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Childhood Heroes

Riana embraces Tom as they head to her room. As they kiss she smells the alcohol and escapes his embrace.

“I warned you about the drinking too many times. Now I’ve had it get out of here now. It’s over between us Tom!”

He laughs as he grabs her and pushes her to the bed undressing her slowly. She sees a knife at her neck and tears roll down as he advances on her. She grabs the knife cutting her hand and knocks him off of her causing him to hit his head on the dresser. Then she gets dressed and uses her good hand to drive to April’s apartment still shaking with fear. April sees Riana coming up her stoop and gasps as she answers the door for her. She sees the blood all over her shirt from the wound and yells for Casey to get the peroxide and bandages for Riana’s hand.

He runs into the bathroom and grabs the supplies April asked for. Then he helps April wrap the wound and asks.

“What happened to your hand? It looks like you tried to cut your hand off or something?”

She buries her head in her hands as she sits at the table.

“My stupid boyfriend came over by our place drunk and tried to kill me! I grabbed the knife from my neck to defend myself! I can’t go back to my apartment he has a key!”

April holds her in her arms.

“It’s ok Riana you can stay here with us tonight. I rather you do that than be in danger until Casey can change your locks.”

She smiles at April.

“Thank you April. I ran out of my apartment so fast that I forgot a change of clothes for bed and work tomorrow.”

April strokes her cousin’s forehead.

“Give me your key and I’ll get some clothes for you for the night and tomorrow. I’ll have a good friend of ours come over to keep an eye on you. Tom knows where I live and will try to get you here if he sees us leave.”

Riana nods her head in agreement and sips her tea slowly. Then April disappears out of sight and enters the living room sitting on the couch. She dials Leo’s shell cell # and he answers.

“Hey April; Leo here what seems to be the problem? You sound really upset about something.”

She takes a deep breath and answers.

“Leo it’s my cousin Riana. She was almost killed by her boyfriend tonight at her apartment. Casey and I need to stop by her place to get some clothes for her and were wondering if you could…”

He sighs.

“Yea sure no problem April. I’ll watch over her for you guys; just give me about 10 minutes and I’ll be there ok. I just hope she doesn’t freak out on me like she did years ago at Radio City Music Hall. “

She sighs with relief.

“Thank you so much Leo. See you in 10 then be careful he’s a foot ninja and is outside by my apartment waiting for us to leave her here alone.”

He responds.

“No problem April. I’ll be fine stop worrying about me and try to calm your cousin down until I get there Leo out.”

She hangs up her shell cell and sighs with relief. Then she enters the kitchen and sits by Riana drinking her tea also. Casey watches out at the window looking for Leo but only sees Tom and the foot watching over the apartment and grits his teeth. Soon he spots a shadowy figure and sighs with relief that Leo arrived earlier as planned.

In the meantime Leo hides in an alley and knocks over a garbage can to distract their watch. Tom hears the can fall and goes to investigate with his knife in hand.

“Alright whoever you are show yourself and fight like a man. Come out so I can slit your throat! Show yourself unless you’re scared!”

Leo laughs.

“Afraid of you never! Ok then let’s dance then!”

He appears out of the shadows and knocks Tom into the can knocking him down. Tom looks around and yells.

“Get that freak! He’ll learn not to mess with the foot get him you fools!”

Leo looks around and uses his stars to break the lights leaving them all in darkness. He unsheathes his katana and takes all 25 out on his own. Tom looks around and sees the white slits as he hears the others fall to the ground after hearing blades cross and cries of pain as they all fall. He jumps up and comes down kicking Leo into the wall knocking him unconscious. He shines the lantern on Leo’s face and laughs as he holds the knife to Leo’s neck as he lies there motionless. Leo gains consciousness and grabs the knife holding it to Tom’s neck slanting his eyes in anger.

“If I catch you bothering Riana again I will make you wish that you were never born do I make myself clear! Now scram or else my blade will slit your throat!”

He gulps and begs for mercy.

“I didn’t know she was a friend of yours! Please spare me I’ll leave her alone I promise! I’m too young to die!”

Leo lets him up and he lunges at him. Their blades cross and Leo uses all his strength and breaks Tom’s sword in half causing it to fall to the ground. Tom gulps and disappears into the shadows. Leo holds his left shoulder and sees the blood on his hand. Then he uses the escape and enters the apartment.

Riana sees him and she stares.

“Ok now I’m seeing things. That looks just like Leonardo but it can’t be. He’s not real! Someone wake me up from this dream!”

Leo looks at her and turns toward the window watching as April and Casey head toward Riana’s apartment. He watches them drive away and sighs.

Riana approaches him slowly because she can see the red oozing from beneath his hand. He flinges and she gulps.

“Can I cover that wound for you? Looks like a pretty big gash.”

He ignores her and sits on the couch still holding his shoulder. She sits by him and removes his hand and uses a few cotton balls with peroxide to clean out the wound. Then she puts peroxide on the gash and wraps the gauze around as tight as she can and smiles.

“See all better. Who are you; and why are you dressed like Leonardo?”

He looks up and answers.

“Riana it’s not a costume. It’s really me Leonardo. I remember you from ’91 at the concert when you screamed so loud that people thought you were hurt or something. Thanks for wrapping the wound for me; that was generous of you.”

She smiles.

“It’s ok I didn’t mind at all. I’m just glad that I got to it before it got infected. I can’t believe this first I work at Mirage on a new series and now I meet you in person and don’t faint or freak out at your appearance. Leonardo I’ve been a fan of yours since I was like 7 and always dreamed of meeting you in person and acting normal.”

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I do not own the rights of TMNT the characters expressed; Leonardo,Raphael,Donatello,Michaelangelo,Splinter,April O'Neil, and Casey Jones are owned by Kevin Eastman,Peter Laird, and Mirage Studios...some characters are my own...please enjoy reading my stories and don't copy!!Thank you Shana