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Childhood Heroes

Leo arrives back at the lair and sees Raph’s face.

“How’d the date go with your girl tonight? It’s your year anniversary am I right?”

Raph sighs.

“Yea it is bro. It didn’t go to well.”

He looks at his brother.

“Why what happened? Sit down and talk to me about it.”

He sits next to Leo on the couch and takes a deep breath.

“It was going well for awhile. Then I don’t know she got a little out of hand while we were making out on her couch. Leo she expects too much from me and just won’t listen when I tell her that it’s not possible with us.”

Leo looks puzzled.

“Raph what are you talking about? What isn’t possible with you and her?”

He sighs as he puts his head back on the cushion.

“She wants to make love to me and is accusing me of not trusting her. You know how much I love her bro. I just don’t think I can give her what she wants and I’m afraid I’ll lose her. Besides I still haven’t told anyone but you about us. Maybe the guilt of dating her behind dad’s back is causing me to act like this. Leo what should I do? You know how he is when it comes to our relationship with humans.”

Leo looks up and sighs placing his hand on Raph’s shoulder.

“Raph when he gets up in the morning talk to him. I know what she means to you and I think it’s time you tell dad. We’re a family and aren’t supposed to hide things from one another. Go on get to bed and think about what I said. I’m turning in myself I’m exhausted from fighting the foot.  They’re back and stronger than ever! I guess there goes relaxing and kicking back at home.”

Raph looks.

“Yea you got that right. Well goodnight Leo and thank you again.”

He smiles at his younger brother.

“You’re welcome Raph that’s what I’m here for. Go on to bed we have to wake up early to train.”

He enters his room and closes the door behind himself. Then he unties his belt and gets in bed falling asleep immediately thinking about Alyssa and what almost happened between them tonight.

Leo enters Mike’s room.

“Michelangelo time to get to bed. Get your head out of the comic book and get some rest. I’m not covering your shell if you aren’t awake during training tomorrow now lights out and get to sleep. Everyone else is asleep already besides you.”

Mike closes his comic and hits his light off.

“I was waiting for you to come home Leo. I can’t sleep when you’re not here after almost losing you twice. I just don’t feel secure when you’re not here at night and can’t get to sleep. Goodnight Leo see you in the morning.”

As soon as Mike’s head hits the pillow he’s out for the night. Leo walks by his bed and puts the cover over him as he sleeps soundly.

“Ok goodnight Mikey see you in the morning.”

Then Leo checks on Don, Raph, and Master Splinter before he heads to bed himself. He enters his room and unties his harness. Then he enters his bathroom and brushes his teeth. When he finishes brushing his teeth he pulls his covers down and hits his fan on falling asleep immediately. Splinter enters his room and puts the covers over him as he sleeps soundly.

“Goodnight my son. See you in the morning.”

After he checks on his other sons he falls asleep immediately after he hits his bed.

By April’s Riana sighs as she stares at the shell cell. Then she sniffs the blanket that Leo covered her with and smiles.

‘Oh man I’m in love with Leo. I can’t believe how sweet and caring he is. I can’t tell him that I’ve fallen for him he might get angry at me. When he picks me up tomorrow I’ll just keep him off my mind and focus on learning from the best swordsman.’

She locks April’s door and enters her room staring at the ceiling as she lies in her bed. Then she falls asleep thinking about how warm his embrace was when she fell asleep on his shoulder during the movie. She thinks to herself wondering how his lips would feel on hers if she can ever reveal her feelings for him. As she sleeps she dreams of being in his arms with their lips locked in a passionate kiss as they lie down in her bed.

By the lair Leo has the same dream of having Riana in his arms as they lie in her bed in the darkness. He feels her lips so warm on his and feels his hands moving along her perfect body shape and along her soft bare skin. He wakes up sweating bullets and runs to his bathroom throwing water on his face to cool himself down. When he finishes he falls back to sleep after clearing his mind of Riana knowing it’ll never happen because of their differences. Soon being able to sleep peacefully through the night.

In Raph’s room he fantasizes about him and Alyssa in passion on her couch. As he dreams he hears the breathing and feels the sweat pouring down his brow. He jumps out of his bed and wipes the sweat from his head band and along his skin trying to catch his breath. Then he looks around his room and sees that he’s alone. He also gets out of bed and drinks three cups of ice water in the kitchen being quiet so he doesn’t awake anyone. Soon after he finishes his water he returns to his room and sleeps soundly through the night.

The next morning Riana awakes and gets ready for work. When she finishes her coffee and breakfast she washes her dishes and grabs her keys to the apartment and puts them in her purse as she exits April’s apartment making sure she locks it. As she arrives at the studio she realizes her best friend Alyssa was waiting for her to arrive. Alyssa sees her coming toward the studio and grabs her.

“Wow Riana you look really good. How is everything with you and your man Tom?”

Riana sighs as they clock in and responds.

