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When Lightning Strikes!! NC-17
A Summer Night like No Other NC-17
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Quench The Fire Within NC-17
Memories from His Past Return and Kiko Finally Gets Her Wish

A few days after the conversation with Raphael he lit one of the aromatherapy candles that Kiko left for him the afternoon she left for Florida. He laid on his shell and stared at the ceiling closing his eyes tightly to think back to the time they stayed with April after their defeat against Shredder. The nights he stayed up late with her played in his mind causing him to remember their nights of passionate kisses on her couch in the living room while his brothers and father were asleep. How they kept their relationship on the down low especially when Splinter was awake and watching every move Leo was making by April.

The night she called him to her room also came back as he lay in his bed. Then the way he waited till everyone was fast asleep so he could get in her room without any of them finding out he was with April. The way she looked at him as he entered the room and said.

‘Lock the door Leo and lay by me in the bed. I want to give you something that will help me show you how much I am in love with you. ‘ He thought for a few seconds and locked the door behind him walking to her bed and getting beneath the covers holding her in his arms. Then she pushed him down and started to unbutton her nightshirt with his fingers leading him to the opening so they would come undone. She also whispered into his ear.

‘Make love to me Leo so we can show each other how much we mean to each other. If I have to lead then I’ll be more than happy to…the only one that will quench my desire is you! Besides I see the passion and desire in your eyes as you’re kissing me. ‘

He looked and gulped as his hands slipped her nightshirt from her shoulders causing it to fall to the ground. Then he pictures his lips wrapped around April’s full breasts as she lay on her back gazing through his bandanna. Then he remembered her hands moving up his thighs reaching to his shell as they kissed passionately. The snap of his tail also came back as he thought deeper within his mind. April’s moans and groans of pleasure also returned causing him to sweat as he remembered the entire session with so much passion and desire besides the pain he felt as he moved up on her slow at first eventually picking up speed causing her to arch up to him so she could feel the full effect of him entering her. Yet he didn’t back down till she screamed his name and said.

‘AAgh Leonardo no more please I can’t…AAgh take anymore…please stop I’m so weak and in shock right now…Ooh please stop I just can’t take anymore it’s too painful for me right now…He also recalled he was about to get up but she changed her mind and said..aagh what the hell let’s go on into the morning light your loving is too good for me to get enough…aagh harder…please!!’

He continued to fuck her throughout the night until 4:30am the next morning…She looked at him and kissed him with passion and said.

‘For a mutant turtle you’re some lover!! How did you know what to do to me and the right spots for it to go on as long as it did!! What are we going to do now? Your father just got up and would like to know where you are…’

He kissed her with passion and used a secret door that connected to his room and got in his bed struggling with the pain!! Besides his tail was still fully erected when he got in his bed….Before Splinter entered his room he took deep breaths and his tail went back inside his shell. He closed his eyes and covered himself falling asleep still feeling the pain… then after awhile the pain turned into pleasure and he felt so alive and satisfied in all his 16 years on earth after he made love to April for such a long time though he didn’t realize what time they started. He heard master Splinter enter and looked up.

‘Yes Master Splinter, oh you startled me I was in a deep sleep is everything ok? ‘

Splinter responded.

‘My son I heard some noises coming from Ms. O’Neil’s room and it woke me up? It sounded like she was having a bad dream or something…she screamed pretty loud and then I thought I heard your voice too’

He gulped and looked at his father.

‘Who me…I was fast asleep and didn’t hear anything from her room. Did you go and check on her maybe she left her TV on and that’s what you heard. I mean she turned in around 9:30pm last night. If she screamed I would’ve heard her because my room is across the hall way from hers. Go back to sleep Sensei I’ll go check on April if it makes you feel a little better. Come on I’ll help you to your bed since you’re still a little weak from your battle with Shredder.’

Leo sat up and wiped the sweat from his brow.

‘Oh man now I know what I feel so guilty about. I slept with her when we stayed by her place after our first battle with the Shredder. I felt guilty because I fell in love with her and was seeing her behind my family’s back, besides I also made love to her when I was 16 years old in her bed after everyone turned in for the night. Besides I also lied to my father. No wonder why Casey thinks I slept with her behind his back when he was away because he never knew we were involved years ago and that she was my first love at 16 years old even though she was more like a sister than a lover I didn’t care all I knew was that I was in love with her and how much I wanted her!! Why did she scream my name when she made love to him though what we had years ago is no more. Why hasn’t she moved on yet like me.’

