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ch 15 :Kikos First Win and the Brothers Gain another Ally

A month later Kiko, Jessie, Serena, and Aimee; practice one more time before the race. Leo sat with his brothers while they watched them prepare for the 1st race of the season at Saratoga Race Track. Leo sighed  and then he sipped his water . Raphael looked at him and asked.

“You sense trouble don’t you bro? Let’s just hope your girl chooses what side she’s on if we get ambushed. I also know you doubt her loyalty, because for the past month you’ve been avoiding her. I mean you haven’t even told her your new address yet.”

He nodded his head in agreement.

“Yea I know. Let’s just be on full alert after the race tonight. We can’t let our guard down because Karai is a cunning ninja and will attack when we least expect it!”

At that Raphael passed it on to Don and Mike. They both nodded in agreement and sat in silence. An hour later the women headed to the jock changing room to get ready for the race. Jessie pulled Serena and Aimee to the side away from Kiko.

“I know Leo loves her, but she can’t be trusted. A few nights ago I overheard her talking to Karai on the foot com. They were talking about a final battle against the boys to avenge their father’s death. She’s going to betray Leo or even kill him. We have to let him know!”

Aimee embraced her cousin and said.

“Whoa calm down. Let’s not go jumping the gun Jess. Maybe she’s going to betray her sister. She loves Leo too much to hurt him. We have a race to win.”

She looked and sighed.

“I hope you’re right Aimee.”

They all saddled up and put their helmets on. Then they heard the gun go off and took off at top speed. Kiko trailed behind Aimee and Serena. Jessie had the lead and each of them pulled up on their horses’ manes gently to catch up with Jessie. They caught up to her and came around the bend. Kiko seen that she and Jessie were neck and neck. She took a deep breath and pulled up on Thunder Clap’s mane gently. She picked up speed and passed Jessie. Jessie pulled up on Shadow Racer’s mane to catch up to Kiko and Thunder Clap, but didn’t succeed.

By the stands Leo stood up and saw Kiko pass up Jessie. His mouth dropped and Don looked up.

“No way she beat Jessie! Damn bro your girl is good! She just beat the defending champ for 10 years; Go Kiko!”

Leo sighed and didn’t seem to care if she won or not. The commentator announced.

“Ms. Kiko Li and Thunder Clap take the title after their first race. Ms. Jessica Martes takes 2nd after 10 years of being defending champion! Congratulations Kiko Li and Thunder Clap!”

Kiko and her horse go to the photographers and take pictures. Then she gets interviewed and said.

“I just want to thank my man Leonardo Yoshi for believing in me. If it wasn’t for him I wouldn’t have won today or even sign up for it!”

When the interview ended she followed the other jocks to the changing room. She went to her locker and put her black jeans and a navy blue tank top on. Then she threw her light blue leather jacket over her tank top and tied her sneakers and called to the other 3.

“Come on ladies aren’t we supposed to meet the guys. I’ll be waiting for you 3 outside. Hurry up already.”

She exits and Jessie turned to them.

“She has her nerve I swear. She thinks she has me fooled, but she doesn’t. I just hope she doesn’t have Leo fooled he’ll be heart broken again.”

Aimee looked and stared.

“Jess I told you to stop accusing her! Maybe you thought she was talking to her sister. Maybe it was Leo she was talking to a few days ago about the final battle!”

She said nothing and just followed them out to where Kiko was waiting for them Leo saw her and said nothing at all. She lagged behind while the brothers held their girls’ hand. She sighed and shook her head.

‘He doesn’t trust me at all. There has to be a way to prove I’m against my sister and not them. An entire month he hasn’t answered or returned my calls. I don’t even have his new address to his apartment.’

They all froze when the foot surrounded them. Leo glared at Kiko with his eyes slanted.

“You deceived me just like your damn sister! How could you!”

She looked with tears in her eyes.

“Leo I had nothing to do with this! I love you and could never deceive you. Leo please listen to me!”

 Raph, Don, and Mike drew their weapons right after Leo unsheathed his katana. Leo yelled.

“Aimee, Serena, and Jessie get out of sight now! Don’t come out until we tell you ladies the coast is clear! Now go!”

The 3 women hid behind a garbage dumpster as they heard blades cross. During the battle Karai slashed his right arm causing him to drop his Sai. She held the blade to his neck and glared at Leo.

“Drop your weapons Leonardo or I will slash your pathetic brother’s neck! You’re mine and it’s either your life or all 3 of your brothers what’s your decision? Look at them they have all fallen in battle against my new improved foot clan! You’re alone and outnumbered. There’s no one left to assist you in battle. You have no other choice, but to accept your fate and pay for taking my father’s life and my honor!”

Kiko appeared from the shadows and unsheathed her katana while she joined Leo in battle.

“You were saying sister dear? You’re the one outnumbered now. I meant it when I refused to join the foot clan.! Now it’s me and my man against your pathetic, wannabe ninja ass!”

She glared at them both.

