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Quench The Fire Within NC-17
ch 17 "Brotherly Bonding...Gotta Love It"

Quench the Fire Within

Ch 17 

Leo awoke the next morning and felt Kiko’s soft body in his arms. Then he turned on his shell and stared at the ceiling. Kiko felt the bed move and rested her head on Leo’s smooth plastron. He covered her and gently stroked her forehead as she traced his cuts in his chest.

“Leo are we ever going to make our relationship serious? We’re together nearly 3 months now; how long am I going to have to wait until you trust me? I don’t know how much longer I can hold back the desire I have when I’m in your arms.”

He sighed as he kissed her forehead.

“I do trust you sweetie, but I’m just not ready yet. Besides I know for a fact that you’re also not ready. I’m a mutant turtle remember, and you’re a beautiful female ninja we’re so different. Besides a relationship isn’t all about sex there’s so much more to it. In order for us to take it all the way we both have to be comfortable with one another. You claim you’re comfortable but yet you get tense when your thighs meet mine while you untie my belt around my wait or undo my jeans. That’s why I haven’t even attempted to make love to you yet. Come on sweetie I have to get to work and you have to get to the airport before you miss your flight to Florida.”

She smiled and kissed him full of passion saying.

“You silly ninja my flight doesn’t leave until 3:30pm this afternoon. I have some more packing to do anyway. See you in 3 weeks Leo love you and try not to miss me too much.”

He watched as she got dressed and exited his room. Then he got out of the bed and entered his shower. As the water hit his face he closed his eyes and thought.

‘Man I need to get over my guilt of something I did years ago or I’ll never move on with my girl Kiko. Now if I can just remember what I’m feeling so guilty about? If I can figure that out then I’ll know what to do. Maybe I should go to my brother and get some advice. Man it’s hopeless. He’ll only laugh in my face.’

When he arrived at the shop he saw Raphael and sighed. Then he clocked in and threw his shirt on with his name.

“Morning Raph what’s going on? Can you believe it; our girls will be gone for 3 weeks?”

Raphael looked at him.

“Yea I know, but they’re jocks Leo it’s part of their job. We have to learn to accept that they have to travel in order to keep their ranch alive. They have April with them so they’ll be fine.”

Leo looked as Casey glared at him from the desk. Then he asked.

“Casey what is with you? Ever since you walked in all you’ve done is glared at me. What did I do that has gotten you so mad? Hello best friend talking here, Casey?”

Casey ignored him and got to the paper work on his desk. Raphael looked at Leo and asked.

“What’s with him bro? He really seemed pissed off at you. Do you have any idea why?”
Leo shrugged and took the 1st customer that walked in. When he finished with the transmission repair he walked to the computer and put the amount in printing out the receipt after he gave the man his change back. While he walked to the sink and washed his hands he saw Casey glaring out of the corner of his eye. He shook his head and sat at the table by Raphael. Raphael looked at him and asked.

“Casey what is your problem? What the hell has gotten into you today? Are you that pissed off because April decided to take over the ranch and help Kiko run it because she is a jock also and can’t take care of all the horses by herself, well?”

Again he ignored them and got back to his paper work on the desk. Leo began to get angry and said.

“I’m taking an early lunch bro. When Mr. Personality snaps out of his damn mood swing let me know unless you want to come with me? If I don’t get out of here I’m going to injure someone severely.”

Raphael looked and said.

“It’s around 10:30am bro a little too early for lunch. We have only been working for an hour and a half. Let’s take care of the customers and let him cool off and then maybe he’ll answer us.”

Leo nodded and followed him out to the area where they fixed the cars and sighed. The brothers spent 5 hours fixing cars while Casey sat in silence at his desk still glaring at Leo . When they finished they both washed up and said.

“Casey we’re going to lunch Don and Mike should be in shortly see you after lunch.”

Casey looked up and said.

“One hour Raph and don’t be late either”

Raphael looked at him.

“Leo and I are both going on lunch right now. Aren’t you going to say something you are the boss?”

He looked up and glared at Leo and then he looked back at Raphael.

“I could careless what he does for the three weeks the girls are away he just better stay the hell away from my wife when she comes back from Florida or he’ll wish he never betrayed me!”

Leo paused by the time clock and yelled.

“What the hell are you talking about? Stay away from your wife when she comes back from Florida? I have a girlfriend lamebrain and could never betray you by sleeping with your wife and I’d never cheat on Kiko! Where the hell did you get that bull shit? Ooh I’m not wasting my breath on you if you think I would do that then you obviously don’t know me very well! Whatever see you in an hour!! Don’t forget I’m a fucking ninja and have honor!!!!”

Casey looked up and laughed.

“Yea if you are then do me a favor and start acting like one instead of fucking my wife when I’m away!!”

Leo stormed off and Raphael followed behind him.

“Leo wait up for me I’m hungry too! Leo!”

Mike and Don heard that and scratched their heads. Then Mike looked up from the time clock and asked.

“Casey what are you talking about? Leo and April have you lost your mind? April is more like a sister to us than a lover and especially with Leo. He’d never do that with your wife because we’re all family here! Besides he never went with a human girl till Lotus and then after her death he gave up on love until he met Kimiko AKA Kiko!”

Casey looked and said.

