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Quench The Fire Within NC-17
Ch 10

"4 Brothers United and Mike Is Forgiven By Serena In A Different Way Without Words!!......"

Quench the Fire Within

Ch 10

“4 Brothers Reunite”


Leo sat and stared at the lake and shook his head while he held the note from Kimiko in his hand. Then he sighed and stuffed it back into his back pocket. Raphael and Donatello arrived with the food. Then they sat down by Leo and stared at him. Don placed his hand on his brother’s shoulder and asked.

“Leo where’s Mike? I thought you two made up. Why did he leave?”

Leo looked up and responded.

“We did make up, but he really hurt his girl’s feelings and went back to talk to her about it. “

Leo took his sub from Don’s hand and bit into it. Then Raphael noticed a piece of paper fall out of his back pocket and picked it up. Then he read it and looked at Leo with a smile across his face. Don looked at Raphael and grabbed it.

“Where did you get that note from? It’s addressed to Leo not you; why are you so nosy?”

Leo heard that and turned around toward Raphael and glared.

“Give that to me Raph it’s from Kimiko. Either give it to me or I’ll kick your shell in! I mean it; don’t try my patience. I had a long night yesterday and am not in the mood for games.”

Raphael laughed and held the note up as Leo reached up and grabbed for it.

“Yea I’ll say fearless. I guess you’re not as strong as you claim; you fell to temptation like Me, Don, and Mike. According to this note she enjoyed it to. Go Leo!”

Leo grabbed it from Raphael and said.

“I am not happy about it at all Raph. What I did to her was wrong and went against both of our honors. We just got together last night and I gave her oral. Even though she was asking for it, but it still feels so wrong. I probably will never see her again she definitely hates me. Like I said before I am meant to be single and be a ninja master till the day I die.”

Kimiko appeared out of the shadows and put her hands over his eyes as she kissed him. He removed her hands from his eyes and pushed her down to the field kissing her full of passion. Raphael looked down crossing his arms.

“You were saying bro. It doesn’t look like she hates you because of last night now does it? Hey Kimiko what’s up with you?”

She continued kissing Leo and felt his hands moving inside her shirt. She froze and whispered in his ear.

“Maybe later tonight not right now ok Leo. It depends on you not me. So can I join you boys for apartment hunting? I have nothing else to do because I refuse to consider myself a foot ninja? Leo is there a way that I can become one of your students for Splinter Doji?”

He sat up and sighed.

“No not really. You can join us as an ally against the foot and purple dragons. I don’t think I can teach you any more skills than you already know. Your swordsmanship is advanced and as for your sneak attacks and blocks you’ve mastered them.”

She smiled slyly and said.

“Maybe my skills are advanced as for my swordsmanship yours is better than my own. Please Leo, my swordsmanship is like Karai she knows all my moves and will use them against me when we face each other.”

He put his head down and sighed.

“Ok you win Kim. Promise me you won’t let our relationship get in the way of your lessons. We have to keep both separate from one another, when I teach you. You must act like a student not my girl understood?”

She nodded and took the pink bandanna from him and tied it around her brow. Then she sliced the dragon doji bandanna in pieces with her katana. Then she followed Leo and his brothers to his SUV to search for an apartment.

In the meantime Mike arrived back at the shop and seen Serena at the counter by the register. She saw him enter and ignored him. He walked over by her and showed her his nunchucks.

“Umm Serena I took your advice and practiced my skills babe. While I was at the field practicing I reunited with my brothers. Why are you out here, I thought you were doing inventory what happened?”

She looked up but didn’t look at him.

“I forgot that I have no idea how to do the inventory. The only one that knows about it is you and besides my sister Aimee is on her lunch.”

He sighed and entered the storage room.

“Serena when your sister punches back in come in here and I’ll teach you how to do the inventory. Now that I’m a ninja again it would only make sense that you take over the shop as the owner and I just work here when I can.”

She looked up and smiled.

“If that’s what you want then I’ll accept. I’m just glad I have my ninja back in action with his brothers. I’ll do the parts of inventory I know how to, but as soon as Aimee returns from lunch come back here and teach me the rest. Then we’ll see if I can forgive you for yelling at me earlier. Ok Mr. Yoshi.”

He nodded his head and sat by the counter. Then he counted his till to see if he needed any more cash. He closed it back up and entered his password to lock the till. He watched as she entered the storage room and felt that ache again between his legs.

‘Oh no not again. This isn’t happening to me; what is wrong with me? I can’t even talk to my girl without getting horny. My life sucks I swear. How the shell are we going to make it to April and Casey’s at 6:30pm if it happens again.’

He heard Aimee enter and looked up.

“Aimee are you going with Raph to dinner?”

She looked at him and smiled.

“Yes Mike I am and so is Jessica with Don why are you asking? What about you?”

He looked and smiled.

“Yea of course I am. It feels so good to have them in my life again. Thanks for telling me to think about it.”

She looked at him and clocked back in.

“Mike I’m not the one you should thank. It’s Serena that told you to go to them and you owe her an apology too. When you left she was in the storage room crying like a baby. How can you be so insensitive and yell at her like that? Do you love her or not?”

He looked up and stared.

“Yes I do love her. It’s just I had a lot on my mind and took it out on her because she was there and I knew she was right and I was wrong. Ok Aimee can you take care of the shop; while I go help your sister with the inventory? We close at 5:30pm today ok?”
She nodded as she watched him enter the storage room and lock the door behind him. He looked at Serena and sighed.

