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Quench The Fire Within NC-17
ch 13

Quench the Fire Within

Ch 13


Around 3:15pm Leo wakes up and stretches. Then he looked to the side and kissed Kimiko on her cheek. She opened her eyes and smiled.

“Oh Leo you really surprised me. You aren’t ashamed like you were the first night we got together. You were more loose this time. How do you feel this time?”

He smiled slyly as he got out of the bed.

“More refreshed than the 1st time. Let’s just hope none of my brothers ask if something happened.”

She laughed as she got up and entered the bathroom.

“You’re a ninja Leo believe me they’ll have no idea. Oh while I’m in the shower can you put the oven on for about 20 more minutes?”

He nodded as he tied his bandanna around his eyes. Then he put on a clean shirt and a pair of clean jeans. Finally he headed downstairs and put the oven on one more time. Then he headed out to the patio and put out the cups, plates, and spoons. He walked into the shed and grabbed the stereo. Then he took out his CDs and placed them by the stereo. In the meantime Kimiko exits the bathroom and cleans off the floor. Then she makes the bed and brushes her long, straight black hair. When she finishes brushing her hair she puts it up in a high ponytail and checks the food cooking in the oven.

She goes outside by Leo and asked.

“Should I put coffee on? Do you and your brothers drink coffee?”

He looked up and smiled.

“Yes we do drink coffee. My niece doesn’t drink coffee, so can you put some tea on for her?”

She smiled and nodded her head. Then she entered the kitchen once again. The 1st ones to arrive were April, Casey, and Codi. She saw Leo and ran to him giving him a hug.

“Uncle Leo can I see the horses please? I love horses.”

April smiled at him and said.

“Go on Leo she can go see the horses. We’ll wait for your brothers and their girls to arrive while you show Codi the horses.”

Casey looked and said.

“I’d like to go see the horses also. I have to place a bet on one of them so it’ll be good to see what this ranch has to offer.”

Leo laughed and he, Casey, and Codi walked out to the stables where the horses were. Codi saw the pretty brown and white horse and ran to the pen. Then she asked.

“Daddy can I pet the pretty horse? You should bet on this one she’s so pretty.”

Leo looked and laughed. Then he said.

“That is Honey. They named her that because of her color. See Codi doesn’t her coat look like honey with that beautiful golden brown color?”

She nodded her head and smiled.

“Yes as a matter of a fact it does. She’s the prettiest one out of them all.”

Casey smiled as his daughter pet the horse and laughed when the horse licked her face.

“Ooh she really likes me. I think she’s definitely a winner don’t you daddy?”

Leo laughed as Casey stared at the horse with a scared look.

“Oh man Case she won’t bite. Just pet her mane carefully and don’t move your hand too fast.”

Casey looked and walked by Honey’s stable carefully. Then he pet her coat gently and she licked his face. He looked up and said.

“Whoa she does seem like a winner. Who’ll be racing her?”

Leo looked up and said.

“Most likely Aimee since Raph picked her out especially for Aimee. He also named her. Here check out Shadow Racer, that’s Jessica’s horse. He’s a black stallion since Jessie is the most skilled jock out of the three girls. Look at Brown Sugar that’s Serena’s horse.”

Casey smiled and asked.

“Whoa what about Kimiko; didn’t you get her a horse?”

He looked up and smiled.

“Yes of course I did. She didn’t get her jock license yet so we didn’t name her yet. I think when she does get her jock license I’ll let her name the horse. Man Casey she’s the best thing that has happened to this uptight ninja. I mean after Lotus I just didn’t think I’d find anyone that would accept me as I am like she did. Now that I have Kimiko she just makes me feel so good when we’re together it’s not even funny and she’s a ninja too.”

Leo heard Don’s voice and said.

“Come on Codi it’s time for the party. You’ll see Honey again maybe another day.”

She smiled as her and Casey followed Leo back to the porch. Don looked and said.

“Whoa Leo thanks so much. We would’ve never pulled it off if it wasn’t for you. So how did it go when the horses arrived? Did you remember the names and get them in the right stable?”

Leo looked and sighed.

