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When Lightning Strikes!! NC-17
A Summer Night like No Other NC-17
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Quench The Fire Within NC-17

Quench The Fire Within NC-17

Quench The Fire Within!!! NC-17

By KatanaChicka



Leo sat at the bar and sipped his soda slowly. Then he sighed as Casey stared at him.

“Leo are you ok? I know you’ve been through a lot, but you can’t just stay at home and sob like you have for the past 10 years. You’re a ninja how about you enter that competition being held. It’ll do you a little good to go back to your roots…don’t you think.”

Leo laughed.

“Umm Casey I am the defending champion. That’s not what I’ve been sobbing about either; I’ve been thinking about what happened 10 years ago when we split up. They blamed me for Master Splinter’s death! It’s a pretty long story are you sure you want me to tell you.”

Casey sipped his beer and stared.

“Yea I was wondering what happened that night. I’ve never seen you bruised up and cut like you were that night you collapsed by our front door. “

Leo took a deep breath and began the story.

“It was one of those nights that Raph disappeared like he normally did after I killed Shredder. I was waiting for him to come back to the lair; because I’ve been calling him and so was our father. You know how he got because of his heart condition having those frequent attacks when he was either worried or too upset right? I was pacing back and forth watching the clock as the hands moved slowly. Mike and Don were busy playing their video game and really didn’t know what was wrong with me. Then he came in drunk out of his mind. I began to yell at him and he just ignored me and headed to his room. He really pissed me off that night and I grabbed his arm. Oh Casey we got into a heated argument and drew our weapons. My two brothers heard our father asking us to stop fighting but we didn’t pay any attention to his plea. 10 minutes after our fight broke out Mike called to me.

“Leo will you cut it out and get in dad’s room he is having another heart attack. Dam nit Leo are you listening to a word I said? Leo!!!”

He actually got in the middle of the two of us and glared. Then Don came out with tears in his eyes and he yelled at me and Raph.

“Are you two satisfied because of your damn argument our father has passed away from a massive heart attack.”

I looked up and was speechless. Then before I knew it Raphael lunged at me and nearly killed me. Don and Mike also joined him…I had no chance to defend myself because he broke my katana in two. Last thing I remember seeing was Raph’s satisfaction all over his face that he actually beat me in a battle for the 1st time!! Then I passed out on the floor of the lair because I was so weak. A few hours later I came to and saw my father’s limp body on his bed. I broke down in tears; we’ll basically say I literally flipped out!! Then I got myself back in control and buried my father deep within Central Park. When I finished burying him I struggled to get to your house and because of the multiple wounds they inflicted on me I passed out right on your door step!! I don’t care where my brothers are right now!! They all humiliated me and laughed in my face!!”

Casey put his hand on his shoulder and said.

“You don’t mean that Leo! You would never turn your back on them because of that one event!! I have known you long enough to know that for a fact.”

Leo sighed as he finished his soda.

“Ok Casey you’re right; can we please get home I’m so tired right now! That competition will take every single bit of my skills as a ninja to defeat my next opponent. She is known to defeat all her opponents because her skills are more advanced than any ninja could imagine.”

Casey laughed.

“Oh are you telling me that you will get defeated by a female ninja? Oh please Leo your skills are more advanced than hers especially getting that training from the Ancient one himself and The Ninja Tribunal; she won’t have a chance against you in that battle! Come on let’s get home; you are right you need your rest. Are you more at ease that you talked to someone about what was bothering you for the past 10 years? Are you more at ease with yourself?”

He nodded his head and smiled.

“Yes Casey I am. Thank you for listening; I’m so lucky to have you and April as my friends.”

Casey looked at him.

“We’re not your friends Leo we’re your family just like our 7 year old daughter Codi is your niece because face it bro we do act like brothers sometimes.”

Leo looked and smiled.

“Yea you’re right we do don’t we? I’ll get the check this time. Come on Casey it’s really getting late.”

Casey looked up and thought he saw a red face mask, then he shook his head and followed Leo to the desk while he paid the bill. Leo realized Casey was staring at something and asked.

