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When Lightning Strikes!! NC-17
A Summer Night like No Other NC-17
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Quench The Fire Within NC-17
Ch 12

“Something Unexpectedly Happens...”

Around 9am Kimiko approached April and asked.

“Can you take me to the Driver’s Bureau. I have no ID right now and have to show proof of my citizenship.”

April looked and asked.

“Why are you asking me? Why didn’t you ask Leo?”

She sighed while she responded.

“He was so peaceful while he slept. I just didn’t want to disturb him or make him worry. See I have a threatening note from my sister saying she’ll kill him if I don’t stay on the foot. April I’m not like her at all you can trust me and to that I swear on my honor please?”

She smiled and grabbed her car keys off the hook. Then they went in her car and drove toward the Bureau. Kimiko had no idea that a group of foot ninjas were watching them as they drove toward the Bureau. As they got out of the car Kimiko sensed danger and yelled.

“April get down let me take these losers out! They have no idea what they’re in for. Stay out of sight and wait for me.”

She unsheathes her katana and took them all down at once while she wore her ninja suit. During their battle blood splattered all over her ninja outfit as she showed no mercy. They came at her and ended up losing their lives. When she had exterminated them all ;she gave the last ninja she injured badly a note for her sister.

‘To you sister dear. Now you are in for a battle like no other when I return to the states. I am leaving this morning for Japan, but be warned when I return I’ll be hunting you down and we’ll fight till death. As for my relationship with the one called Leonardo; you have no say in what I do or who I want to be with. He is my man and I have decided to join him and his brothers against you and the dishonorable foot..Till we meet again Karai count your blessings. I will fight you and with honor whichever of us falls in battle; only one will fall in honor and the other without!!’

She gave it to him and threw a smoke pellet disappearing into thin air. Then she entered a bathroom wearing a black trench coat. When she entered she ripped off her ninja outfit and sliced it to ribbons stained with blood. Then she put her bra on and white tank top with light blue jeans. She put socks and sneakers on then she also wore a blue denim shirt she stole from Leo’s closet and tied it by her midriff. Then she put her make up on and exited the bathroom holding the duffle bag with her blood stained ninja outfit and her Dragon Doji bandanna. Using the many shadows she disposed of the duffle bag and put her katana in April’s trunk. Then she brushed her hair out and joined April in the Bureau and sat down asking.

“Have they called me yet? I can’t wait to get rid of this accursed name Saki and use my mother’s maiden name once again. Then I can have a normal life without my stupid sister around until the final showdown by my man and his brothers’ side.”

The receptionist called.

“Ms. Kimiko Saki we’ll help you now. Why are you changing your last name? Your father Mr. Oroku Saki was a wonderful man and the savior of this fair city. That name has so much respect and you’re related to Ms. Karai Saki an honorable woman just like your father.”

She filled out the paper work and responded.

“I have my reasons why I must change my name from Saki. My sister and I really don’t get along and I want nothing to do with my father or her. I rather use my mom’s name it has more honor than my father’s name.”

Kimiko signed the documents and handed the lady her License from Japan. The receptionist looked.

“Ok Ms. Li come with me so we can give you the road test for your NY driver’s license. It won’t take too long especially since you had a license in Japan.”

Kimiko followed the lady out to the back and April watched as she took her road test and passed with ease. With a smile across her face she ran to April and said.

“It feels so good to be an American citizen. April; can I drive on the way home?”

She smiled and responded.

“Yes of course you can Kim. Have you decided to live in the ranch house the boys purchased away from the city and your sister? You’ll be safer out there anyway Karai dare not go out to the country side; she rather stay in the city and plan to kill Leo and his brothers.”

When they exit Kim took the wheel and drove back to April and Casey’s house. Then they entered the house and seen Leo at the table drinking his coffee. He looked up and smiled at her.

“Wow you look beautiful. Have you made your decision about the ranch home? Raphael just called and asked me to see what your answer is.”

She smiled and kissed him on the lips. Then she looked up and nodded her head.

“Yes I accept that gesture. I know how to breed horses but really had no where to in Japan. At least in the country I can help them take care of the horses even if I’m the one that lives there all alone.”

He smiled as he poured her a cup of coffee. Then he looked at April and asked.