He looked at the clock and decided to go talk to Casey if he doesn’t slam the door in my face. He has to know the truth, but if I do that April will be really mad. I know let me call April and talk to her. She has to talk to him about the whole thing that’s not my position he’s her husband!’

He sat up in his bed and dialed April’s cell. She looked at her caller id and answered.

“Hey Leo how are you doing? What made you call me all the way in Florida? What about your girl Kiko aren’t you worried she’ll think you’re cheating on her with me?”
He sighed.

“I’ll call her after I talk to you, you have to listen. April I just remembered I’ve done it before when I was younger. I tried so hard to forget, but yet I felt guilty about it because you were like a sister to me, besides I lied to my brothers and my father too.”

She scratched her head.

“Why are you saying that Leo? Nothing happened between us you broke up with me before I had a chance to show you love. Every time I tried you walked away from me. Then one night you came to me and said we had to end our relationship because I’m more like a sister than a lover. You broke my heart back then and I don’t think I can ever forgive you for that. You broke up with me to be with Lotus I cried for days after you broke up with me.”

Before he could respond it all came back to her and he knew it. She remembered how warm and wet his lips were against hers. How warm his embrace was when he held her close to him. Then the night they made love in her room in the apartment until 4:30am the next morning played in her mind she could hear her screams, moans and groans as he entered her several times. She still could feel how hot his breath was against her bare skin as he gave her love like she never felt before.. His screams also played in her mind as she pushed him down to her bed and went up on him till his screams turned into moans of pleasure!

Then she responded.

“I know I have to tell Casey so he can stop thinking I’m sleeping with you behind his back. I didn’t mean to say your name Leo but he just couldn’t satisfy me the way you did that summer night when you were 16. I guess the visions of making sweet, passionate love to you played in my mind as he penetrated me several times. He just can’t do it like you! What confused me though was the night I made love to him and conceived Codi I said his name but for some reason that night I said yours because the visions of us making love played in my mind earlier that afternoon before he came home. We ate dinner, watched a movie as a family, and then I put Codi to bed and we made love that night and in the middle when he touched the right spot I screamed LEONARDO instead of Casey. He jumped up and slept in the spare room that night. Then he accused me of cheating on him with you and I yelled at him…I should’ve told him about us years ago before we even met him and how you were my first love!! I gave myself to you Leo at 21 years old.”

At that thought he sighed with relief. When he got off the phone with Aril he dialed Kiko’s cell number and she answered yawning.

“Hey Leo I was just thinking about you. How are you doing? Do you miss me like I do you?”
He smiled as he responded.

“Of course I do sweetie. You’re always on my mind Kiko especially when I sleep. What about you?”

She responded.

“You’re always on my mind Leo. I love you so much, but I wish you would trust me to show you how love feels when the passion and desire are present.”

He sighed.

“Not again Kiko. We had this conversation the morning you left for Florida. I never said I didn’t trust you. I just don’t want to rush into something so serious especially when I have been forgetting something that happened years ago between me and a sister like friend. Then as I relaxed with one of the aromatherapy candles you left for me it all came back to me and I still have regrets. Just bare with me please, when I’m ready you’ll know and I can guarantee that I will not prevent it from happening between us. You are my everything babe. Don’t think for a second that I have no trust in you.”

She sighed and asked.

“Why don’t you tell me what you regret so much? Leonardo I’m your girl you can’t keep hiding things from me like you are right now. I am honest with you now it’s time you return the gesture and stop lying to me.”

He sighed and began.

“Ok fine, If you insist. Kiko when I was 16 I had my first experience of something I wouldn’t have ever imagined possible! Ever since that night I tried so hard to forget about it and I just can’t seem too. This is something I can’t talk about over the phone with you sweetie. When I pick you up at the airport I’ll explain and hope you don’t hate me and end up breaking up with me. Just so you know I want our 3month anniversary to be special and romantic. Well sweetie it’s pretty late and I have work in the morning see you in a week love you Kiko; Leo out!”

He hung up his shell cell and buried his head in his hands. Then he heard his shell ring again and answered.

“Hey Casey I suppose you’re calling me to yell at me so more! I told you I would never do anything like that to you or April! Why were you accusing me of sleeping with her behind your back, I could never do such a thing. Like I said I have no idea why my name came out of your wife’s mouth when you two made love. I swear on my honor I didn’t do anything with her while you were away!”