“Umm Serena about earlier I’m sorry for yelling at you. I just hate being wrong. I am a ninja and I can never forget what I stand for. You were right to yell at me the way you did. Serena what I’m saying is if it wasn’t for you yelling at me then I would’ve never gone to the field and reunite with them. Thank you.”

She paused and said.

“Is there another way you’d like to thank me instead of with words? Is there a way I can tell you I accept your apology without saying it?”

He smiled slyly and grabbed her waist kissing her neck gently. Then his hands moved down her jeans and then back up again to the button and zipper. He unfastened them and pulled her zipper down. Then he slowly moved them down over her thighs. She felt her body heat up and knew he was in the mood because he was on fire. She slid her socks and sneakers off. Then she felt her jeans sliding down over her thighs and to her ankles. She lay on the floor and kicked them off. Then she slid her panties down and pulled him down to her kissing him full of passion. Her hands slid his T-Shirt off and threw it on the shelves. Then she unfastened his jeans and slid them down. He pulled them completely off and pulled his tail out. Then he thrust inside her and kissed her full of passion to keep her silent. They tumbled across the floor and let out several sounds of pleasure as they got deeper involved. Serena became numb as she arched up to meet him as his tail made its way tearing through her like a sudden blow of some kind. She screamed out as her nails dug into his shoulders drawing blood. He felt it drip down and thrust harder causing her to scream out while the movement escalated and became more passionate each time he pushed himself into her limp body. Her arms felt rubbery and she couldn’t feel any part of her body except her vagina widening while he came down harder on her. Sweat dripped down his forehead and he removed his bandanna while he raised her arms above her head caressing each part of her body. Sweat dripped off of Serena’s body like a rain shower coming down on them.

“Aagh Michelangelo for some…ooh reason… it feels so much more satisfying then the first night we made love. Why is that?”

He continued to kiss her as he thrust harder breathing heavier as his self control lost it’s grip. She felt his hot breath against her skin and fought to keep her breathing at a normal level. He smiled slyly down at her and moved her arms back down as he moved up on her like a pump causing the poor woman to scream so loud that Aimee could hear them. She shook her head and helped the customers that were looking around.

“Oh what is that awful sound? It’s so loud sounds like someone is getting killed in your storage room. Would you like to investigate it just in case someone is bleeding back there.”
Aimee looked up and said.

“I rather not Ma’am it’s just our cats mating.  There’s nothing to be alarmed about. I can assure you of that. Have a nice evening and come again.”
The lady smiled and gave Aimee a 5 dollar tip before she exits the shop. Then she heard the chimes and looked behind to see Karai standing there.

“Where’s the one called Michelangelo? It’s his night to die for taking my father away from me and my family’s honor! Answer me girl or I’ll slit your throat. Now where is that green freak?”

Mike heard Karai’s voice and paused. Serena looked up and asked.

“Mike why did you stop especially since we almost reached ecstasy?”

He put his finger to her mouth and kissed her.

“Shh…Go get dressed and don’t come out till I give you the all clear.”

She looked as he used a towel to wipe the sweat from his forehead and his body. Then he tied his bandanna across his eyes. Then he picked up his belt and tied it around his waist. He used a shelf to exit through an emergency exit and made his way to a vent. Then he kicked it out and jumped down.

“Well if it’s not Karai! What the hell are you doing in my shop bitch? What you came here to kill me to avenge your damn father? Well answer the question Karai or are you to scared to fight me one on one and will have one of your foot losers fight me? What’s the matter I surprised you because I was ready for your sorry dishonorable ass and not vulnerable like you thought I was? Well? Answer the question or get the hell out of my shop before I go against my ninja honor and kill you right there where you stand!! I hate you with a passion after what you pulled on your father’s ship causing my brother Leonardo to nearly killing himself because you betrayed him when you stabbed him with his own katana after he saved your sorry ass!! Now I’m warning you leave now or parish in battle, I’m not afraid of you and neither are my brothers!! Now scram we’re taking the city back so get used to it!!”

She threw a smoke pellet and he covered his eyes so he wouldn’t be blinded. She lunged at him and he turned and kicked her across the shop into the garbage bin. Then he took out all the foot ninja destroying his shop in the process. There was blood all over his floor and splattered on his paintings as he slayed every last one of them. He looked around and shrugged.

“Well I guess this means I’m out of business for awhile right Aimee? Boy we have a big mess to clean up out here. I’ll never make it to April and Casey’s for dinner. Man life as a ninja sucks I swear!!”

In the meantime Serena stared at the floor in the back room and mopped up the liquids on the floor from making love to Mike for a second time. She sighed as she finished the inventory and exited the storage room fully clothed.

“What happened out here? Looks like a war broke out in here. All your paintings have blood on them.”

He looked around and sighed.

“Babe that’s a ninja’s life. Shadow warriors are deadly only when it’s required and believe me it was required in this case! There is no way we’re going to clean up the shop before dinner.”

Leo, Don, Raph, Jessica, and Kimiko entered.

“Not necessarily let’s all work together and clean this mess up. Then we can all go home and take showers so we can make it to dinner on time. Agreed?”

Everyone did their part and left his shop spotless. Then they all went home and got ready for dinner. Well except Kimiko she looked at Leo and asked.

“So when do you move into your own apartment Leo? Can I go with you to their house while you take a shower I’ll be minding my own business or helping April if needed. Please Leo?”

He looked and sighed.

“I can’t move in for a month and yes you can come with me to the house. Come on babe let’s get a move on.”







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