“Yes Don I did. I also set up their saddles like you 3 asked me too. Man you worry way too much bro. Calm down will ya?”

Jessie looked up and asked.

“Don can I go see my horse please? I want to take a ride later with Serena and Kimiko?”

Leo looked and nodded.

“Go on bro go show her the horse you got for her.”

He gulped.

“Leo come with us please? I am not in the mood to lose my self control and you know. Please bro.”

He sighed and said.

“Oh alright gee. Man you’re worse than Raphael I swear. Come on then let’s go to the stables.”

They all headed out to the stables and Jessie hugged Don when she seen her horse. Then she kissed him full of passion and he broke away.

“Whoa Jessie calm down will ya? You’re very welcome sweetie. Go on and pet him he’s very gentle. Oh and there’s a box next to his stable for you also babe.”

She picked up the box and opened it. Then she pulled out her saddle and smiled.

“Oh wow this is a nice saddle and you had it personalized too. I love you so much Don. I just hope that my cousins appreciate it also. Speaking of my cousins come on everybody they should be arriving at any minute.”

Everyone ran back to the porch and turned out the lights. Then they all hid so they could surprise the girls. Raphael and Mike pulled up with their girls and lead them to the back porch with the blindfold over their eyes. When they arrived in the back they removed their blindfold and everyone yelled out.

“Surprise Aimee and Serena; happy 27th birthday to the both of you!”

They looked at each other in silence.

“Whoa this is beautiful our own Ranch? How did you boys afford this?”

Raphael looked and smiled.

“We put our money together and purchased it. Ladies there’s still more to your surprise but that will, be later right now lets all sit down and eat. Then we’ll show you the rest.”

He whispered into Aimee’s ear.

“Well actually I’ll show you your other part when everyone goes riding. I want to personally show you my 2nd half of your birthday present!”

She smiled and nodded her head. Then she sat in silence while she looked at Codi sitting on Mike’s lap while she drank her tea in silence.

“I’m so glad that I finally got to meet you and Uncle Don. I love all 4 of you the same.”

He smiled as he sipped his coffee.

“We all love you too Codi. You look just like your mother and have your father’s eyes.”

She smiled and sighed. Then she went back to drinking her tea while she sat on Mike’s lap. Serena rested her head on his shoulder and sighed.

“I love you so much Mike.”

He smiled as he put one arm behind her and kissed her forehead.

“Love you too Serena. Thanks for accepting me for what I am and not running from me when you found out.”

She smiled as she responded.

“You’re very welcome Mike. Just remember I fell in love with you because of your personality not your looks.”

Leo got up and helped Kimiko with the food. Then everyone sat and ate in silence. Finally April and Jessica brought out the cake and let them cut it for everyone. When they finished eating the cake Leo put some music on and everyone got up and danced to the beat. Then Mike wanted to be slick and put on a slow song. The brothers grabbed their girls’ waists and danced across the floor to the music. Casey took April’s hand and they did the same. Codi sat in silence and watched them dance along the dance floor while she ate her cake and ice cream in silence. When the music ended everyone sat down and finished their cake and ice cream.

Raphael finished his cake and walked toward the window looking up at the moon as it rose. Then he sighed when he felt Aimee’s head on his shoulder. He felt her arms around his waist and grabbed them smiling.

“Oh Aimee I am so lucky to have a woman like you actually love me for my personality and not my looks. I’d never imagine this hothead would get a woman that actually was in love with him no matter what he happens to be. I love you so much Aimee.”

She rested her head on his shoulder and whispered in his ear.

“No I’m the lucky one Raph. I actually have someone to love me that won’t hurt me if I’m not in the mood. My ex was so abusive and a sex maniac. If I wasn’t in the mood he made me screw him even though I tried to fight him off. Sorry it took so long for me to trust in you to take it there.”

He sighed.

“It’s ok Aimee like I told you the night we made love I understand. Stop thinking about the past and look forward to our future ok sweetie. I was also nervous because I’m not exactly a human you know. What is taking them so long to go for a ride?”

Leo looked at Serena and Jessica. Then both women look at Kimiko.

