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When Lightning Strikes!! NC-17
A Summer Night like No Other NC-17
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Quench The Fire Within NC-17
Ch 14 Someone's True Nature Is Revealed..Can U Guess Who?

Quench the Fire Within

Ch 14

“2nd Half of Aimee’s Birthday Present..”



In the house Leo and Mike clean off the tables and do the dishes. When they cleaned off the tables Don folded them up and placed them back in the shed underneath the cloth. Then he folded up the chairs and did the same. He entered the kitchen and asked.,

“So when do you move into your apartment bro? I was with you when you gave them the down payment. I guess the tournaments pay off big.”
Leo looked up and sighed.

“Yes when you win they do. When I lose they don’t pay anything that’s why I took the 2nd job at Casey’s garage I needed money to live on.”

Don looked and laughed.

“Don’t we all. It just feels weird being a huge mutant turtle and actually holding a job among humans.”

Mike looked up.

“Not really you and Leo work in the garage with Casey. I work in my art shop and as for Raphael he is always with Aimee when she participates in racing. We basically know the humans we work amongst.”

Don sighed.

“Yea you’re right about that Mike. We do know our co-workers personally. Oh well now it’s time to get back to ninja kicking the foot clan and fighting against crime like we used to when we were teenagers and in training.”

Leo laughed.

“Yea it sure is time to return to our city and take it back from that bitch and her dishonorable foot clan!”

When he said that he broke a dish in his bare hands and Don grabbed his hand. Then he wrapped the gauzes around the wound after he used peroxide to clean it out.

“Bro you have to be more careful. Watch that temper of yours before you really hurt yourself.”

Leo sighed and then looked.

“Yea I know. Sorry about that Don. Thanks for wrapping my wound too. I guess all the memories of Karai deceiving me play in my mind and piss me off.”

Mike looked and sighed.

“Ok we get the point bro. Try to save your anger for her and not take it out on yourself. We trusted her and she deceived us we all understand how you feel we’re brothers Leo.”

In the meantime Raphael followed Aimee to the stables and sighed. Then he closed the stable door and wiped the sweat from beneath his bandanna. They stopped in front of the pen where Honey was and her mouth dropped wide open.

“Oh Raph she’s beautiful. Thank you so much. Now we train her to race and start to breed our horses so we can have more horses to race from this here ranch.”

He looked up puzzled.

“Come again. What do you mean by breeding the horses? I’m confused mind explaining?”

She looked at him and shook her head.

“Raphael sometimes I wonder about you. As for sex you’re an expert, but as for horses you’re clueless I swear.”

He shrugged.

“Well excuse me for living. I’m a ninja we really don’t have practice in breeding horses whatever the shell that is. What do you mean by breeding them?”

She looked at him while she opened the other part of the present.

“It means mating our horses and raising their colts as racers you silly turtle. That’s what a ranch is for. A ranch is a place where we raise the horses we have and then we train them to race. Then finally we mate them and train the babies they have. Now you get it? Do I have to repeat it to you again?”

He looked and nodded his head.

“Yea I get it. Thank you for explaining it to me Aimee. Now how bout we stop talking and keep ourselves occupied while they finish up inside the house and your sister and cousin train Leo’s girl Kimiko so she’ll be ready for her test tomorrow.”

She looked up and placed the saddle on Honey’s back. Then she brushed her mane while he stood there staring. She knew what he meant, but wanted him to make the first move this time. So she continued to brush Honey’s mane and tail. He got mad and grabbed her waist kissing her neck gently. While he kissed her neck his hand moved up her blouse and to her clasps. He undid it and then he unbuttoned her blouse slowly from behind. When they were unfastened he slid her sleeves off and grabbed her hand causing her to drop the brush outside the pen. She sighed as his lips moved down her neck and along her shoulders while he slid off her bra straps causing the bra to fall in the hay. She remained still while he sucked on her breasts making animal sounds while he did it.

“Aagh Raph the door isn’t…aagh locked. What if they come in here and catch us? Aren’t you a bit worried about that like I am?”

He shook his head and continued to suck on them moving his hands to her jeans unfastening them. Then he put his hand inside them and slid them down to her ankles while he pushed her down into the hay in the shadows. He slid them completely off and she unbuttoned his shirt while they kissed in passion on top of the haystack. She slid off his sleeves and threw the shirt in the hay loft. Then she kissed his smooth plastron moving her hands to his jeans where the bulge was visible.

