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Quench The Fire Within NC-17
ch 9

"A Ninja Can Never Forget What He Stands for"

Quench the Fire Within

Ch 9

“A Ninja Can Never Forget What He Stands For”



Mike sighed and looked at Serena who was ignoring him.

“Fine do what you want see if I care. I can’t bear to look at you so I’m going to do the inventory. You’re an insensitive jerk and I don’t want to talk to you right now; leave me alone the rest of the day!”

He watched as Serena ran to the back room and slammed the door. Aimee entered and looked at him.

“You’re ridiculous I swear. How can you just yell at her like that? She didn’t do anything wrong Mike. She was only telling you because she is in love with you and concerned about you.”

He looked and sighed.

“Aimee can you watch the shop for awhile I need to go clear my mind about all this. First I’m going to my apartment and getting my nunchucks so I can brush up on my skills. If Karai or any of her cronies come in looking for trouble just call my shell cell and I’ll take care of those losers!!”

She smiled and nodded.

“Should I go tell my sister?”

He looked as he responded.

“No let her cool off. I’ll be back soon ok Aimee. Thanks I owe you one.”

She smiled as she sat behind the counter and read a book because there was no business at that time.

“No problem Mike that’s what friends are for. See you later; make sure you’re on alert the foot are watching the shop. Please be careful.”

He looked and nodded.

“I will be Aimee calm down. Just take care of the shop while I’m gone and remember what I told you.”

He exited the shop and looked around. Then he heard foot steps behind him and stopped short. He looked and didn’t see anyone so he continued toward his apartment. One of the foot ninjas looked at Kimiko and asked.

“Why didn’t you attack him? He had no weapon and could’ve been killed easily. What were you told from Mistress Karai? That’s it I’m calling her and telling her that we have a traitor amongst us.”

Kimiko glared at him and said.

“Go on and pick up that foot com and I swear I’ll kill you. Go on try me if you think you have the guts. They don’t call me a deadly ninja because I haven’t killed any of my opponents in battle. Every tournament I’ve been in I killed my opponents except my recent one against the Mystic Blue Ninja; when we faced each other I knew that I have indeed met my match! His swordsmanship is higher than my own; there was no way I could’ve beat him in battle. His skills surpassed my own.”

In the meantime Leo, Don, and Raphael were training deep within the park when Donatello noticed Mike practicing his own skills. He looked at his brothers and said.

“Let me go talk to him. You know how close he was to me.”

Leo and Raphael nodded as they continued to spar against one another. Then Donatello put his Bo staff back in his harness and approached Mike.

“Hey bro looks like you need a partner to practice with. I’ll kindly help you out if you’d just let it go what happened 10 years ago. What do you say baby brother; well I’m waiting.”

He looked up and stared.

“Don is that really you? Is it one of my friggin hallucinations again?”

He laughed and stared while he leaned against the tree with his arms crossed by his plastron.

“Come over here and give me a hug and see for yourself Mikey boy.”

Mike hesitated and then scratched his head. Then he closed his eyes and opened them again. He put his nunchucks in his belt and embraced Don in a brotherly hug.

“Oh Don, I missed you so much bro. It’s just I can’t seem to get the memories of us attacking our elder brother because we blamed him for Master Splinter’s death. I can’t sleep at night without hearing Leo crying out in pain as we hit him and slashed him repeatedly till he stopped fighting us off and fell to the floor in a pool of his blood. Then he stopped breathing without any movement. I literally had a nervous break down and decided to give up ninjitsu because we all went against our honor and nearly killed our brother for no reason at all! Then your girl cussed me out last night when she called Serena and then I go and scream at my girl for no reason at all. My life sucks. Then to top it off I have the foot watching my shop waiting for the right moment to kill me because they are aware that I haven’t been practicing at all.”

Don embraced his brother and held him tight.

“Mike we all made that same mistake ten years ago, but Raphael and myself made amends with Leo and he doesn’t want us to remember what happened the night we lost our father. Instead he wants us to reunite and be ready for the foot and that bitch Karai when they make their move. Come on Mike let go of the past and look at the present before we have no future. Leo is right over there sparring with Raphael. Go over there and talk to him please this has to end now. We’re not enemies we’re brothers; us splitting up gives the foot an advantage over us and will get all 4 of us killed and our girls if they can’t get to us.”

He gulped as he watched Leo knock Raphael right on his shell. Then he saw Leo resheathe his katana and sit in the grass to wipe the sweat from his brow. Then he looked as Don helped Raphael up. He looked at Raphael and said.

“Yo bro let’s get something to eat so Leo and Mike can talk. They should be alone during this talk it seems to have a worse effect on Mike than both of us put together and you know I’m right.”

Don walked by Leo and asked.

“Leo we’re going to get some lunch for us. What are you in the mood for?”

Leo looked and sighed.

“I’m not in the mood for pizza it reminds me too much of our baby brother. Get me an Italian sub with a Pepsi and a bottle of ice water. I’m so dehydrated right now it’s not even funny.”