“Are you going to Serena and Aimees birthday party tonight? They decided to have it there so they could surprise the girls. It’s at 4:30pm this afternoon. Everyone will be there. Speaking of which come on Kim let’s get on the road before the traffic gets too backed up and I miss the horses. Oh man I didn’t get the decorations either.”

She smiled at him and said.

“Don’t worry Leo. I got the decorations and cleaned out my apartment. Then I sent my sister a note telling her I left The United States and returned to Japan. Besides I legally changed my name to Kiko Li, but you can call me Kimiko if you want to. I couldn’t live with having my dishonorable father’s last name; so I decided to use my middle name and my mom’s maiden name before she married my father. I also got my New York Driver’s license. I actually got my Citizenship the 2nd week I was in this country.”

He smiled and took her hand as they exit. He turned to her and asked.

“Would you like to drive sweetie? I wouldn’t mind at all.”

She shook her head and responded.

“No thank you Leo; I think it’s wise to let you drive since we must use the freeway to get to the countryside. So we’re alone in that big ranch home until 4:30pm; anything can happen you know that right?”

He gulped and ignored her. Then he paid attention to the road and paid the tolls while they drove out to the country. She crossed her arms across her chest and sighed.

‘I wish he would loosen up just a little. He’s still ashamed of what happened the 1st night we got together. I was asking for it and he shouldn’t be ashamed of it all I’m not. I was actually ready to rip his clothes off and make love to him that night in my apartment with his perfect build and soft touch.’

She sighed and just put the radio on and rested her head on his shoulder while they drove toward the ranch home. He pulled up and nudged her gently.

“Come on sweetie we’re here. The horses will be here in 45 minutes. Let’s start decorating the back porch for the party for Serena and Aimee. I’ll be outside waiting for the trailer with the horses to arrive. Then I’ll put them in the stable and come in here and help you finish decorating for the party ok. Oh man what are we going to do for food? They didn’t mention that at all.”

She looked up and smiled.

“Leo the electricity is on. I’ll make the food for the party, one thing you, must know about Japanese women is that we’re very good cooks. Our duty is to cook, clean, and take care of the children while our men are at work making the money for us to live on.”

He looked up and gulped.

“Oh ok that’s good to know. Well, babe I have to go outside the horses are already here. If you need me for anything just come out to the stable and get me and not to have sex with me either. It’s still too soon and you know it; so don’t think about it. Love you Kim; see you in a bit.”

She kissed him and watched as he helped the guys unload the horses from the trailer and sighed. Then she started to cook for the party. When she put a few entrees in the oven she decided to start the decorating. She set the timer loud enough so she could hear it go off so it didn’t burn. Then she entered the porch and began to decorate with the streamers and the balloons. Then she walked out to the shed and took the chairs from underneath the cloth. When she got them all out, she turned on the hose and washed each one off. When they finished drying she took the WD 40 and sprayed each leg to stop the awful squeaking sounds. She looked around and unfolded the table cloth to place on the table where they would eat. Then she set out the two fold out tables with different table cloths to hold the food.

She heard the timer go off and washed her hands with hot water. Then she checked on the food and put it back on for a few minutes. Then she started on another entrée. In the meantime Leo was putting the horses in separate pens; giving them fresh oats and water. He wiped the sweat from beneath his bandanna and untied it. Then he grabbed a towel soaked with cold water to wipe off his face and unbuttoned his shirt as he took the harnesses out of the packages; and hung them up in each pen. He sat down in the hay and heard Kimiko’s voice.

“Leo are you out here? Hello are you thirsty? I just made some lemonade and lunch for us. How’s everything out here?”

He looked up and wiped the sweat from his chest and sighed.

“Fine, but the sun is brutal. My skin can’t take the heat out here. I feel like I’m going to pass out.”

She smiled at him and pointed to his opened shirt.

“You silly turtle you can take off your shirt you know. Leo you may be a huge mutant turtle but you are part human. When men get hot they usually take off their shirts to let their skin breathe. Lunch will be ready in 20 minutes. You have to get out of the sun and get some air conditioning inside. I finished decorating already. The food is almost ready too, when it’s done cooking we can relax for awhile till the party?”