“Ooh Raph you want it bad don’t you? Aagh when was the last time we aagh made love?”
He said nothing and unbuttoned his jeans sliding them down and slid her silk panties off and threw them where she threw his shirt. He smiled down at her while he pulled his tail out and widened her legs. She looked up and gulped.

“Will this be like the 1st night we made love or not so intense?”

He looked and responded.

“I’m loose now babe. You’ll never compare what happens tonight to the 1st night we made love in my apartment. Now shh and enjoy the ride I’m about to give you! Now you’ll see how skilled I am when it comes to satisfaction!! Brace yourself Aimee; it’s goin to be a long night of hot, steamy, full of passion and desire ignited making love!”

He looked up and then he got up cause he heard Kimiko, Serena, and Jessie coming.

“Stay in the shadows and wait for me I’ll be right back.. Don’t make a sound till I return!”

She looked up at him and asked.

“Isn’t Kimiko a ninja? She’ll know someone is in here and find me in the hay naked.”

He shook his head.

“No she won’t we’re in the shadows babe behind a huge pile of haystacks calm down already. I left something in my SUV just stay quiet.”

He buttoned up his jeans and exited the stable. Kimiko looked.

“Where are you off to? We almost locked you inside Raphael. Where’s Aimee?”

He froze and then responded.

“She’s in the house already in bed. She was bushed and doesn’t want to be disturbed. She told me to tell you girls goodnight and she’ll see you in the morning. Bye now I’m also on my way to bed. See you 3 in the morning.”

He hid in the shadows and sighed with relief that Kimiko locked up the stable and she, Serena, and Jessica headed toward the house talking about their ride and laughing because of a joke Jessica told. When they disappeared he went into his trunk and pulled out a sleeping bag opened wide. Then he locked his trunk and headed back to the stable where Aimee was waiting for him. He used his Sai and loosened the lock then he locked it back up and returned to the shadows where Aimee lay exposed. 

She looked up and asked.

“What’s that for?”

He pushed it to the side and pushed Aimee down to the hay after he took off his jeans. Then he widened her legs and positioned himself to enter her. He thrust slowly at first and she sighed while she arched up to meet him half way. He thrust harder and heard his heart beating rapidly within his chest. Then he felt the sweat drip down from beneath his bandanna and untied it letting it fall to the hay on top of his jeans. Aimee moaned and groaned as she felt his tail ripping through her vaginal opening like a hot knife through a stick of margarine.

“Aagh Raphael…Ooh harder just let yourself go and…aagh…quench the desire within you!! Put your entire size inside of me until I get enough of…your..aagh loving….Mmmm…Yes…Yes…Harder and deeper….AAAAAAAAAAAAAGGGGGGGGHHHHHHH!!RAPHAEL MORE…MORE……MORE….OOH…..OOOH…AAGHHH……!”

His tail snapped and he thrust harder while she screamed out for more.

He rolled off of her and took deep breaths as he lay on his shell after making love to her for hours….She looked at him while she stroked his forehead gently still breathing heavy…

“That’s all you have to offer me? Why do you ignore your animal instinct! Why not try to tap into it and then we can really have some hot steamy, wet sex while we are in this stable so hot and passionate!!”

He looked at her and smiled slyly.

“Are you sure you’re ready? Aimee if my animal takes over you’ll want it to end right away. I’m a turtle and you know how they..UMM….We all seen it in the zoo and my brothers and me got sick to our stomachs.”

She smiled at him slyly while she kissed him full of passion.

“I don’t care…Lay it all on me no matter how you do me…I want more than you just gave me!! PLEASE Raphael I know you’re capable of more than you’re showing me right now!! Do me all the ways you know how to!! I am not going to stop asking till you show me how erotic you can be with me!!”

He looked at her and pushed her back down to the hay moving his lips all around her breasts and to her stomach until his mouth was below tasting her from the outside to using his tongue to get inside. She sighed loudly…

“Aagh Raphael…that’s more like..AAgh it….Ooh that feels so nice…your..aagh lips are so hot and wet that I would think you’re all human the way you give me oral…Now let your animal instinct take over and lose all your control with me by your..aagh…side!!”
He rolled her onto her stomach and got on top of her kissing her neck to her middle back and then he thrust into her anis…She screamed out..

