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Quench The Fire Within NC-17
ch 11

"A Family Reunited...A New Jock Joins the Team..Who Could It Be.."

Leo and Kimiko arrived at April and Casey’s house. Then Leo introduces her to them.

“April and Casey this is my girl Kim. Kim this is April and Casey two of the humans we trusted with our secret for so many years and till this day. They’re part of our family.”

Codi ran downstairs and jumped on his lap giving him a hug. Then she looked at Kimiko and asked.

“Uncle Leo; who is that pretty girl? Is she your sister?”

He smiled as he responded.

“No; sweetie that is my girl friend Kimiko not my sister. She’s a human just like you, your mom and your father. I have to go in the shower before dinner.”

She entered the kitchen with April and helped her set the table.

“Mommy; do I get to meet all 3 of my Uncles or just two of them?”

April looked at their 7 year old daughter and shrugged.

“I don’t know sweetie; we’ll find out at 6:30pm. Go in the living room and ask Kim what she wants to drink?”

Codi exits the kitchen and walked by her.

“Kim, what would you like to drink with dinner? Mommy and I are setting the table and are also pouring the drinks. We have iced tea, Coke, Pepsi, and Gatorade.”

She smiled up at her and answered.

“I’ll have the iced tea sweetie.”

She smiled and nodded. Then she entered the kitchen and finished setting the table. Leo descended from the stairs and seen Kimiko staring out of the window. Then he grabbed her waist and kissed her cheek.

“What’s wrong sweetie? Are you ok; you seem scared about something? You can tell me, I am your man now and will protect you from your sister and those stupid foot ninjas and that I swear to on my honor.”

She looked down at her waist and grabbed his hands.

“Yes I know you will Leo. I just can’t believe I finally found a real ninja to be my man. I have dated other ninjas in my past and they all turned out to be jerks. It just makes me feel more secure knowing that not all ninjas are jerks.”

They seen his brothers pull up and went out front to meet them. Then everyone entered the house and gave hugs. Casey looked at Mi8ke and smiled.

“It’s good to have you back around Mike. Now have you been doing, and why did you turn to painting?”

He sat down and began.

“I always loved to paint Casey until our father trained us as ninjas. Then I just didn’t have the time to sit down and paint anymore. We were either training or fighting those low life ninjas and Shredder. Then my brothers and I went separate ways and decided to focus more on our hobbies than our ninja skills. Well except Leo he always trained hard to master his skills and protect us like any older brother would. I just decided to do something that would keep my mind off of what we did to him 10 years ago. Then I just stopped training and stuck to my painting. One day my girl seen a painting of a horse I have painted during one of her races and decided to sell it for me. The guy who bought my painting asked her to see if I would paint for the magazine about horse racing and the biographies of well known jocks like Serena, Aimee, and Don’s girl Jessica. Since that day I illustrated the magazine and decided to open up an art shop of my paintings.”

Casey looked up and asked.

“Now that you 4 are a team again, what’s going to happen to your shop?”

Mike looked up after he sipped his Gatorade.

“Nothing Casey, my girl Serena will run it when she’s not racing and I’ll work there. I may be a ninja, but I also have bills to pay bro and need that job to pay my bills and my rent. Just like my two other brothers Don is an IT technician and Raphael .”

He looked at Raphael and asked.

“Raph what do you do for a living?”

He looked up and answered.

“I help my girl Aimee train the horses she races why? Speaking of which; Oh Aimee here’s the down payment for your birthday present and Umm Don what about your share?”

Mike called Raphael outside. Aimee and Serena looked scratching their heads in confusion. Poor Don buried his head in his hands and shook his head. Leo looked up and excused himself signaling Don to the front porch.

“How much do you need bro? Don I’ll give you the money but you have to tell me how much you need.”

Raphael looked at them and glared at Don, then back at Leo.

“Well Mikey gave me 500, I also have 500 but I’m short 500 more for the horses. Which braniac over here told me he would give me?”

Don looked up and gulped.

“I only have 350 bro; I had to exterminate my damn apartment. We’re short 350 Aww man this really sux.”

Leo looked up and smiled.

“Come on you 3 let’s get to my bank so I can withdraw the money from my account.”

All 3 brothers run to him and give him a hug. He returned the approach and told April.

“We’ll be right back April. We need to get down there before they lose the ranch for the girls.”

April nodded.

“Ok Leo no problem see you 4 when you get back. Be careful boys please.”

All 4 nod and enter his SUV. He drives up to the drive through and takes the money out. Then they drive down to the ranch that Raphael was talking about. He looked at Leo and said.

“Ok tomorrow is Serena and Aimee’s 25th birthday and the horses will be here at 11am. Leo can you do us a favor please?”

He looked at him and stared.

“Let me guess? You 3 want me to wait here for the horses since I really don’t have a steady job like you? Am I right or wrong?”

He nodded.