Casey took a deep breath and sighed.

“Yea I know that Leo. April just called me and explained why it happened. I called you to apologize for yelling at you the way I did today. I should’ve never doubted your loyalty or hers like I did and for that I’m very sorry, please forgive me. I guess my imagination ran wild for a second and I was questioning her loyalty, because of the way you two avoided one another when you were here with her when I was at work.”

Leo yawned and said.

“It’s ok Casey, I accept your apology. She should’ve told you about us years ago before you two got married. It’s just odd how she said my name after being married to you for almost 11 years. I guess she regretted it like I did and just couldn’t believe how serious we were years ago especially me being a huge mutant turtle and your wife being such a good looking woman. It’s over and done with Casey, she has you and as for me I have Kiko. Now that we are on good terms again we both should get some sleep because we have work early in the morning and 15 cars to fix by 3pm. It’s going to be a long day tomorrow bro especially since all 3 of my brothers are off and it’ll be me and you doing all that work.”

He yawned and responded.

“Oh yea you’re right about that. I almost forgot we have all those cars to finish tomorrow. Well Leo goodnight see you in the morning, Casey out.”

When they hung up with one another they both fell right to sleep. Even though Leo tossed and turned throughout the night fantasizing about making sweet love to Kiko along the shore beneath the pier as the waves crashed against the shore. He could hear her screams of pleasure as they tumbled across the wet sand in passion beyond his wildest dreams. Sweat dripped down his brow as he continued to fantasize about his ninja lover Kiko.

The week passed quickly and the morning he was to pick her up at the airport he took a hot shower and then he got dressed and headed out to his SUV. When he arrived at the airport Raphael looked at him slyly.

“So did anything come back to you after our little talk? Did you think back to the days we spent at April’s apartment after our first defeat against the Shredder? Do you know what to do to get her aroused? Do you need more advice since I have more experience than you? Well Leo are you even listening to me?”

Mike laughed and said.

“Boy Raph you are clue less I swear. What does he need advice from you when he’s too serious about his honor to enjoy true passion with a fine woman like Kiko? He’ll never attempt it because he’s too scared it’ll go against their honor. Leave him alone and let him live without the desire and passion we feel when we make love to our women.”

Don laughed and said.

“Boy you two are really clueless I swear. He’s got more experience than the 3 of us put together, he had April several times while we all slept. Even though he tried so hard to forget about the desire he felt when she was near him. I remember the way he used to run into the kitchen when dad looked and said, Leonardo why are you looking at Ms. O’Neil like that. Especially the morning after he made love to her he was in a daze!! Then he got scared and avoided her when dad was around.It was so funny he was so scared Mr. Fearless Leader!!”

Leo clenched his fists and yelled.

“Shut the hell up Donatello! What makes you so sure I had April? She was like a sister to us all not a friggin lover. Now drop it before I kick your shell in! Don’t try my patience any more than Raphael has already, I will lose it and injure you both if you don’t stop lying about my involvement with April!”

Leo walked away from them and waited till the plane landed. Even though he could hear them whispering about the noises they heard the night it happened between him and April. His face turned red and he threw 3 Chinese Stars at them and they gulped. Kiko seen it and ran away at top speed. He glared at them and ran after her.

“Kiko sweetie I didn’t mean for you to see that. I’ve just been under a lot of stress lately with work and the last battle we fought. Please don’t do this to me, I’m sorry you seen that.”

She walked away with her arms crossed.

“Why did you get so mad when they were talking about you and Ms. O’Neil? Leo did you and her do something while I was away when she went back to New York for two days? Why do you feel so guilty, I see guilt in your eyes. Leo these secrets aren’t helping our relationship what are you hiding from me? Answer me please I’m worried about you.”

He sighed as they walked to his SUV.

“Oh man, here it goes. When I went home one night I put on one of your aromatherapy candles and remembered something I tried so hard to forget about! It was something I regretted when I was 16 years old and staying with April in her apartment because the foot were everywhere searching for our secret lair. I actually fell in love with April years ago and had to hide the fact that we were an item from my father and brothers because he was against us being involved with humans. When they were asleep we shared passionate kisses on her couch in the living room and on her swing. Then one night she called me into her room but I couldn’t go until everyone was asleep. I stayed up that night and watched a movie by myself until they turned in. Then when the movie ended I checked on them to make sure they were asleep and snuck into her room quietly so no one would wake up. That night she asked me to sleep with her and I agreed , but then something happened between us that I never imagined possible especially being a mutant turtle. Ever since that morning I tried to forget about it but just couldn’t seem to. I did for a while but then we got together and started to have those passionate make out sessions and the memories tried to return and I fought them like hell, excuse my French babe.”

