we make love on this...aagh hot, humid, steamy summer night! Aagh God Leo!”

He silenced her while he thrust harder with sweat dripping from his bandanna and onto her fair skin…..

“Aagh Shannah….Oooh God….”

Several hours passed and they fell asleep in one another’s arms after the energy they both had was now gone…Even though the sheets were soaked with sweat he held her soft body close to hers without a sheet covering them…Around 12 am Leo woke up and realized the bed was soaked with sweat and could feel the pain below…he struggled to get up and looked down to see it was still erected. Then he entered the bathroom and took a cold shower to cool off…He washed off and took several deep breaths as the pain still remained. Finally after spending an entire hour and a half in the shower it went back inside his shell and he sighed with relief as the pain receded when his tail went back where it belonged. He got out of the shower and dried his body off. Then he went out to the hall quietly and picked up their clothes from the carpet. He stared at the corner where it started out and sighed. Then he headed to the kitchen and drank some ice cold water still in shock after he made love to Shannah for hours. He clicked on the news and caught April’s report.

“Karai Saki a daughter bent on avenging her honorable father Mr. Oroku Saki. The only daughter of New York’s savior Oroku Saki has officially taken over the clan that her father once led. According to Ms. Saki her enemies will fall at her feet broken and battered. Her foot clan has also had an upgrade; they have become deadlier than they were when Mr. Saki led them against the Triceraton alien invaders proclaiming him the Savior of our fair city. Is it true that our own saviors of this city have now met their match? Only time will tell. Soon the truth will be revealed about the foot. Are they warriors of honor or of dishonor? This is April O’Neil 11pm news signing off. Have a good night New York and we’ll see you at 6am.”

He clicked off the TV and shook his head. Then he headed back up to Shannah’s room and seen that she was no where to be found. He heard the shower running and decided to strip the bed and put dry sheets on it so they could both sleep. He took the wet sheets and put them in the washer with their clothes. Then he put the dry ones on the bed and fell asleep when his head hit the pillow leaving room for her to get in the bed. She exited the shower and dried off. Then she put her pajamas on and got in the bed next to him. She placed a kiss on his forehead and put her arms around him resting her head on his smooth plastron. Then she sighed and fell asleep on his plastron; he felt her head on his plastron and stroked her forehead gently also placing a kiss on her forehead. Then he covered them both with a sheet and held her close to him shortly after falling asleep satisfied and happier than he’d been for the past 16 years.





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