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When Lightning Strikes!! NC-17
A Summer Night like No Other NC-17
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Quench The Fire Within NC-17
Ch 16 'Things Begin to Heat Up ...Who is It This Time?'


Jessie pulled up to her new house and parked her car in the garage. Then she unlocked the front door and they entered. He looked around and said.

“Whoa this is a nice house. A little smaller than the ranch home out in the country. How many bedrooms does it have?”

She looked up and smiled.

“Come on Don I’ll show you. We’ll take a tour around the house and then I’ll show you where the Jacuzzi is. Follow me.”

He followed behind her and sighed. When she was done showing him the inside of the house she had him follow her out to the screened in patio. Then she pointed to the Jacuzzi and said.

“Go on Don. I’ll be right out I have to go get the champagne for us. Don’t miss me too much.”

He kissed her on the lips and smiled.

“I’ll try not too. Just make sure the champagne is nice and chilled. See you when you get back babe.”

He watched as she entered the house and sighed with relief. Then he turned on the Jacuzzi and watched the bubbles form in the water. When it was full of bubbles he put his finger in to feel the temperature. Then he took off his belt, elbow, and knee pads so he can get in. When he got in he put his head back and closed his eyes while the bubbles wrapped around his muscles causing him to sigh. He heard the sliding door open and opened his eyes. She tapped him on the shell after she put the bucket with the champagne and ice in it. He turned around and seen the robe over her and gulped.

“Please don’t tell me you have nothing underneath your robe Jess? What are you up to?”

She looked at him and smiled.

“Nothing; Gee Don I have my bikini on underneath my robe…I’m not that wild! Can I just sit in a Jacuzzi with my man for a year without him thinking I’m up to something?”

He looked at her and said.

“Yea ok whatever you say? After the way you attacked me 9 months ago you would do something to get me in the mood while we’re in this Jacuzzi. It’s not going to work this time. “

She poured the champagne and slid off her robe slowly. He looked as she took it off and gulped while sweat poured down from beneath his bandanna. Then he seen her string bikini and his heart began to beat rapidly in his chest while he eyed her up and down. He swallowed hard and took deep breaths as he inhaled and then exhaled again. Then she got in and sat next to him. He moved to the other side and avoided looking at her.

She looked at him and asked.

“What are you so afraid of? Don will you stop moving away from me I won’t bite. Now I’m going to sit by you and we’re going to have some champagne.”

He looked up and said.

“I don’t drink. If you don’t mind I’ll pass.”

She swam by him and handed him his glass. He looked up and took it but still avoided looking at her.  She sipped her champagne and thought of ways to get close enough to him so she can turn him on. He sipped his champagne in silence and closed his eyes as the bubble eased the pain in his aching muscles. She realized it and took her chance. She sat in front of him and used her toes to rub against his thigh. He looked up and down.

“What are you doing Jessie? Didn’t I tell you no? Now knock it off I mean it.”

She sipped her champagne and looked at him.

“Stop doing what? I’m not doing anything. You are paranoid I swear. I’m just sitting next to you and sipping my champagne Mr. Know It all.”

He shook his head and went back to sipping his champagne in silence. Again he closed his eyes and she took a chance again. This time she rubbed her leg against his thigh and reached to the back of his shell. Again he looked up and turned to her.

“One more time and I swear I’ll get out and sit on the chair by the table. Now stop trying to hit the right spot to turn me on! I’m not in the mood!”

She turned her back to the wall and sipped her champagne again.

“I am not doing anything Donatello. Now stop yelling at me I can yell too!”

He looked and glared then he put his head back and relaxed while he drank his champagne. She watched as he closed his eyes and decided to try one more time hoping he doesn’t get out like he said he would. Again she got in front of him and used her toes to get between his legs. He opened his eyes and looked down again, but sweat began to drip down and soak his bandanna. He felt the ache between his legs getting stronger and tried to escape but couldn’t move this time. He realized his body froze and stared at her bikini top tied so loosely. He put his glass down and moved his fingers underneath the knot and untied it slowly while he kissed her shoulders gently. Then he untied the back and threw it on the deck while he moved his lips from her shoulders to her full breasts tasting them slowly. She sighed and pulled her hair out of the ponytail and wrapped her arms around his neck.

“Aagh did I manage to turn you on Donatello? Do I have to try harder?”