They both walked toward the pizza parlor and left Mike alone with Leo. Leo sensed him there and said.

“Well, well it’s about time you came around baby brother. Come here and sit by me.”

Mike looked and gulped as he sat down next to Leo. Then he was about to say.

“Leo…I’m sorry about..umm.”

Leo cut him off and said.

“Mike like I told Raphael and Don. Let go of the past and focus on the present so we can have a future. Ok you three attacked me and nearly killed me, but I didn’t hate you back then and don’t hate you now. We lost our father because of our fight because of Raphael’s disappearing and drinking himself till he can’t even walk or talk straight. You three took your anger out on me and accused me of killing Master Splinter. I was nearly killed by my 3 younger brothers and don’t care now. Whatever happened 10 years ago is over and done with. We aren’t supposed to run away from our mistakes bro; we were taught to learn from them and that’s what we all have to do now if we’re going to take the foot down once and for all.”

Mike cried on him and Leo cradled him like a baby. Then he smiled at him. Mike hugged him again.

“Leo I missed you so much. It wasn’t the same without you there to help me out. It was so lonely without having my brothers around. I hated it but then again I was so scared to come to you because I thought you’d kill me and them for what we did to you years ago. I’m so sorry and I swear that on my ninja honor. Go on kick my shell in I deserve it.”

Leo looked up and said.

“How bout a spar, so we can help you brush up on your skills? What do you say Mikey boy?”

He smiled and nodded. Then the two brothers withdrew their weapons and practiced. During the spar Leo pointed out to him not to lose his focus or he’ll be vulnerable against his attackers.

“Come on Mikey focus. Clear your mind and put all your focus on defeating me. Ready, Set, come on Mikey focus!”

Mike took a deep breath and lunged at him. Leo blocked him and jumped backward. Then he gained his balance and signaled Mike to attack again with all his focus and inner strength. Mike took a deep breath and then exhaled slowly. Then he used his flying dragon and knocked Leo to the ground on his shell. Leo flipped back up and lunged at him. Mike saw him coming and blocked him making him fall to the grass. Leo looked up and said.

“Well done Mikey boy you defeated me.”

He laughed and Mike looked.

“Leo you sly turtle you. You let me win that’s not fair.”

Leo laughed and handed him a towel to wipe his brow beneath his bandanna. Then the two brothers sat and talked about how Mike felt after making sweet love to Serena a few nights ago. Leo looked up and sighed then he buried his head in his hands and sighed again. Visions of Leo giving Kimiko oral on her couch the first night together. Through his mind her moans played so clearly.

‘AAGH LEO YES…Oh don’t stop there..aagh more….aagh…aagh..aagh god…LEONARDO…’

Mike looked and asked.

“What about you? Any luck in love yet or still none? It’s all over your face bro spill now!!”

Leo looked and shook his head.

“I had a girl but we did something we shouldn’t have. Well actually I did something to her that I shouldn’t have. Mike I took advantage of my Japanese girlfriend the first night we met. I went against my entire honor and didn’t seem to give a damn the temptation was calling me I just couldn’t resist. We will never see each other again I really screwed up big time. She hates my guts!”

Mike looked at him and smiled.

“So you gave her oral? She asked for it didn’t she? She seduced you first so you did nothing wrong. She wanted you to do it so you did why are you so ashamed? Leo we are part human and have hormones bro..Aimee did the same thing to Raphael and they made love twice the same night and again the next morning. Don also did it with Jessica and you know I’m not innocent so you shouldn’t hate yourself or think she‘ll never see you again. Love works in mysterious ways bro”

Leo looked up and stared.

“Umm Mike I made the 1st move not my girl She just kept asking me to make love to her and I wouldn’t. It gets even better. She is Karai’s younger sister and could be an enemy. I just don’t know what I should do. Should we stay together or should I break up with her. I’m so confused right now that’s why I feel so ashamed of what I did to her.”

Mike looked and said.

“Umm bro I think you better ask your girl what you should do. I have to go apologize to Serena for screaming at her like a maniac earlier. Confront her about it and see what she says, then make your decision.”

He looked and sighed.

“Yes sure whenever I see her again. Why don’t you and Serena join us for dinner at April and Casey’s. You’ll finally meet your 7 year old niece Codi. Dinner is at 6:30pm. Thanks for the advice Mike and I’m glad we’re united again. Please come to dinner they want to see you.”

Mike looked at his watch and nodded.

“Ok 6:30pm it is. See you 3 later bye Leo. Oh and don’t tell them I want to surprise them. See you at dinner bro. Bye now.”


Brothers United..Mike Is Forgiven In A Different Way Without Words...HMM!!

Warning...Before you enter please be sure that you're not underage and get offended by TMNT in EROTIC SITUATIONS....YOU HAVE ALL BEEN WARNED!!FOR ALL THOSE WHO ENJOY READING EROTICA>>>HAVE SOME READING PLEASURE!!!!!!!!!!!!