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Childhood Heroes

“Trust is a Big Issue on the Day of Love”


Today is Valentine’s Day and Riana sat and drank her coffee in silence. Then she walked over by the calendar and sighed as she stared at the heart around the date of their year anniversary which was a week away. She shook her head and sat back down and finished her breakfast. When she finished eating she washed her dishes and put them away.

Shortly after she wrapped Leo’s present and then cleaned her house. When she finished cleaning she decided to take a nice hot shower and put on her new outfit that her sister bought her. After she got dressed she brushed her hair and sprayed her body mist on and ran downstairs to chill the champagne. She sat on her porch and watched the road for Leo’s shell cycle to zoom down. She saw his shell cycle pull up and sat in silence as he parked it in her garage by her car.

Leo removed his helmet and placed it on his handle bars and then closed the garage door. He walked up to the porch with his disguise on and approached her as she sat on the swing and sighed. He smiled at her as he leaned down to kiss her. Their lips met and Riana shook her head.

“Man Leo it’s not the same kissing you with that mask on your face. Come on inside so you can remove that mask and the trench coat. I’m getting hot just looking at your disguise.”

He nodded his head as he followed her inside and removed his disguise. Then he hung it up on the coat rack and stared at her blue eyes as she smiled at him. He also wiped the sweat from under his head band and sighed. Then he embraced her and leaned down to kiss her once again. Their lips met and she embraced him tightly as they kissed. Her hands moved up his thighs and he grabbed them moving them up to his chest and smiled.

She understood and rubbed his chest tracing the cuts in his muscles and felt her body heat up at his touch. She gulped as his hands moved inside her shirt and broke away from him. Then she entered the kitchen and caught her breath after she drank some ice water. He chased after her in the kitchen and put his hand on her shoulder.

“Riana sweetie what’s wrong? Was it something I did? Please talk to me I’m worried about you. It’s like this every time we get a chance to be alone you seem scared of me or something. Please clue me in here I’m drowning. It’s Valentine’s Day and you’re afraid to let me touch you.”

She grabbed his hand and sighed as she turned toward him.

“Leo I’m sorry. It’s just every time you hold me in your arms my body heats up and my body aches for your touch. I know it’s not possible but I just can’t help myself to wonder how it would feel with you if it was possible. I mean I have never even been with a man and I’m already in my middle 20s. All I can think of is experiencing it even though you’re not human. Please don’t be mad at me.”

He sighed and stroked her forehead gently as he brushed her bangs back from her forehead.

“Riana I’m not mad at you. I also wonder sometimes how it would feel to be with a human girl as pretty as you are. Then I wake up to reality and know it’s not possible between us. I don’t avoid you though or back away every time you hold me like you do when I hold you in my arms. My body is so heated up right now as I hold you in my arms but I’m not letting go of you because of it. I’m cold blooded and can’t explain why I get like this when we’re alone, but it doesn’t stop me from being with you.”

He looked over at the counter and asked.

“You drink? What’s the champagne for anyway? Isn’t it kind of chilly in here? Riana I’m going to put the fireplace on so it can warm up the house ok.”

She looked and smiled as she watched him put the wood in the fireplace. Then she went in her linen closet and laid the blanket on the floor by the fireplace. He watched out of the corner of his eye and helped her straighten it out. Then he grabbed two pillows and leaned them against the couch facing the fireplace. He sat back and watched the flames rise and fall in the fireplace and the ache returned again as he eyed her up and down as she put the stereo on. He shook his head and said.

‘Oh man not again Leo. What has gotten into you? What does it all mean and how are you going to hide it from Riana? You know how scared she is because she told you already. Besides you’re no human and have no idea what to do even if it was possible! Snap out of it!’

Out of the corner of her eye Riana could see him shaking his head and talking to himself. She walked over by him and asked.

“Leo are you ok? What are you doing? I’ll be right back with your present.”

He opened his eyes and gulped.

“I’m fine just thinking that’s all. You really shouldn’t have gotten me anything Riana I have you what more could I want. I’m a very lucky mutant turtle to have a beautiful human girlfriend like you that accepts me for what I am! There is no better Valentine’s gift that to have you in my arms as we sit in front of the fireplace and listen to romantic music. It really is a romantic setting.”

She nodded her head and smiled.

“Why thank you Leo. What can I say I am a hopeless romantic? Everything has to be perfect since I have the perfect boy friend right here by my side! I’ll be right back; let me go get the champagne for us.”

