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Childhood Heroes

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Childhood Heroes


Riana sits on her couch and watches old videos of her favorite childhood hero and his brothers and honorable sensei. She reminisces on her first time she met them all in person and sighs. Her sister calls to her from the kitchen.

“Riana don’t you start your job today by Mirage? I’ll be moved out by the time you come home so you and Tom can be alone for your anniversary. When I get my phone hooked up I’ll call your cell. Try to have a good day at work and be glad that you are an illustrator for a new series that airs in a month.”

Riana looks at the clock and shuts her VCR off. Then she places it on the shelf by all 3 of the movies and sighs. Then she enters her shower and gets ready for her 1st day at Mirage. When she exits her shower Marisa looks up.

“Riana why aren’t you excited about your new job? All your life you always wanted to work side by side by the creators of your favorite and my favorite cartoon series. Why all of a sudden have you had a change of heart? Try to talk to April to see if she can maybe cheer you up? She is our cousin and wouldn’t want you to be acting like this. I doubt that Peter would want to see you upset like this, come on please stop by the shop before you go to work for you.”

Riana nods her head and smiles.

“Ok Marisa I’ll talk to April before I go in today. Remember my cell is on and I want you to call me as soon as you get in your new place after you connect your phone of course.”

Riana grabs her keys and gets in her car and drives toward April’s shop. Casey calls to her.

“Oh babe your cousin is here and she seems upset. Does she know about you and the guys?”

April looks at Leo and gulps. When she’s about to say…

“Leo my cousin doesn’t know you actually exist can you….disappear?”

She looks at Casey.

“Ooh he’s good. Come on Casey let’s go see what she’s so upset about?”

Casey laughs.

“He’s a ninja and you should be used to him and his brothers vanishing into thin air.”

April looks and sighs.

“Yea I should. Come on let’s go.”

Riana enters and calls.

“April, Casey is anyone here? Hello.”

She sees them come in from the back and looks.

April looks at her and looks puzzled.

“Riana what’s wrong are you ok? You really seem upset.”

She sits down and sighs.

“Oh April I start at Mirage today. I got a call awhile back about becoming an illustrator on a new cartoon series due to launch this fall. I’m upset because Mirage Studios happens to be the place where the Ninja Turtles came to life and it’ll bring back the way I reacted when they announced the cancellation. I don’t know if I can handle it without tears coming to my eyes.”

April looks.

“Oh Riana stop worrying about it. You’ll do fine don’t forget this is your dream come true embrace it and try to adapt. There is a reason that Peter hired you and if you don’t go in you will regret having the opportunity to bring your drawings to life on the small screen. You’re a very talented young lady and I can’t see you throw your dream away because it reminds you of them. “

She sighs as she sips her ice water.

“I know that April but the entire portfolio I have is of the Ninja Turtles and other characters involved in the cartoon and movies. Actually a drawing of Leonardo is what really impressed Peter and Kevin maybe you’re right. I shouldn’t be upset. I should be ecstatic about working with the two best creators of all time in my opinion anyway not falling apart like I am right now. Well I’ll call you later and tell you how it goes.”

They watch as Riana exits and drives off. Then April looks behind her and screams.

“Leo will you stop startling me like that? Where did you disappear to anyway?”

He smiles.

“Nowhere April.  I just hid in the shadows in your storage room and heard the conversation. By the way she’s pretty. Is she related to you by any chance? I saw her somewhere before but can’t really remember where I know her from.”

April looks and smiles.

“Yes Leo she happens to be my younger cousin Riana. You met her back in 91 during the Coming Out Of their Shell Tour in Radio City Music Hall. She’s the 11 year old girl you scared when you came up behind her. Let me tell you one thing my cousin is your biggest fan and a huge Ninja Turtles fan. She turned in a drawing of you to Peter and he was very impressed with it. Today will be her 1st day as an illustrator of a new cartoon series due to launch soon.”

He sits down and thinks.

“April do you have a drawing by her that I can take a look at? I’m curious on what cartoon series is launching soon?”

April goes in her desk drawer and hands him the drawing that Riana made of him. He looks at it and smiles.

“Wow she’s good. She actually got every single feature right. No wonder why Peter is impressed. I’ll be back later I need to go talk to him about something. See you later April.”

April sighs as he disappears into the shadows and gets back to work.

Leo arrives at the studio and sneaks into Peter’s office. He hears something and looks behind.

“Oh Leo I didn’t see you or hear you come in. I have something to tell you about the new illustrator I just hired.”

Leo looks puzzled and listens attentively as he begins.

“Leo the illustrator I just recently hired will be working on a new Ninja Turtles series and it launches in fall which is less than a month away. It’s amazing how many of your fans from the past are writing us asking to bring your series back on the air. We heed those letters and are going to be able to bring you back to the small screen once again. This generation needs a positive message and Kevin and I both agree that Ninja Turtles will do that well.”

Leo smiles.

“Wow that’s amazing. Maybe our popularity will rise once again.”

Peter shrugs.

“I guess we’ll see what happens won’t we? Well I have to be going so I can welcome her to our team.”

He disappears out of the window and sneaks back into the sewers to the lair. His brothers look as he enters.

“Leo where the shell have you been all day? Why did you leave your shell cell home?”

He looks up.

“I was by the shop talking to April and Casey. My shell cell was dead that’s why I left it here. Besides I went to see Peter about something.”

Raph looks.

“See Peter why? Why are you so happy come on Leo tell us.”

He sighs and looks at his brothers.

“Peter and Kevin just hired a new illustrator to work on a new series about us. See he said that fans from the past have been writing the studios about bringing us back to this generation and it worked. This fall a new series launches and it’s a possibility that our popularity will rise once again but only time will tell.”


I do not own the rights of TMNT the characters expressed; Leonardo,Raphael,Donatello,Michaelangelo,Splinter,April O'Neil, and Casey Jones are owned by Kevin Eastman,Peter Laird, and Mirage Studios...some characters are my own...please enjoy reading my stories and don't copy!!Thank you Shana