He smiled slyly as his hands moved to her bottoms untying them slowly. Then he took them off and also threw them by her top on the deck. He wrapped her legs around his waist and continued to move his hands along her thighs causing her to sigh while their lips met. She moved her hands to the back of his shell and yanked on it gently until it emerged from inside his shell. She looked down and smiled as his tail erected from the water. He also smiled as he positioned himself to enter her. She felt it rub against her thighs and closed her eyes while he thrust slowly at first. He entered and then came back out again looking around to make sure no one was looking over her fence. Then he stroked her forehead gently and kissed her full of passion as he entered again a little harder. Her head jerked back as his tail ripped through her like a lightning bolt through a tree trunk.

Sweat dripped down as he thrust harder causing her to scream out.

“Aagh Don…Ooh my harder…don’t hold back on me we’re together…aagh and entire…aagh year today…Aagh how are your muscles?”

He silenced her while he cursed his lips over hers and gripped her tightly with all his strength. Her nails dug into his skin as the pace picked up causing her head to jerk back farther as he came inside thrusting harder as he came…..she traced his shell ridges as her body became rubber while he continued to thrust deeper inside ripping through like a hot iron through silk…..AAAAAAAAGGGGGHHHHHHHH……OOOOHHHHHHHHHHH…Let’s not stop I want more!!! DONATELLO!!!!”
He completely lost all his self control and thrust harder…and harder till tears rolled down her cheeks while her nails dug in deeper causing him to bleed….He felt the warm blood on his skin but didn’t care at all he just silenced her as he pushed her down to the stairs coming down on her Hearing her moans and groans of pleasure while they continued to make love in her Jacuzzi caused him to come down harder while their bodies moved arithmetically intertwined.

Then he began to moan and groan as she pushed herself against him moving up on him. Animal sounds escaped his lips as she pushed against him with sweat dripping off her body. She used one arm and continued to push as they made it to her deck still groaning and moaning his name several times as her nails dug in deeper!! He pushed her down and thrust harder as he came down on her several times.

“Aagh Jessica…aaaagggghhhhhhhhhh….Oh God Jessica….ooooohhhhhhhhh…..”

He rolled her on her stomach and thrust through the rear causing her to cry out…

“No not this …AAgh Don…No please…I can’t…aaagh take the pain…..I don’t aagh like this…..OOhhhh no please stop…you’re hurting me…..Donatello please don’t tap into…your aagh turtle instincts…I’m sorry…for…AAAAAaaaaaaaaaaGGGGGGGGGhhhhhhh turning you on…but I needed you inside of me again…..No more….”

He pushed her back down on her back and lifted her legs to meet his thighs as he began to thrust again!!! Sweat poured off of his body as they went on through the rest of the night!!

When he awoke the next morning he seen the liquids on the deck and shook his head.

‘Aagh man that was rough sex if I do say so myself; I can’t believe how long we went on for if I can remember what time we started anyway!! I need to clean this up before I slip and crack my shell. Where’s Jessie? Oh man I hope she doesn’t hate me after what happened last night…especially me being so out of control that I couldn’t help myself as hard as I tried to…especially the way she cried when my turtle half came out!’

He grabbed a mop and bucket and mopped the deck clean. Then he looked in the Jacuzzi and decided to clean it out by using the filter…He could see the white sticky liquid on the water and shook his head.

‘That’s what happens when a couple is so full of desire and passion. Aw man what a mess I have to clean up…Might as well get to work on it then.’

Jessie exited the house and grabbed his waist kissing his cheek.

“Good morning Donatello. Sorry about trying to get you in the mood again? I should’ve let you make the 1st move but I just couldn’t do without your touch…Especially after the 1st night we made love by the lake 9 months ago…You were amazing that night but nothing compared to last night or afternoon? I don’t even remember when we started never the less what time it ended…All I know is I’m satisfied for a  while after that hot, steamy, wet sex…You missed a spot right where you’re standing too.”

He looked down and shook his head.

“No kidding looks like I missed a lot of spots damn we were all over this deck…and look at the water in the Jacuzzi? Oh man the steps are so stick ill….”

She hit the pump and he watched as the water poured out. Then he climbed in and mopped the bottom of the Jacuzzi. When he finished mopping she filled it up again. Then they finished the deck and went inside the house to watch a movie! When the movie ended they both fell asleep on the couch in one another’s arms.






"An Elder Brother Seeking Advice From One Of His Younger Brothers..Who Would He Go To?"

Warning...Before you enter please be sure that you're not underage and get offended by TMNT in EROTIC SITUATIONS....YOU HAVE ALL BEEN WARNED!!FOR ALL THOSE WHO ENJOY READING EROTICA>>>HAVE SOME READING PLEASURE!!!!!!!!!!!!