She grabbed his waist and kissed his cheek gently.

“So you made love to April when you were 16 why do you regret it? I mean Leo you’re part human and have the hormones just like a man. There was nothing too be ashamed of cause you fell in love with her. Is that why you’re avoiding making love to me because I’m not April and you’re still in love with her? If that’s it I’ll understand and leave you alone.”

He shook his head as he grabbed her waist kissing her neck gently. Then he whispered into her ear.

“No it’s not that sweetie. She was more like a sister to us all than a lover and I never imagined that she would get me so easily. It was something I just couldn’t explain after it ended. Besides I went against my father and brothers by being with her. Then I realized I was addicted and had to have her every friggin night 12am. It was just something I couldn’t get enough of.”

Kiko smiled slyly.

“Do you remember how it started or do you still have fears? I didn’t mean to pressure you the way I’ve been lately, but I just find it harder to resist you as the nights pass when we’re lying in your bed so close to one another. My body aches for your touch and it causes me to sleep in the nude just to feel your rough hands along my body and your warm lips around my breasts. Leo you mean so much to me that you’ll never know and I want to show you how a Japanese woman will treat her man especially under the covers. You have experience Leo, it’s time you stop fighting it and let yourself go before you fall into a deep depression and become defenseless against my 14 year old niece!”

As they sat along the shore he stared out to the sea and sighed while the waves crashed against the shore. She rested her head on his chest and felt his embrace become tighter as the sun set over the ocean. He held her tightly and felt his body heat up as he stroked her forehead gently running his fingers through her long, black, thick, and wavy hair. Sweat began to drip down his bandanna and he wiped it off. Then he unbuttoned his shirt and felt her warm lips as they moved across his smooth plastron. Her hands slipped beneath and she pulled his shirt down until it fell in the sand. He grabbed her hands and raised them above her head slowly as he slid her blouse off over her head. Then his fingers slipped beneath her bra clasps and he undid them slipping the straps off slowly till it fell in the sand. She looked up into his eyes and undid the bandanna letting it fall to the sand on top of his shirt. She smiled as his hands caressed her upper chest. He held each nipple in his hands and sucked on them causing her to sigh loudly.

“Aagh Leo….your lips are so warm even though you’re cold-blooded…..they feel so good around my breasts! Now show me what your loving feels like! I want you so bad!!”

He moved his hands up her skirt and up her thighs moving his hands to her panties inside where the warmth was. He moved his fingers between the warm lips and she grabbed where she felt his fingers through the fabric of her skirt. Then she closed her eyes as he slipped her skirt down moving his fingers deeper between the warm lips searching for an opening to enter.

“Aagh Leo could this be…the ooh night you let go of your will power and make love to me beneath the moonlight beneath this pier! Ooh Please don’t make me beg you to enter me…I want…You inside of me!!!Aagh…I want this night to be a night I’ll never forget since I am giving myself to you and you alone!!”

She moved her hands to his jeans and unfastened the belt pulling it through the loopholes…She let it fall to the ground as she sat up and unbuttoned his jeans after she pulled the zipper down with her teeth. He looked down and smiled slyly as he picked her up and pushed her down to the wet sand beneath the pier as the waves crashed against the shore!! He sucked on her nipples till they hardened and he felt his tail snap as it made it’s way out from his shell fully erected. He lay on his shell as he threw her legs so her thighs would meet him. Then she grabbed it and moved up on him with tears rolling down her cheeks while she gazed into his brown eyes gazing up at her. He didn’t feel a thing so he picked her up and pushed her against the pier entering slow at first as she cried out……

“AAgh….Aagh….Faster…just pump me like you’ve never…aagh pumped yourself into a  woman before…I want you and everything you have to offer…Ooh me….As he thrust harder his breath became heavy and he was finding it hard to breathe as he pushed against her rythimatically…coming harder each time he entered her ripping through her insides like a hot knife through a stick of margarine!!!!!She cried out as the tears rolled down  causing her nails to dig into his skin drawing blood….He felt the warm drips and thrust harder till she lost her breath and became silent as she wrapped her legs around him feeling his force while he used all his strength to push against her…her head pulled back and she moaned….LEONARDO……LEONARDO……….AAAGH…AAGH….OOOHHHHHHHHHHH…..YES HARDER!!!!!!!!!!!Screaming his name out louder than the sound of the waves crashing against the shore…He pushed her down to the wet sand and came harder…as she arched up to meet him all the way………AAGGGHHHHHHHH!!!!!”