“Well yes that and you paid for the horses bro. You’re usually off on Tuesdays and Thursdays anyway. Tomorrow is Thursday and we’re all working. Their party is at 4:30pm after their race and look on the bright side bro. Your girl can live here so her stupid sister can’t find her because she betrayed her. You and Kimko can decorate for the party until we can get them here. Please bro?”

He looked up and gulped.

“What? You want me and Kimiko to be here alone? Are you nuts; were you not listening when I told you I gave her oral sex on the 1st night we got together? What are you trying to do to me bro? Well Raphael?”

Don looked at him and stared.

“Oh please Leo you worry too much I swear. Stay away from her if you have to, but we need two people to be here and you and her are the only two left. You have a lot more self control than we do that’s for sure. You’re with her and not all over each other as for us we can’t seem to keep our hands off of them when we’re in our apartments.”

Leo sighed and said.

“Ok fine you win.”

Leo took the key and stuffed it in his pocket.

“Come on bros it’s getting late. I can’t believe you 3 talked me into this…”

They all got in his SUV and drove back to New York using the interstate since there was no traffic.

Back at April’s house Kimiko was out on the patio drinking coffee while April went upstairs to tuck Codi in for the night. Aimee looked at her and asked.

“Hey Kim; what do you know about horses?”

She looked up from her cup and took a deep breath.

“A lot, I am a ninja that lived in Japan all my life. The only transportation I had was mustangs why are you asking Aimee? We rode them during many battles to keep our clans alive.”

She took a deep breath.

“One of our jocks gave up racing because her horse died during a race. We are short a jock for us to qualify for this race. Would you like to join us?”

She looked up and smiled.

“Yes I would love to. Just let me train a little and I’ll be ready. Show me what I need to know and you can consider me a part of your team.”

All 3 girls smiled at her. Then they all hugged her.

“Thank you Kim for accepting our offer. Just think you being a jock will give you the cover you need to stay away from your dumb sister. You just need a different name to register for your Jock license.”

She looked up and said.

“I’ll use my mom’s maiden name on the application. My mother took me away from our father when he turned to crime and we lived in Japan. My sister Karai chose to be with our father because she was too blind to see what he was all about. My father always treated me like a nobody when I came here to NY after my mother died in a battle. She fell in honor and I had to go live with my father and my dumb sister because in foster homes I hurt my brothers and sisters because they said awful things about me. They set off my temper and I hurt them severely hospitalizing them. I always despised my sister and still do to this day.”

Leo and his brothers arrived back at the house and had coffee. Then Mike, Raph, Don, and their girls headed home. When she left Serena said.

“Kim after our race tomorrow we’ll begin your training and get you ready for the Jock license test. See you tomorrow and thank you again.”

She smiled as she watched them leave and turned to Leo.

“Can I stay here tonight? I don’t want to go home tonight because my sister will kill me. I have to get out of Manhattan or she’ll hunt me down and kill me.”

Leo embraced her and kissed her forehead.

“I already took care of it babe. Well my brothers did anyway. See we all pulled our money together and purchased a ranch home for Serena and Aimee’s 25th birthday present. They suggested you live there with the girls so Karai can’t find you. Well that was their idea I think you and them should talk about it anyway. They might not want to live there because they live with my brothers Well Aimee and Jessica live with Raphael and Don as for Serena she might live there with you because Mike isn’t ready for her to move in with him  yet unless I’m wrong. We’ll talk a little more in the morning right now I’m bushed and going to sleep. When you’re ready to go to bed my room is the 3rd door on the left just enter and I’ll see you in the morning. Love you Kimiko.”

She kissed him and responded.

“Love you to Leo and thanks again. See you in the morning.”

He smiled as he w3alked up the stairs to his room and closed it slightly. Codi ran in his room and said.

“Goodnight Uncle Leo. I’ll see you after school. Sleep tight.”

He gave her a hug and a kiss. Then he entered his bathroom and brushed his teeth. When he finished brushing his teeth he pulled his bed down and took his belt off and hung it on the closet. Then he got under the covers and drifted off to sleep. Downstairs Kimiko looked at April.

“April I don’t have any clothes here for me to sleep in tonight or for tomorrow. Should I drive to my apartment and get an overnight bag?”

April looked at her shape and smiled.

“No Kimiko you can borrow some of my clothes since we happen to be the same size I won’t mind. I don’t think it’s safe for you to return to your apartment alone your sister could be waiting there to kill you. .”

She smiled and entered April’s room. Then she went in the bathroom and put pajamas on. She entered Leo’s room quietly and used his bathroom to brush her teeth. Then she got in the bed by his side and rested her head on his chest falling asleep immediately. He felt her head on his chest and stroked her forehead gently. Then he covered them both and held her close to him falling back to sleep once again.


Leo and Kimiko Alone..What Will Happen This Time!..

Warning...Before you enter please be sure that you're not underage and get offended by TMNT in EROTIC SITUATIONS....YOU HAVE ALL BEEN WARNED!!FOR ALL THOSE WHO ENJOY READING EROTICA>>>HAVE SOME READING PLEASURE!!!!!!!!!!!!