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Childhood Heroes

At the lair Leo and his brothers are training hard when Raphael loses focus and almost gets cut by Leo’s blade after he fails to block it. Leo’s blade cuts his brother’s skin and he falls holding his wound. Leo looks and yells at Mike.

“Go get a gauze pad, tape, and peroxide so I can wrap his wound. Don go get a warm cloth so I can wipe the gash to get the steel out of it.”

Leo sighs with relief that they were gone and he looks at Raph.

“Ok now it’s time you tell Master Splinter about Alyssa. I can’t believe this you almost got severely injured by my blade. Raph listen to me now. Get your shell in there after I wrap the wound and tell him! You are really losing focus because you have lied to our father for a year and right now is not a time for you to lose focus. The foot is back and stronger than ever we need you bro.”

Raph sighs as the steel pieces slide out as Leo wipes the wound with the warm cloth. Then he puts the peroxide on it and wraps the gauze around twice to keep it in place. Raphael enters the kitchen and Splinter looks up at his son.

“Raphael my son sit down. I already know about your girl Alyssa and want you to know that at first I was mad at you for not telling me. Then I saw how close you two are and decided to accept the fact that you are in love.”

Raph looks and stares.

“Sensei did Leo tell you about us?”

He sighs as he puts his hand on his shoulder.

“No my son. Your brother had nothing to do with it. I found out because I decided to follow you one night because I was worried about your recent behavior. I saw how she felt secure in your arms and how happy you seemed to be. But see your guilt of not telling me is what is making you lose focus. Now that I know you can focus on your skills and don’t have to worry about me disowning you because of it understood? Now go back in there and rest your arm. Training is over for today go on my son. “

Raphael bows and smiles.

“Thank you Sensei. I will go and rest my arm because it is throbbing right now.”
He smiles at his son.

“You’re very welcome my son. Never be afraid of coming to me about something like this again now go and rest.”
Leo sits on the couch and asks.

“Well how’d it go?”

He responds.

“It went very well Leo. You were right I should’ve gone to him in the first place instead of doing that behind his back. What about you? Is he going to let you train Riana?”

Leo smiles and nods.

“Yes Raph he said I have his permission to train her. At 6pm I have to pick her up and begin her training tonight.”

Raph remains silent and sighs.

“Yea I knew he would grant you permission to train her. I just hope you’re not in love with her bro. You only met the girl last night. You wouldn’t keep your eyes off of her at the office and ignored everyone around you.”

Leo looks and glares.

“For the millionth time I’m not in love with Riana. We’re only friends now get off of my shell about it! I don’t fall in love bro, I’m focused on mastering my skills now drop the subject and leave me alone about it! You are in love with Alyssa let’s just leave it at that!”

Raph looks and tries to calm him down.

“But bro…you”

He hears the door slam to Leo’s room and enters his room resting in his bed holding his arm up on a pillow. Mike waits until Raph closes his door and knocks on Leo’s door.

“Leo can I come in please?”

Leo sits up in his bed and responds.

“Yea Mike you can come in what’s on your mind?”

He sighs and responds.

“Leo I am in love with my best friend, but she has no idea I’m not a human what am I going to do? She wants to come with us to the movies tonight.”

He looks at his youngest brother and sighs.

“Mike invite her to the movies and see what happens. If you two get together then you reveal to her the truth ok.”

Mike looks at Leo.

“Ok bro. Only under one condition though.”

Leo looks puzzled.

“What condition is that if I may ask? Mikey answer me.”

Mike looks and stares into his older brother’s eyes.

“That you stop denying that you’re in love with Riana. We all know just by the way you look at her and blush when we say her name.”
Leo looks and glares.

“Don’t be ridiculous! I am not in love with Riana and that’s final. We are friends and that’s as far as it goes now go in the living room and let me sleep until about 4:45pm bye Mike.”

 In the meantime at the pizza parlor Riana asks.

“So why is he so mad at you?”

She takes a deep breath and begins.

“I accused him of not having trust in me. We got into an argument and then we made up. Soon after we made out and I got carried away. Next thing I knew he was gone and in my kitchen. I went in there to go after him and we fought again. Soon after he left and went home. What am I going to do now he hates me?”

Riana ignores her and then Alyssa looks at her.

“Riana are you even listening to me? Hello.”

Then she sighs and finishes her pizza in silence. Keno walks over to them, and asks.

“So did you girls hear about the foot regrouping and being stronger than ever? I wonder who can be behind it since Shredder is now dead!”
They both shrug and ask.

“Why don’t you join us since you’re on lunch?”

He looks and sits down by them and asks Riana.

“How are you doing in Kendo? How is Tom doing?”

Riana sighs.

“I’m the defending champion. Tom and I are not together anymore. He went after me last night by my apartment.”

Keno looks up and asks.

“Was he drinking again? We all warned you not to stay with him and you just writ us all off. You know that you deserve better than that.”

Riana looks and asks.

“Can you not say I told you so please Keno? You all were right.”

He looks and smiles.

“Ok I promise I won’t say it. So what is going on with you two?”

Alyssa responds.

“Oh we work at Mirage and are in charge of illustration for a new TMNT series due to launch later this month. We are excited about it too aren’t you? I mean you starred in a TMNT movie years ago.”

He nods his head.

“Yea I did and it was pretty cool. Once you get to know them they are really good friends and can be trusted. Besides they will always have your back. I told you that because Leo told me he met you last night and besides I know that Alyssa is Raph’s girl for over a year now.”






I do not own the rights of TMNT the characters expressed; Leonardo,Raphael,Donatello,Michaelangelo,Splinter,April O'Neil, and Casey Jones are owned by Kevin Eastman,Peter Laird, and Mirage Studios...some characters are my own...please enjoy reading my stories and don't copy!!Thank you Shana