“Boy he has all 3 of you fooled! I see right through him and he’s not as innocent as you’ll think he is!! I know he fucked my wife more than once while I was away because a few nights after I returned we made love and she said Leo’s name and not mine! So there!”

Don began to get mad.

“Ok Mr. Know It All, Are you sure that you’re not the one cheating on April? You’re so quick to blame Leo of having sex with her! The truth of the matter is out of the 4 of us Leo is the only virgin so eat that ass hole!! Why the hell do you think he tries so hard to be alone with Kiko? Well Casey answer that and stop accusing Leo of screwing her behind your damn back he’d never do such a thing!”

In the meantime at the pizza parlor Raphael looked at him. Leo looked up from his pizza and said.

“Don’t tell me you believe Casey that I slept with April behind his back! You’re my brother and you should know me better than that! How can you even listen to that Shit!! I’m not like that Raph; I would never betray him like that after all he did for me after our father’s death!”

Raphael looked at him and said.

“No I don’t believe it bro. I just know you have something on your mind and need advice about something you no nothing about. Perhaps our fearless leader is ready to come out of his shell and experience something you think is impossible for us to experience! Well we’re alone bro ask away I’ll try to help you the best I can!”

Leo sipped his Gatorade and sighed.

“Yea you’re right about it I do need advice about something I have no knowledge of whatsoever! I know I want to go all the way with Kiko, yet I have no idea how to go about it without her freaking out on me because I’m a  huge mutant turtle! Then again I have a general idea of how to throw hints of what I want from her. Then I don’t  know where the best place to carry it out, we made out too many times in my bed by my apartment, I already made out with her in the Tunnel of Love, Already made out with her on the Ferris wheel. I need a romantic setting to set the mood of giving her what she wants where the desire will be present! Yet I can’t think of a place! You got your girl in the apartment and in the stable, Don got his girl by the lake underneath the stars and also in a Jacuzzi, As for Mike he screwed Serena in so many places that I can’t remember exactly where he did her! Me I can’t do it in those places like you 3. Its my personality there’s nothing I can do to change it!”

Raphael sipped his soda and asked.

“Ok where did you two first realize that you were in love?”

Leo sipped his soda and took a bite of his pizza then he thought.

“Umm at the tournament when I faced her in battle and she nearly killed me. Then I beat her fair and square and almost killed her. We first kissed on the beach beneath the pier! Then we performed oral sex in so many places that I can’t even name all the places. It has to be a place where the surroundings are just right to set the mood!”

Raphael looked.

“Why not the beach? You two can get a bite to eat, walk hand in hand along the boardwalk and then sit on the shore watching the waves crash against the shore line. Make out a little and tease her a little without her knowing what you’re up to she might get nervous and back down! Leo make the 1st move she won’t be able to resist because even though we’re turtles we’re dominating just like a man especially when we need satisfaction! Tease her by tickling her sensitive areas. Then pretend you’re not doing anything. If she doesn’t walk away take it up a notch and touch her in the right spot and I guarantee she’ll screw you in a heartbeat no matter the location!! Before you make your move I advise you to talk to April, you are feeling guilty about something and it has a lot to do with April! Unless when you sleep tonight reach deep within your mind and think back to our past when we stayed with her in the apartment above the antique shop. Dad had his suspicions you two were involved, but I told him he’s paranoid! Leo I’m telling you there’s something in your memories that you don’t want to remember and it might be what’s holding you back from screwing Kiko. Every time you two make out the passion and the desire are there and you fight it!! Yet you don’t realize you avoiding it is pushing her away from you!! Aimee told me about their conversations after the races and she tells me after they talk about screwing us Kiko disappears and cries her eyes out so they won’t pick on her!”

At that thought Leo paused and sighed.

“Ok maybe you’re right. Or I’m too afraid to screw her because I’m afraid of rejection.”

Raphael laughed.

“Rejection? Believe me she won’t reject you bro. She sleeps in the nude when she’s over by your apartment to set you off and she won’t give up till you give her the loving she wants from you!!!”

Leo looked and asked.

“Excuse me how the hell do you know about that? Are you spying on us when she comes by my place, using the shadows! Well bro I’m waiting for an answer!”

Raphael looked and gulped.

“I wouldn’t call it spying just umm keeping you two safe!”

Leo Laughed.

“Yea ok whatever you say bro! Cut the crap I’m on to you already! Do me a big favor and cut the shit or I’ll knock you on your shell kabish! I don’t get into your business or whatever happens behind your doors so don’t get into mine agreed!”

Raph nodded.

“Ok Leo you made your point! I promise I won’t spy on you two anymore and to that I swear on my ninja honor!!”

Leo looked.

“You better! Come on bro lunch is up and I have to hear Casey’s mouth until 6:30pm tonight oh vey! I’m going to go home with a migraine!!”












Will Casey Ever Know The Truth.....Will Another Couple Heat Their Relationship Up Or Not!!HMMM

Warning...Before you enter please be sure that you're not underage and get offended by TMNT in EROTIC SITUATIONS....YOU HAVE ALL BEEN WARNED!!FOR ALL THOSE WHO ENJOY READING EROTICA>>>HAVE SOME READING PLEASURE!!!!!!!!!!!!