“Casey what are you looking at? Hello Earth to Casey can you hear me?”

Casey stopped looking and sighed.

“I thought I saw Raph across the bar from us with that hot woman!! Look for yourself Leo isn’t that the hot head making out with that fine looking woman over there?”

Leo turned and paused; then he seen the shine of Raph’s Sai sticking out from the leather jacket!!

“Yea so. Why the shell would I care he’s probably drunk like always!! Besides even if it is him he’s too damn modest to approach me! Do what you want I’m heading home!”

Leo sighed and stormed out of the bar toward their apartment. Then he turned back and entered the bar once again approaching Raphael.

Raphael looked up and smirked.

“Well, well look who it is a washed up wannabe ninja who can’t lead his way out of a card board box!! What’s the matter Leo you’re still in shock after I kicked your shell in 10 years ago! Some ninja you are; couldn’t even defend yourself against your three younger brothers MR. FEARLESS LEADER!!!”

Leo’s eyes glared as he yelled.

“I didn’t defend myself because I didn’t want to kill you 3 does that answer your question hot head!! Well answer the question Raphael or are you too friggin drunk to talk right now!”

He got up and lunged at Leo again.

“Why I oughtta that’s it big brother I’m going to kill you!”

Leo looked and slanted his eyes.

“Oh well what are you waiting for? Bring it on Ninja drop out!! If you’re not chicken!!”

Casey looked and grabbed Leo.

“Whoa bro cool your jets! You will make a scene if you two fight in the bar can you please just walk away and let him be? He’s drunk and doesn’t realize what he just did!! Please Leo just walk away!! Save your energy for tomorrow’s competition!!”

Leo resheathes his katana and threw a star right where Raph was sitting. Then him and Casey exited the bar and headed back to their house.

Raph looked at the star and buried his head in his hands. Then he broke his glass in his hand and stormed out of the bar. Aimee paid the bill and ran after her boyfriend. When she caught up to him she looked and asked.

“What the hell was that all about? He’s your brother for God’s sake Raph! Why did you lunge at him like you did? Start talking dam nit and I mean it you and this drinking need to stop!”

He looked at his girl.

“I am not drunk for your information Aimee I’ve been sober for 10 months now. I am just remembering what we did to him years ago after our father died from a massive heart attack! When I seen him I didn’t want to make a fool of myself and apologize to him. It’s all because of my damn pride that I can’t look my older brother in the eye and tell him how much I missed him after our father died. That’s just my personality I guess! I am going to approach him tomorrow after his competition and apologize to him hoping he doesn’t repay me by kicking my shell in for what I did to him 10 years ago when I was drunk too. It wasn’t till the next day I realized I really hurt him and could’ve killed him with my Sai!! Then I tried to get a hold of my two younger brothers and failed to do so! Our bond as brothers was always strong especially during our many battles and during the hard time after my brother got ambushed and almost died! Leo actually cheated death twice and then after the final battle with the Shredder he completely lost it and got sent away!”

She looked at her man and said.

“Umm Raphael by any chance is one of your younger brothers name Mike”

He looked up and stared.

“Yea he’s the youngest out of the 4 of us why? Wait how do you know him?”

She laughed as they entered their apartment.

“I’m not answering till you… Come and get me Turtle boy then I’ll tell you.”

He locked their front door and chased her up the stairs. She looked around and didn’t see him around and sighed with relief. Then she seen him in the doorway leading to their room and gulped.

“How’d you...”

He moved closer to her kissing her with passion as while his hand went up her shirt and back out again. Then he raised her arms above her head and slipped her blouse off tossing it to the floor.





ch 2 Raphael and Aimee get busy..

Warning...Before you enter please be sure that you're not underage and get offended by TMNT in EROTIC SITUATIONS....YOU HAVE ALL BEEN WARNED!!FOR ALL THOSE WHO ENJOY READING EROTICA>>>HAVE SOME READING PLEASURE!!!!!!!!!!!!