“Aagh….AAgh…Yes…now harder…Let yourself go!! Aagh Raphael…..”

He lost all his control and thrust harder causing her body to turn to rubber while he did her from the rear….She lay still and grabbed onto the hay as he thrust harder….She screamed out and tears rolled down her cheeks…

“Ooh Raph I can’t take it anymore please..AAgh stop…your’re hurting me…I don’t like this aagh please just stop…..”

He drowned out her pleas and continued to thrust harder and sweat dripped from his forehead soaking his entire body. She started to cry louder.

“Raphael please no more I just can’t take it anymore…snap out of it!!”

He shook his head and rolled off of her. Then he walked by the window and looked up at the moon.

“See Aimee I told you. When my turtle half takes over I can’t stop…Why did you ask for it? Have you forgotten I’m a turtle that happens to be part human? I told you that I would rather not follow my turtle instincts now I suppose you hate me with passion. I’m sorry I didn’t mean to hurt you. Please forgive me Aimee.”

She struggled to get up and embraced him while he looked up at the moon kissing his shoulders.

“You’re forgiven Raphael. I guess you were right I’m not capable of handling the other half of what you are especially when that particular part of you over powers you and you can’t control it. I think it’ll be safer if we just make love like a normal human couple would instead of having you tap into your animal instincts. Can you forgive me Raphael I love you so much!! It’s safe to assume I’m satisfied for months to come…You realty know what to do to satisfy your woman and also you always hit the right spots when we make love!!”

He smiled and sighed. Then he grabbed her hands by his waist while his tail erected. Then he pushed her back down into the hay and started to thrust again while her legs wrapped around him. Her head jerked back as he went up on her and she dug her nails into his skin causing him to bleed. He didn’t care and continued to thrust harder while she screamed his name.

“Aagh Raphael….Yes…YES..AAGH GOD.. You’re a lover like no other and you’re..aagh..all mine!!!”

Finally it ended and he threw the sleeping bag over them and he held her soft body close to his. She rested her head on his chest and fell right to sleep holding onto him tightly.  He stroked her forehead gently and she fell asleep. Then he closed his eyes and sighed. Shortly after he finally fell asleep.

In the meantime inside the house Kimko asked Leo while they lay in the bed.

“Leo aren’t you concerned about where your brother and Aimee are? I looked in Aimee’s room and they’re not in there.”

He shook his head as he pulled her down to him kissing her full of passion.

“No why would I be? They’re outside in the stable having sex. I’m not his father so I can’t tell him not to. They love one another sweetie who am I to judge them? He’s a grown turtle and makes his own decisions. Just like my other two younger brothers; we’re all grown and make our decisions without interfering with one another’s relationships with our girlfriends.”

She smiled slyly and slid her nightgown off and pushed him down to the bed. He moved his hands all over her body and sighed while he tasted her breasts once again. She sighed and kissed his chest gently while he lay on his shell. Then she asked.

“When are we going to make love? I don’t know how much longer I can control myself. You’re so built and irresistible that I can’t help but wonder how it will feel to make love to you. I love you Leo why can’t you trust me to make love to you? Do you still love my sister Karai that you’re so afraid to make love to me?”

He stroked her forehead gently as he held her down with his body weight.

“I’m not afraid sweetie. I’m just not ready yet. See unlike my brothers I have always been shy especially when it came to showing a woman how much I love her. I do love you Kimiko with all my heart but I’m just not ready to make love to you right now babe. It’s not you either it’s me try to understand and be patient with me. I can assure you when I’m ready you’ll definitely know. For now let’s just not bring it up ok?”

She nodded her head and rested her head on his chest and fell asleep putting her arm over him. He sighed as he stroked her forehead gently. Then he held her soft body close to him and fell asleep with his arms around her. In the other rooms Mike and Don were preoccupied with making love to their girls. Leo’s eyes opened and he banged on the wall.

“Damn keep it down will you! We’re trying to sleep in here!”

That didn’t work so he drowned them out and held Kimiko closer to him so he couldn’t be bothered by the moaning and groaning across the hall and next door to Kimiko’s room. She also was awaken and held him closer to her and fell back to sleep peacefully even though they were still at it in the other two rooms.











Kiko's First Win...Which Side Will She Choose When The 4 Brothers Fight Karai One Last Time!

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