“Hey Kimiko let’s go for a ride? You do have your jock license test tomorrow you know. It’s such a beautiful spring evening. It’s the perfect night to practice.”

Serena looked at Mike.

“Can you at least tell me which horse is mine? I know you want to talk to your brother but I don’t want to take the wrong horse.”

Kimiko laughed.

“Don’t worry Serena I know which horse is yours. Wait till you see the one Leo got me. Come on now let’s get started on my training.”

She kissed Leo on the lips and Serena did the same. The guys smiled as they watched them exit. Then Jessica turned toward Aimee.

“Come on Aimee aren’t you anxious to see which one Raph got you? I mean it’s a beautiful night to go riding and help Kimiko practice for her test tomorrow.”

She looked up and shook her head.

“No I think I’ll pass this time ladies. I’ve been practicing all day by the track no more my muscles can’t take anymore pain not until the race anyway. Go have fun; I’ll be fine.”

They looked on one another and exit.

“Ok fine suit yourself then see you after our riding. Behave yourself Aimee there’s a child present.”

Raphael looked and laughed.

“Ha ha you’re funny Serena. I wouldn’t be talking if I was you. Especially after you and….”

Mike jumped up and bopped him.

“Whoa bro don’t tell them that. You think I want to hear Casey’s mouth again. No thank you I’ll pass if you don’t mind.”

Raphael went after Mike and Leo stopped him.

“Alright that ‘s enough you two. Mike leave Raph alone and you Raph leave Mike alone before I kick both your shells in understood now silence and stay away from one another. I have dishes to do anyway. Mike come and help me in the kitchen will ya.”

April looked at her watch.

“Well Leo see you later on. We have to get Codi home now she has school in the morning. See you in the morning boys and thank you for inviting us.”

Leo and Mike walked them out and Raphael sighed when he seen Serena, Jessie, and Kimiko heading out to the field for practice.

‘Finally they went out to the field now I can show her the horse I got for her birthday. Also the other part of her birthday present just as soon as my brothers come inside.’

He heard Mike and Leo entering the house and said.

“I’m going out to the stables to show Aimee her horse. We’ll be in shortly. See you two in a bit.”

Leo watched as Raphael and Aimee exit. Then he looked at Mike.

“We both know what they’re up to. Come on Mike let’s get these dishes done so we can get home and get some rest I’m bushed.”

Mike nodded his head.

“Leave it up to Raphael to be sneaky especially when he’s in the mood right bro?”

Leo laughed.

“Ha you’re the one to talk Mike. You actually screwed your girl in the storage room so I wouldn’t be saying a word if I was you.”

Mike knew Leo and Kimiko were alone and said.

“Oh really now. What about you Leo?”

Leo looked up and shrugged.

“What about me bro?”

He looked at Leo and took a deep breath.

“You and Kimiko were here all alone for over 5 hours. Something must’ve happened while you two had the house to yourselves.”
Leo looked and shook his head.

“Nope sorry bro you’re wrong about that. I was busy in the stables and as for Kimiko she was cooking, cleaning, and decorating for the party. We didn’t really spend time together because we were both busy getting ready for the party try again!”

Mike looked and sighed.

“Ok if you say so. I wish I had your self control bro. Man we live together and every friggin night we have SEX and she still doesn’t get enough. Then we wake up in the morning and she goes down on me damn she’s a freak I swear!”

Leo laughed.

“Yea just like you. You two are made for one another!”

Mike laughed and then nodded.

“Oh yea you can say that again. I just can’t get enough of her loving it’s like a drug I’m addicted.”

Don looked up and said.

“Aren’t we all? Well except Leo of course he’s got self control unlike you, me, and Raphael who’s probably out in the stables fucking Aimee as we speak! Well you two take it in here and I’ll go put the chairs back in the shed.”









A Couple Gets Hot and Heavy in The Stables..Which One Could It Be?..Read on and See!

Warning...Before you enter please be sure that you're not underage and get offended by TMNT in EROTIC SITUATIONS....YOU HAVE ALL BEEN WARNED!!FOR ALL THOSE WHO ENJOY READING EROTICA>>>HAVE SOME READING PLEASURE!!!!!!!!!!!!