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Childhood Heroes

Riana and Leo sit on the leather couch and watch Kill Bill Volume 1 in silence. He looks up at her.

“Umm Riana you can sit next to me I don’t bite. I’ll be back I’m going to make us some popcorn and get us a drink. When I get back I’ll change that bandage for you ok it’s still soaked with blood.”

She smiles.

“Ok Leo that sounds good to me. I’ll be here waiting until you come back ok.”

He smiles at her. Then he enters the kitchen after he pauses the movie. She sits on the couch and sighs putting her head back against the cushion. She grabs her hand as it throbs with pain and tears roll down her eyes. She sees Leo looking at her and wipes the tears from her eyes so he can’t see that she was crying. He realizes and walks by the couch and grabs her hand. He slowly unwraps the blood soaked gauze and wipes the dry blood from the wound and cleans it out again with the peroxide. She sees the steel pieces come out onto the rag and bites down on her lip because it stings. He finishes cleaning the wound out and replaces the old gauze with a clean one double wrapping it so the blood can’t soak through.

She sighs with relief as the pain recedes.

“Thank you Leo I think our popcorn is ready.”

He smiles at her.

“You’re welcome Riana it was no problem at all. I’ll be right back with our popcorn. What do you want to drink?”

She looks up.

“Umm Gatorade I really don’t drink a lot of soda.”

He disappears back into the kitchen and washes his hands after he throws the old gauze in the garbage can. Then he dries off his hands and opens the bag of popcorn and pours it into the bowl for them to share. Riana watches from the living room and enters the kitchen to get the drinks.

“Leo what are you drinking?”

He looks up and responds.

“I’ll also have a Gatorade. With our ninja training we hardly drink soda unless we’re just hanging out chilling like brothers do.”

She smiles.

“Wow that’s interesting. I study Kendo. I actually started at a young age after I got into Ninja Turtles since ninjitsu isn’t in my family.”

He looks at her.

“Riana are you asking me to train you as a ninja like me? We’re friends and I wouldn’t mind at all. After you get off of work tomorrow you can show me some of your moves and we’ll take it from there ok.”

She smiles and nods her head in agreement then they enter the living room and sit on the couch. He hits the DVD player back on and sits back as he watches the movie. As she eats her popcorn she can’t help but stare at him right there on the couch next to her. He looks up and sees her staring at him and looks puzzled then he watches the movie once again.

She stops staring and turns her eyes to the screen at the movie. She sips her Gatorade and sits back on the couch against the cushion and sighs. Then she yawns and he looks.

“Riana if you’re tired rest your head on my shoulder. You’re dosing off and hurting your neck.”

She stays silent and asks.

“But Leo your bad shoulder. I don’t want to cause it to bleed again.”

He smiles at her.

“Let’s say I’m a fast healer.”

She looks on his arm and realizes the gash closed itself. Then she rests her head on his shoulder and falls asleep instantly. He feels her arms and realizes she was chilly. Then he grabs a blanket and throws it over her and continues watching the movie in silence. As she sleeps he strokes her forehead gently brushing her bangs back from her eyes and sighs.

April and Casey arrive back at home and he looks back. April walks over by him.

“I guess you two are pretty good friends now. I’ll do the dishes Leo.”

He looks up at her.

“Thanks April I would’ve cleaned them myself but I can’t really move right now. Is everything ok by Riana’s apartment now?”

April nods her head.

“Yes everything is fine now. Casey already changed her locks he can’t get in anymore. Can you ask Don to install a security system so we can be certain she’ll be safe? Since the security system in the lair is unbreachable.”

Leo looks up.

“Sure I’ll ask him in the morning. It’s pretty late now my brothers and father are all fast asleep right now. Actually I’m going to start her ninja training after she gets off of work tomorrow. If Tom is a foot ninja she won’t have a chance against him in battle without ninja skills. I know she studies Kendo.”

April looks at him.

“Leo will master Splinter mind? I mean would he allow you to train her as a ninja?”

He looks up and stares.

“Why would he mind? We train you don’t we. If I tell him she’s your cousin he won’t mind at all.”

She sighs and looks at him.