“So you choose that murderer’s side over your own sister’s! When I told you he was responsible for our father’s death! How dare you deceive me like this you’ll meet the same fate as that green freak!”

Leo looked up and asked.

“Are you done talking Karai so we can get to the final battle? I don’t have all night you know!”

She unsheathed her katana and lunged at Leo. Kiko jumped in front of him and Karai’s blade pierced her side causing her to fall to the ground. He looked up in fear as he seen her fall, then he realized she saved his life and ran to her. His eyes filled with tears and he yelled.

“Raphael get her out of the fight. Make sure you cover that wound I’m going to finish this dishonorable bitch off once and for all and to that I swear on my ninja honor! Now Karai prepare to die!”

She looked up and laughed.

“Leonardo you will never be able to kill me. I know for a fact you are still in love with me even though you insist on denying it. So many times you had the chance to kill me and you allowed me to live! So what is so different about this battle? You will probably injure me but you don’t have the guts to kill me. But I can kill you and I will tonight! Now you green freak let’s do this so I can end your pathetic life!!”

He glared at her and lunged at her. She blocked his attack and slammed him into the wall shell first. His brothers looked in horror as his eyes closed. Don looked and tears formed in his eyes.

“Leo no don’t do this! Get up please we need you bro; don’t die on us!! Leo!!!”

Raphael and Mike also watched in horror as Karai walked by Leo and held her blade at his neck while he was unconscious! Kiko looked in horror with tears in her eyes and gathered all her inner strength and lunged at her sister. Her blade penetrated Karai’s side and she fell. Then while she held her blade to her neck Kiko held her side as the blood flowed once again. Then Karai used a dagger and stabbed her in the stomach causing her to fall into a pool of her own blood. Before she passed out she screamed.

“Leo get up and finish off my sister she’s nothing compared to you! You’re a ninja master swordsman and a lot stronger than my stupid sister don’t let her have the satisfaction of beating you my love!”

After she had her say she passed out and closed her eyes. Leo gained consciousness and lunged at Karai once again stabbing her in her stomach. His blade went right through to her back and she fell to the ground. Then she tried to get up again and throw a dagger at him. With one swipe of his katana her head was severed from her body gushing blood. He held his wounded side and said.

“This time you were wrong Karai! Fatality you lose and I win! Now you can join your dishonorable father!”

He dropped his katana and ran to Kiko’s motionless body on the ground. She opened her eyes and smiled up at him while their lips met. He embraced her and kissed her full of passion stroking her forehead gently.

“Next time find another way to prove your loyalty to me babe instead of nearly getting killed by taking the blade for me. Come on let’s get you to my place so you can rest after that battle.”

Karai’s daughter glared at him and said.

“This is not over Aunt Kimko. I’ll avenge my mother by killing you and your green freak along with his brothers and their girls mark my words this is not over! You’ll pat dearly for deceiving my mother and your sister! Till we meet again!”

She ran and picked up her mother’s limp body. The foot ninja grabbed Karai’s severed head and they both disappeared into the shadows after Kamai threw a smoke pellet! Leo looked at Kimko and asked.

“Umm exactly when did Karai have a kid? Did I miss something? How old is she anyway and who is her father?”

Kiko looked up and answered.

“She’s 15 years old Leo and her father is the foot ninja you just saw with her. Now that my sister is dead her daughter takes control of the foot and she’s a skilled ninja just like her mother was and her father. Besides me; now we have a bigger challenge than with my sister! For now let’s enjoy your victory!”

He nodded his head and helped her up. Then he looked at her side and said.

“That’s a deep wound. Close your eyes and let me heal it. Don’t be scared it won’t hurt I promise.”

He closed his eyes and blue shot from his palms and the wound closed. She opened her eyes and asked.

“How did you do that Leo? How was that possible?”

He took her by the waist and smiled.

“I’m a mystic ninja babe and have healing powers along with my other ones. So do my brothers. See all our wounds are healed because we healed them ourselves!”

Don looked up as he held his arm.

“Yes sure, but my muscles are still aching from that battle.”

At that Jessica smiled slyly.

“Oh really. I guess our year anniversary will be celebrated by my new place in my Jacuzzi with champagne! How’s that sound Donnie Boy?”

He gulped as he swallowed hard.

“Umm fine I guess. I’m a turtle my skin will shrivel if the heat touches it. I don’t think it’s a good idea. Maybe we should cancel our date so I can go home and rest my arm.”

Leo laughed.

“What’s the matter bro you scared? The heat will not shrivel our skin lamebrain. The bubbles will ease the pain away and relax the rest of your muscles.”

The 4 brothers and their girls headed to their destinations in silence after that battle!

Things Begin to Escalate Once Again!

Warning...Before you enter please be sure that you're not underage and get offended by TMNT in EROTIC SITUATIONS....YOU HAVE ALL BEEN WARNED!!FOR ALL THOSE WHO ENJOY READING EROTICA>>>HAVE SOME READING PLEASURE!!!!!!!!!!!!