He smiled and took his shirt off and threw it in the hay. Then he got back to work and she went back inside to watch the food and their lunch. Little did Leo know that she had grabbed his shirt and lifted it to her nose? She sighed as the ache returned from the 1st night they got together.

‘Aagh he smells so good; I can feel how much I want him to loosen up and give it to me. Maybe even let me give him head since he took all my energy that night when he did it to me. It’s not fair; we’re all alone and he is still against it.’

Little did Kim know that his intentions were to experience what they did the 1st night they got together? He was planning on her bringing it up once again. He looked at his watch and smiled slyly.

‘We have plenty of time and we’re all alone to. Aagh we’ll see what happens won’t we.’

He locked the stable and put on the battery powered fans in each pen. Then he entered the house and seen Kimiko sniffing his shirt. He walked over by her and asked.

“What are you doing with my shirt hmm Kim? It’s all wet and sticky from the sweat dripping down my forehead and my chest. Besides it stinks also.”

She put it down and smiled up at him.

“Oh nothing at all. After lunch I’m going to take a nap I’ve been up since like 7:30am. You should to Leo after all that work you did out in the stable. We have more than 5 hours till they arrive for the party. “

He looked up from his soup and stared.

“I know what you want Kim; Just like I knew the 1st night we got together? All you have to do is ask me instead of sniffing that filthy shirt.”

She stared at him and her mouth dropped. When they finished eating their lunch; he did the dishes and she cleaned off the table. Then she turned off the oven and followed him up the stairs to her room. He locked the door and began to undress her while he kissed her full of passion. While he pushed her down toward the bed she pulled the covers down and undressed him. He smiled down at her while he caressed every inch of her body moving his fingers up inside her causing her to sigh. Then while he fingered her he kissed her full of passion while she traced his shell ridges and felt around for it. She felt it snap and grabbed it tightly digging her nails inside his head. He screamed out.

“Aagh easy now Kim. I’m going to bleed if you don’t loosen your grip on it just a little. We just might take it all the way today; I really have no idea what will happen. I’m still a little leery about making love to you we’re together only two days. Honestly I don’t think you’re ready to make love to me either. You’re still a little tense and I can see the fear in your eyes.”

She looked up at him and grabbed his neck.

“No I’m not ready to go there yet, but I’d appreciate it if you’d..Aagh yes just like the 1st night we got together. Except this time; don’t be so tense…Use your tongue this time Leo and taste every inch of my body…and really take it in this time instead of being so scared.”

He smiled slyly and moved his lips from hers and wrapped them around her full breasts causing her to sigh. Then he sucked on them until the nipples hardened between his teeth causing her to sigh even louder. Finally he moved his mouth down her body tasting each part more than once. Then he used his tongue and got between her legs causing her toes to curl and her body to turn to rubber. She gripped the sheets and screamed out as his tongue moved between the lips of her clit... He sighed as he continued to eat her while she lay flat on her back.

“Aagh Leo…Aagh…Can I taste you now? It’ll only be…aagh fair don’ think…don’t be mean like you were…aagh the first night in my living room on the couch..ooh my…your breath is so hot and I could’ve sworn you were..aagh cold-blooded. Please Leo…don’t do this to me…Aagh”

 He said nothing and let her push him down to the bed as she kissed him full of passion while her hands moved behind his shell and yanked on it once again careful not to dig her nails in it. She squeezed it and watched as it erected then she wrapped her lips around his tail and sucked on it slowly causing him to sigh.”Aagh Kimiko easy now…ooh my god that feels so..ooh nice. Your lips are so…aagh soft and wet….I know you can do better than that go on let yourself.. aagh go. Don’t be..aagh shy…I want you to ….”

He gripped the sheet as she sucked on it harder and lost his breath as she pulled his entire head into her mouth. She sucked on his rough, leathery tail until she couldn’t anymore. He felt his muscles tighten and his toes curled…Then he fell asleep. She came back up and wiped the sweat from her head. Then she entered the bathroom and washed her face off. Then she looked at the clock and set the alarm for 3:30pm hoping no one would know what happened between them this time when they were alone. She got back in the bed and held him close to her drifting off to sleep while she laid her head on his chest with a satin sheet covering them while the fan blew above their heads. He stroked her forehead gently and sighed then he fell back to sleep.


What was Leo's reaction after the 2nd time they were alone and got on and see!

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