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Childhood Heroes

While they sit and talk with Keno; Alyssa sees Joanne and calls her over.

“Yo Jo come and join us.”

Joanne orders and brings her food by them and smiles.

“Wow it’s a small world. How is everyone?”

Riana responds after sipping her soda.

“Alyssa and I work at Mirage and are part of the team for the new TMNT series due to launch later this month. How about you?”

She takes a bite of her sub and responds.

“I’m still racing and have been the defending champion for 5 years now. My best friend Mike did a lot for me and I’ve fallen in love with him. I also know he’s hiding something from me; but I can’t seem to find out what it is. He invited me to go to the movies with him, his 3 brothers and their 2 friends! What should I do?”

While Riana listens her shell cell rings and she disappears to answer it.

“Hey Leo what’s up? By any chance is my friend Joanne talking about your youngest brother Mike?”

He sighs as he sits up.

“Yes Riana she is. She has no idea he’s not human. He always goes to the track to watch her races and besides he’s also an artist for a horse magazine. Please don’t tell her he’s not human. I guess he will when he’s ready.”

She sighs.

“I promise I won’t tell her. How has your day been so far mine has been hectic and tiring?”

He yawns and apologizes then he responds.

“It’s been alright. We’ve been up since 6am this morning training and my muscles are aching right now but I’ll be fine. Riana would you like to join us at the movies tonight after I train you? We’ll go as friends only.”

She takes a deep breath to respond.

“Yes I’d love to. What movie are we seeing anyway?”

He responds after putting the paper down.

“The new James Bond movie.”

Mike goes by his bedroom door and listens to the conversation with Riana and remains silent. Leo hears him by the door and tells Riana.

“Umm I’ll be right back. Someone is listening through my door be right back.”

He opens his door and glares at Mike.

“Ah hem what are you doing? Do I listen to your conversations with Joanne? Well do I yes or no?”

He gulps.

“Umm no. I was curious that’s all bro. I’ll be getting back to the couch and watch a movie with Don and Raph before you kick my shell in. Go on back to your phone conversation with Riana.”

Leo watches as he returns to the couch and closes his door. Then he sits back down on his bed and returns to the conversation with Riana.

“Well I’ll see you at 6pm. try to have a better day at work. I’m going to take a nap and relax. Bye Riana; Leo out.”

“Ok Leo see you at 6pm then. I have to get back to work anyway. Well bye Leo and I’ll see you at 6pm.”

He hangs up his cell.

“Ok Riana see you at 6pm then. Leo out.”

She hangs up her shell cell and exits the bathroom. Then she walks back to her table and Alyssa looks at the clock.

“Come on Riana we have to get back to work our lunch is over in 3 minutes. Bye Joanne and Keno see you tonight. Joanne chases after Alyssa and asks.

“You know Mike’s brothers and are one of the friends coming?”

Alyssa sighs and responds.

“Yes; I’m actually his brother Raph’s girl for over a year. Riana is also joining us.”

They enter the office and get back to work on the other episodes. When they finish the storyboards they enter the animation room and animate them. Peter enters and watches as they play the episodes in their entirety. Then he walks by them and says.

“Well done ladies as promised you two can go home early. We won’t need you two until Saturday morning at 10am. Have a nice day and see you on Saturday morning.”

They clock out and head to their homes to take a nap. Riana arrives home and sighs with relief as she lies in her bed. She calls Leo’s shell cell and he answers.

“Hey Riana you got off pretty early today. I thought you said you’re working until 5:30pm? Do you want me to come by and start your training a little earlier than we planned? I won’t mind at all besides there’s something I have to tell you.”

She looks and sighs.

“Ok Leo you can come by now if you want. Let me take a shower and come by in about 20 minutes ok Riana out. See you soon.”

He smiles as he responds.

“Ok then I’ll see you in 20 minutes. Leo out. Bye Riana.”

She hangs up her shell cell and enters her shower. When she gets out she changes into a tank top and her sweats to get ready for her 1st ninjitsu lesson with Leo. She hears a knock on the door and answers smiling at him.

“Hey Leo talk about good timing. What did you want to talk to me about? Would you like a cup of coffee while we talk?”

He takes off his disguise and sits at the kitchen table and sighs.

“Yes a cup of coffee sounds pretty good right now.”

She pours them both a cup and smiles at him.

“Ok what do you need to talk to me about? I’ll listen while you talk.”

He sips his coffee and begins.

“I don’t know how you’ll take this. I just hope after I tell you this you won’t hate me. I know we just met yesterday but then again I can’t keep it from you.”

She looks at him after she sips her coffee.

“I promise I won’t hate you. Please tell me what it is Leo. Leo please.”

He stares and sighs.

“Riana I’m in love with you. I’ve been since the 1st night I saw you at your cousin’s shop. Please don’t be mad at me I can’t help it. You’re so sweet and pretty, besides a good friend.”
She opens her mouth and stays silent and asks.

“Leo did you just say that you’re in love with me or was I hearing things?”

He smiles at her and responds.

“No you heard me say it. I just thought you should know even though we are so different from one another.”

She finishes her coffee and takes his hand.

“Leo I am also in love with you and would like to be your girl if you’re willing to try to make it work. I don’t care that you’re not human I just fell for you because of your personality.”

He finishes his coffee and takes their cups to the sink to wash them. Riana grabs his waist and kisses his neck gently as he washes the cups out. When he finishes washing them out he dries his hands off and turns toward her pushing her bangs back from her face and smiles. Then their lips meet and his embrace around her becomes tighter as she feels his lips so wet on hers and so right. She also embraces him as they continue making out against her kitchen door and asks.

“So I guess the answer is yes to be your girl? What about my training is that still possible?”

He smiles as he kisses her several times.

“Yes it is still possible. You just have to focus on your lessons and then act like my girl after the lesson understood? While I train you the focus has to be there sweetie or you won’t learn anything.”

I do not own the rights of TMNT the characters expressed; Leonardo,Raphael,Donatello,Michaelangelo,Splinter,April O'Neil, and Casey Jones are owned by Kevin Eastman,Peter Laird, and Mirage Studios...some characters are my own...please enjoy reading my stories and don't copy!!Thank you Shana