“I just don’t want you to get in trouble with him Leo.”

Leo looks at her.

“I won’t April will you please calm down now. Ever since my father was injured in our last battle I’ve been training my brothers with his help. Besides I am also training you and Casey it’ll be fine I promise trust me.”

She enters the kitchen and washes the dishes. Then she heads upstairs to bed with Casey leaving him and Riana in the living room on the couch.

By Alyssa’s apartment Raph and Alyssa are watching a movie on her couch. She looks into his head band and sighs.

“Raph when will you loosen up and trust me?”

He looks at her puzzled.

“Alyssa what do you mean by loosen up and trust you? I’m your man aren’t I? My father has no idea that I’m involved in a human. The only one that is aware is my brother Leo. Can you just be patient with me please? I have intentions on telling my family about us when I get a chance. Until then don’t doubt my trust in you. I love you Alyssa and nothing will change that either.”

He leans into kiss her and she accepts without hesitation. She feels her body descending to the couch and embraces him tightly. He looks into her eyes and moves his hands up her shirt and back out again tracing her body shape. She moves her hands along his chest tracing the lines in his chest and sighs. Then her hands move down and to his thighs. He feels her soft hands moving up and feels his body heat up and gulps then he backs away and runs into the kitchen to get an ice cold glass of water to cool him down.

She looks at him and glares.

“What are you so afraid of Raphael? We’re together a year already and not once have we made love.”

He looks up from his glass.

“I’m not afraid Alyssa. Did it ever occur to you that I can’t give you what you want? Remember I’m a mutant turtle and not a human. Now do me a favor and get off of my shell about it. I have to get home anyway before my brother calls me and yells. Goodnight sweetie love you.”

She watches as he disappears into the shadows and back to the lair. Don sits up on the couch and glares.

“Where the shell have you been all night! This is getting ridiculous Raph. What are you hiding from us? Lately you’ve been acting weird and going top side often when you know what we were told.”

He looks and glares.

“Yea I know. I went to see a movie to clear my mind that’s all. Goodnight Don where’s Leo?”

Don looks up.

“I have no idea. I’ll call his shell cell and find out. I just hope he’s not in danger. He’s been gone for hours now.”

He looks at the clock.

“Don leave him alone. He’s probably on a training run or by April’s. He’ll call in a while stop worrying and try to get some sleep. I’ll call him for you since I’m still wide awake. Just get to sleep you look tired.”

Don sighs.

“Ok Raph just don’t stay up too late. You know as soon as the sun rises its back to practicing and more training. Goodnight Raph.”

He watches as Don enters his room and dials Leo’s shell cell. Riana is awaken by Leo’s shell cell and shakes him.

“Leo your phone is ringing. What time is it anyway?”

He looks at his watch.

“It’s after 11:30pm. You’ve been asleep for 3 hours Riana. Let me get this and tell my brother I’ll be home soon ok.”

She looks.

“Ok Leo I’ll walk you out when you get off of the phone with your brother. Then I’ll be off to bed myself.”

He looks at her.

“No Riana I’ll be fine. You have work and need your sleep. Just lock the door when I leave and get some sleep. I’ll see you at 6pm tomorrow ok. You’ll be safe now Casey changed your locks and April left the keys on the coffee table for you.”

She sighs then she watches as he disappears into the shadows. When she gets inside she sees a shell cell on the table and a note attached to it from Leo.

“To Riana. Here’s a shell cell for you that will keep you in touch with me and my brothers. All our trusted friends have one. All our numbers are programmed into it so you will know who you’re calling. See you tomorrow at 6pm.

 Your Friend,

Leonardo (LEO for short)

In the meantime Leo uses the shadows to get back to the lair and answers.

“Sorry Raph. I was watching April’s cousin Riana because her ex or boyfriend tried to kill her this morning I’ll be there shortly. Leo out”



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I do not own the rights of TMNT the characters expressed; Leonardo,Raphael,Donatello,Michaelangelo,Splinter,April O'Neil, and Casey Jones are owned by Kevin Eastman,Peter Laird, and Mirage Studios...some characters are my own...please enjoy reading my stories and don't copy!!Thank you Shana