She managed to push him down even though he was still inside of her and moved up on him rapidly causing his entire body to come up from the sand and then back down to it…his head pulled back as she moved up on him faster causing him to scream out….AAGH…..AAGH…..KIKO……..!! He soon tired of her leading and pushed her back down to the sand keeping her silent as his lips cursed over hers causing her to close her eyes to discover they were surrounded in RED ALL AROUND!!!! He heard his shell ring and shut it off continuing to make sweet, passionate, wet love to Kiko beneath the pier. When it ended she smiled into his eyes and kissed him full of passion as he held her close to him still caressing her body in all the right spots causing her to sigh. He stroked her forehead gently and whispered.

“Ooh we’re all sandy let’s take a dip in the cool ocean water!! Unless you want to make love to me in the water if you can hold your breath long enough to finish up!! I still didn’t get enough but I stopped because I saw blood soaking the sand and got scared!! Did I hurt you!! I can go on till sunrise if you want me too especially since I’m a mutant and have more energy than a human man!! If you had enough then I’ll understand!! Sorry I waited too long but I was a little leery of doing it again, or scaring you away!! I love you so much Kiko!!”

She looked and saw a boat, and then she signaled.

“Maybe not in the water but we can on that boat if you still want to satisfy my desire!! I’m a ninja LEONARDO I won’t get enough until I can’t move or go on anymore!! It’s up to you!! I can’t really hold my breath under water like you, besides I thought you hated salt water!!”

He smiled slyly and threw her in the ocean…then he dove in and came up beneath her and grabbed her waist.

“I’m a turtle, but I still have to hold my breath when I go under water cause of my human half! We can but we have to keep our heads above the water!!”

She smiled slyly and wrapped her legs around him once again and he held her up against the pier and pumped into her once again causing her to pull her head back moaning non stop as he thrust into her deeper!! As he continued to pump into her animal sounds escaped his mouth and she smiled slyly.

“Let’s see if you’re capable of taking me to ecstasy turtle boy!! Unless you can’t go on anymore cause you’ve seemed to slow down with the thrusting!!”

He smiled slyly and grabbed her legs and wrapped his arms around her tightly thrusting harder as her head pulled back!! Then he realized she dove and couldn’t find her anywhere. He looked around and said.

“Kiko where are you? Come out wherever you are! Kiko!!”

He looked down and seen bubbles forming then he felt her lips sucking on his tail once again. He sighed loudly as she sucked harder and rested his shell against the pier as she continued….She came up and licked her lips…then she realized he disappeared and felt his tongue moving between her legs causing her to sigh loudly…when he finished he grabbed her waist and thrust from the rear causing her to scream out in pain….

“AAgh…No Leo…I don’t like it this way…Please stop!!”

He kissed her neck gently and whispered in her ear.

“I stopped you can stop crying now! Shall we go again or have you had enough!!”

She smiled slyly as their lips met. Then he grabbed her waist and kissed her neck gently brushing his tongue against her smooth, silky skin in the shadows. She grabbed his hands by her waist and smiled.

“Ooh no our clothes are all wet!! What are we going to do?”

He pulled out a hotel key and smiled slyly as he covered her with a towel.

“We’ll just have to stay in a hotel tonight I guess. While we sleep we can dry our clothes and then head back home!! I’m completely out of energy right now!!”

She smiled and then they went to his SUV and grabbed their overnight bags. She only threw on his denim shirt and they went hand in hand to the hotel room. When they got in the hotel room she looked at him and said.

“One more time until we fall a sleep! Please Leo!”

He shook his head and pulled the bed down. Then he fell asleep peacefully. She took off his denim shirt and got in the bed next to him resting her head on his smooth plastron. Then she threw a silk sheet over them both. Then she wrapped her arms around him and fell asleep peacefully!

Warning...Before you enter please be sure that you're not underage and get offended by TMNT in EROTIC SITUATIONS....YOU HAVE ALL BEEN WARNED!!FOR ALL THOSE WHO ENJOY READING EROTICA>>>HAVE SOME READING PLEASURE!!!!!!!!!!!!