He smiled as he looked at her entering the kitchen. The ache shot from below his waist all through his body as he watched her pour the champagne by the bar that looked out to the living room. He gulped as the sweat dripped down from beneath his head band and loosened it. Then he felt his body ignite with desire and closed his eyes so he didn’t have to look at Riana’s perfect body. She poured their champagne and sat by his side as she stared into the flames. She put her hand on his shoulder and felt how hot he was and shook her head.

‘Nah I’m feeling things he’s cold blooded there’s no way he can get that hot! Anyway let me get his attention so we can toast to us.’

She tapped his shell and he opened his eyes and stared into her blue eyes as the flames lit them up. Then he opened his gift and smiled at her.

“Wow Riana just what I needed a new set of Chinese Stars; thank you so much.”

She smiled and hugged him; then she sat back and opened her gift from Leo. When she saw the necklace and matching ring she hugged him and kissed him on the lips.

“Oh Leo it’s beautiful and they match so well. Thank you so much I love you.”

He sighed as the ache eased down and undid the clasps so he could put it on Riana’s neck. When he placed it on her neck he fastened it so it wouldn’t come loose and smiled at her.

“You’re very welcome sweetie. I’m glad you like it now how bout that champagne?”

He took both glasses and handed one to Riana and then he held one himself. He stared at her and said.

“Let’s have a toast shall we? To us; two people so different from one another whose love will last forever! To two friends who became lovers in less than a week because we knew it was true love when we looked in each other’s eyes. Love you Riana!”

She raised her glass and they touched. Then they both took a sip and gazed into one another’s eyes. Riana looked into his eyes and asked.

“Leo for one night can you take off your headband so I can look into your eyes and not those white slits that make you look angry all the time. In the dark those slits scare the daylights out of me; I think you’re going to attack me when I look at the slits glowing through your head band.”

He took another sip of his champagne and coughed.

“Ok that’s enough for me. That’s too strong for me; I can’t finish drinking it.”

Riana looked and sighed.

“Did you even hear me? Hello Leo did you hear what I just said?”

He nodded his head and responded.

“Yes I heard you loud and clear. I am not going to attack you either; will you stop worrying already. The slits through my headband are my turtle instincts coming out; letting me see in the dark nothing for you to be afraid of. Why do you want me to take it off anyway; you know we never take it off unless we take a shower. What’s the big deal if I wear it or not?”

She got angry and yelled.

“Gee I don’t know Leo; maybe I’d like to see your eyes instead of the slits. I am only your girlfriend. Did it ever occur to you that I fear you because you won’t let me see your eyes because they are always covered by the band; well did you? Do what you want see if I give a damn! I don’t know what you’re so afraid of!”

She crossed her arms and turned away from him. He looked and yelled back.

“Me afraid; excuse me! I am not afraid to take off my head band either; I’m a ninja we always wear our bands! I don’t know why you’re making a big deal of me not taking my band off anyway! With it on or off I’m still Leonardo no one else! You never asked me before why all of a sudden?”

She looked at him and sighed.

“I want to see your eyes Leo that’s all. When two people gaze into one another’s eyes before they kiss it feels real. When I can’t look into your eyes I wonder if you really love me or just are my friend. Leo please just one night that’s all I ask. I swear after tonight I’ll never ask you to take off your head band again I promise.”

He looked up and said.

“Ok fine but you can untie it instead of me. If it’ll make you feel better than fine so be it.”

She smiled and he leaned into kiss her. Their lips met and she embraced him tightly moving her fingers along the cuts in his chest plate. He froze and embraced her tightly moving his hands inside her blouse and traced her body shape. As they kissed he felt the ache again as it moved through his body and caused him to ignite with desire. She felt the heat his body let off and sighed as his hands moved up her thighs. She felt her body heat up and continued making out with him as he raised her arms above her head so he could slip off her blouse. It fell and his fingers moved under her straps and he moved them down as he kissed her shoulders softly. She moved his hands to her clasps and they came undone causing it to fall. She sighed as his lips moved around them as his hands caressed her chest.

A draft came over her body and everything faded to red as he continued causing her to grip the blanket tightly as the tears stung her eyes. She opened her eyes and gripped him tightly as the screams turned into sighs of pleasure!


I do not own the rights of TMNT the characters expressed; Leonardo,Raphael,Donatello,Michaelangelo,Splinter,April O'Neil, and Casey Jones are owned by Kevin Eastman,Peter Laird, and Mirage Studios...some characters are my own...please enjoy reading my stories and don't copy!!Thank you Shana