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Childhood Heroes

Riana pulls up to the studio and sighs.

‘Well here goes nothing. Oops can’t forget my portfolio.’

She locks up her car and enters the building. Then she takes the elevator to her floor and is greeted by Peter as she exits the elevator.

She looks up and smiles.

“I can’t believe this. I’m working with the two best creators of all time I must be dreaming.”

He laughs.

“No Riana you’re not dreaming. I’m glad that you feel that way. Welcome to the team. Let me show you to your office and explain what the series is you will be working with us on. “

They walk down the hall and he unlocks the door. They enter and she looks around amazed.

“Wow my own office. Who knew that drawing heroes from your childhood would get me here at Mirage? The home of the Ninja Turtles when I was almost 9 years old. I’m speechless.”

He looks as she sits down and begins to explain.

“Riana I hired you because your drawing of Leonardo impressed both me and Kevin. Looking at your drawing made me go through fan letters of them from the late 80s into the early 90s. There was a demand to bring them back to the screen and it worked. You will be one of the illustrators on a new Ninja Turtle series due to launch in less than a month. We made a few changes to go with the time that has passed since Ninja Turtles went off the air but it’s still the Heroes In A Half Shell but just an updated version. I have written up some notes for you that will be Episode 1 and know having you on the team was a good idea. I’ll be back in about 3 hours to check on your progress. My office is down the hall if you need to ask me any questions thank you Riana.”

She hears her door close and takes off her jacket. Then she pulls out the notes and her pencil to begin her drawings. After she draws a few storyboards in pencil she fills in the colors with the pencils that are in her drawer and smiles as she continues. As she finishes her drawing she places the notes on top of them and slips them in the portfolio that Peter left for her in the third drawer. She thinks to herself.

‘Only if they were real I could personally thank Leonardo and his brothers for the positive messages that they stood for. Then I would thank Leonardo for inspiring me to take up Kendo watching the way he wield those katana in the series and movies. But they’re not real so I’ll just focus on my work and be glad I’m part of bringing them back to this generation.’

As she continues working she doesn’t realize that they were watching her amongst the shadows. Mike looks at her and sighs.

“Whoa she really grew over the years into a beautiful young lady. What a babe.”
Raph buries his head in his hands and sighs. Leo looks over at Riana and sighs saying to himself.

‘Whoa she is beautiful. I can’t believe the last time I met her she was 11 and I scared the poor girl. Now she’s 24 and I can’t keep my eyes off of her.’

Don looks and sighs. Then he taps Leo on his shell.

“Umm bro stop looking at her. We’ll get spotted and she’ll freak out on us like she did years ago hello Leo are you there? Leo?”

Raph laughs.

“Don give it up he’s not listening. Let’s get back to the lair and let lover boy over here gaze at her beauty.”

Leo hears that and glares.

“I am not in love with her shell for brains. I’m watching over her because April asked me too so stop starting with me before I injure you.”

At that his brothers disappear into the shadows and down into the sewers leaving Leo there staring at Riana as she works. She hears him hit the plant and he gulps hiding in the shadows. She turns around and asks.

“Hello is anyone there? Peter is that you.”

She walks to her door and Leo watches as she opens it and scratches her head in confusion. Then she plays it off and sits back down at her desk getting back to her drawings watching the clock as the hands move slowly. Two hours later Peter enters and walks to her desk.

“How is everything Riana? How about you take a lunch break and get back to work. Then when you finish bring the drawing to my office and you can go home for the night.”

She smiles and closes her portfolio carefully placing the notes on top of it with blank drawing paper underneath her many notes. Then she exits her office and enters the cafeteria to get a bite to eat. When she finishes her lunch she calls April and she answers.

“Hey Riana how’d it go?”

She smiles as she sips her soda.

“It was wonderful April. I am an illustrator for a new Ninja Turtle series due to launch during the fall lineup. I’m so excited that he picked me to be a part of the team to bring them back to the small screen. You were right I would’ve been a fool to miss out on an opportunity like this. My drawings are coming to life on the small screen. Thank you for talking to me April.”

She smiles as she closes the shop for the night.

“It was my pleasure Riana. That’s what cousins are for anyway. I’m glad you enjoyed your first day of work. Well I am on my way home sweetie feel free to stop by my apartment later for some coffee.”

Riana sighs.

“Not tonight April it’s mine and Tom’s anniversary tonight. So I’ll be preoccupied with him.”

April sighs.

“Alright Riana. I just hope he isn’t drinking. You know how he gets with you when he’s drunk. Please be careful tonight and pay attention to his behavior before you decide on doing anything with him. You’re my cousin and I worry.”

Riana looks at her watch.

“Ok April I appreciate your concern but I’ll be fine bye now.”

She hangs up her cell and clocks back in. Then she enters her office and gets back to work. Leo sighs and exits the window and into the night looking around from the shadows trying to get Riana off his mind but just can’t seem to. He sits on the roof and buries his head in his hands and sighs.

In the meantime Riana finishes her sketches and enters Peter’s office. He looks up and takes her portfolio and looks through it and smiles at her.

“Well done I knew I picked the right illustrator. Ok Riana you’re done for today. Tomorrow morning come see me and I’ll show you how we’re animating these sketches along with the storyboards. Then you’ll see the episode in it’s entirety with the new animation.”

She smiles.

“Ok Peter see you tomorrow at 10am. Have a good night.”

He smiles back at her.

“Thank you Riana and you do the same. See you 10am sharp.”

As she exits the building Leo watches over her as he runs along the roof tops underneath the moonlight with his blue head band flowing in the wind. It’s a quiet and breezy night a great night for a training exercise. He watches as he parks her car and sees Tom’s car pull up. Then he looks down and stares at the sign on his head band.

‘He’s a foot member. Man she can be in danger.’

Then Leo realizes he can’t walk straight and keeps his eye on him trying to figure out what’s wrong with him. Leo watches as he grabs Riana’s waist and stares. Then he sees her back away from him and into her apartment with him following. He has a general idea that he is her boyfriend and returns back to the lair in silence slamming his bedroom door after he enters his room. Don looks at Raph as he walks toward Leo’s room.

“Raph leave him be. He’s in no mood to talk. You know how he jumps on us when we bug him when he’s in one of those moods. Just let it be will ya unless you want your shell kicked in.”



I do not own the rights of TMNT the characters expressed; Leonardo,Raphael,Donatello,Michaelangelo,Splinter,April O'Neil, and Casey Jones are owned by Kevin Eastman,Peter Laird, and Mirage Studios...some characters are my own...please enjoy reading my stories and don't copy!!Thank you Shana