“Actually Tom is no longer with me. I broke up with him last night because he walked in drunk after I warned him too many times to stop drinking. When I tried to kick him out that bastard attacked me and tried to kill me in my own apartment. I panicked and grabbed his knife with my bare hands and sliced my hand. Then I knocked him out and drove off toward my cousin April’s apartment scared stiff. Then I gave her my keys so she could get me a change of clothes since I forgot one. When she got my clothes she and Casey changed my locks so he can’t get in anymore and try to kill me again. I finally met a friend of hers last night and was shocked when he arrived. We watched a movie last night and I fell asleep on him because I was so tired.”

Alyssa looks at her puzzled.

“Exactly who was her friend? By any chance was it my man’s older brother?”

At that Riana looks up.

“Who is your man now? What are you hiding from me? What do you mean was that his older brother? Start talking Alyssa I see your shell cell it dropped out of your pocket. Spill now!”

Alyssa looks up and takes a deep breath.

“Ok you win. I am Raphael’s girl for a year since yesterday. I made a terrible mistake at my apartment last night he is so angry at me. I tried to call him 5 times this morning and he ignored my phone calls.”

Riana looks up and stares into her friend’s eyes.

“Alyssa what could you have done to make him ignore your calls? What happened last night?”

She sighs.

“Riana I’ll tell you at lunch I promise. We have to hurry before we’re late for work. See what I mean there’s Kevin and Peter. We have less than a minute to get in the animation room.”

Riana follows Alyssa to the time clock and they clock in. Then they enter the animation room as Peter puts the storyboards together on the screen and they watch in amazement as the colors fill in and the movements are added in. Then the dialogue pops up as the characters’ lips move. Soon after they hear the voices and watch as the entire episode plays in front of their faces. Alyssa’s mouth drops.

“Oh I can’t believe this I am part of the team to bring them back to the small screen! It’s a little different with more fight scenes than the original series, but I am impressed! Aren’t you Riana? Look at that your drawings are animated into a new series and we’re the first ones to see it done.”

Riana doesn’t pay too much attention to it and sighs as she thinks about being in Leo’s arms in a tight embrace.

Alyssa makes an excuse for her.

“You have to excuse her. She’s speechless because she never imagined her drawings would get any recognition because of the cancellation years ago. She should be fine later on. Is there a way we can add the episodes to our laptops so we can look back at them to create the storyboards for the other episodes?”

Kevin nods and responds.

“Yes of course. All you have to do is click on the file and transfer it to your laptops like this. Just be careful that you don’t erase it from the animation computer ok? We usually go back to the old storyboard to make the next one so we stay the course of the story.”

She smiles and nods.

“Ok I see what you mean. Exactly when does the 1st episode air?”

Peter hands her a schedule with the episodes lined up with a title and synopsis. Then he looks at Riana and asks her to talk to him.

She looks and sighs trying not to slip and tell him what happened last night at her cousin’s apartment.

“I’m fine. I’m just in shock that my sketches are being turned into the new series of my favorite Heroes from my childhood that’s all nothing else. I always dreamed to work with you and Kevin because I thought you were geniuses when TMNT aired in the late 80s and here I am working with you two on a new TMNT series at the age of 24.”

He smiles.

“Oh I see. Like I said you are a talented artist and deserve a job where your art comes to life and is shared with millions of viewers. Enjoy it and embrace it like we did years ago ok Riana. Here are the notes for Episodes 2, 3, 4, and 5 by the end of your shift today we’ll have 5 episodes ready to air after the animation and all the minor details are added. Kevin hired Alyssa because he knows it’s a lot of work for one talented artist to pull off before the deadline. It’s just a coincidence that your best friend is now your assistant isn’t it? We have a meeting until 4pm this afternoon and then we’ll animate the rest of the episodes and you two can go home for the day.”

She takes the notes and exits the animation room with Alyssa behind her as she enters her office. Alyssa pulls up a chair and sits at the desk across from Riana and starts her sketches for Episode 2. Riana begins her sketches for Episode 3 and still thinks about Leo and his kindness last night and wonders how her wound healed so fast like his did last night. Then she clears her mind and gets to work in silence. Both girls finish their sketches at the same time and take a deep breath. Alyssa looks up at the clock and hears her stomach growling.

“Come on Riana it’s already 2:30 let’s take our lunch and get back to work so we can finish up before they get out of their meeting. How does pizza sound?”

Riana smiles.

“It sounds good. I’m actually in the mood for pizza myself. Yea let’s take our lunch so we can finish our work”

They sort out the last two episodes and exit the office to clock out for lunch. When they clock out they cross the street to Roy’s pizza and order a whole sausage and pepperoni pie to share.



I do not own the rights of TMNT the characters expressed; Leonardo,Raphael,Donatello,Michaelangelo,Splinter,April O'Neil, and Casey Jones are owned by Kevin Eastman,Peter Laird, and Mirage Studios...some characters are my own...please enjoy reading my stories and don't copy!!Thank you Shana