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Childhood Heroes

Today is Alyssa and Raphael’s 1year and 6 month anniversary and she’s at her desk staring at the clock. Riana looks and asks.

“Alyssa why are you so nervous? Raph has been by your house a few times.”

She sighs.

“I know that Riana, but he said he’ll never come by my house with no one else there again because I can’t be trusted. Tonight might be the night and I’m afraid I’ll be too nervous!”

Riana sighs and looks at her.

“Why do you think you’ll be nervous since your year anniversary you’ve tried to sleep with him. I advise you to relax and stop looking at the clock Alyssa the time won’t move faster while you stare at it. Besides today is our test and you have to concentrate after today we don’t have school till January.”

Alyssa takes a deep breath and remains silent as she begins her test. When they get out of class they see Raph and Leo waiting for them by the school in disguise. Riana runs to him and greets him with a kiss. He smiles and embraces her returning her approach. Then he takes her hand. Raph looks at Alyssa and asks.

“Whoa babe what’s up with you? I don’t get greeted with a kiss on our year and 6 month anniversary that’s kind of rude.”

She smiles and shuts him up as their lips meet. Then she asks.

“What made you change your mind about coming by my place? After the incident with me making a move you swore that you wouldn’t come over my place again.”

He looks at her and kisses her forehead.

“I was upset that night Alyssa. I didn’t mean it at all. Besides it was 4 months ago. I forgive you just don’t try it again while I’m there tonight ok?”

She nods her head and grabs his hand as they walk toward her house. Then Leo and Riana say goodbye and walk toward Riana’s brand new house. She unlocks the door and her puppy greets Leo with a kiss on his face after jumping up on him. He smiles and picks the puppy up and strokes her smooth fur gently. Then he sits on her couch and pets her soft fur. She wags her little tail and Riana laughs.

“Aww that’s so cute. She really likes you Leo. I’ll be right down I have to change these clothes are all sweaty. Help yourself in the kitchen. I’ll be right down I promise. Don’t miss me too much.”

He smiles as he kisses her lips once.

“I’ll try not too. Riana are you hungry? I’m going to make a hot pocket for myself because I’ve been training all morning and didn’t get to eat.”

She looks at him and nods.

“Sure Leo thank you. I’ll see you after my shower.”

He watches as she walks up the stairs and enters the kitchen. Then he puts the microwave on and sits at the table sipping his ice water. That ache returns and he stares into the window and sighs.

‘Leo no don’t get like this. You’re only with her for 6months and besides you know that it’s not possible. Even if it was you wouldn’t know where to start. Get that out of your mind Leo it’s not going to happen.”

He gets that thought out of his mind and sighs as the microwave goes off. Then he gets up and checks the hot pockets to see if they’re hot and he puts it back on for 1 minute and a half. Then he slowly walks up the stairs to Riana’s room and hears the shower water running. He sees the door opened a crack and turns away from the door even though the ache returns as he hears the shower water. As he stares into the mirror he can feel the steam from the shower and gulps. He feels sweat dripping from his forehead and sighs as he wipes it from under his face mask. A few seconds later he decides to open the door and Riana hears him enter and calls.

“Leo you can enter I’m covered. You seem nervous what’s wrong?”

He gulps.

“Oh nothing. I just came up here to tell you the hot pockets are done. What do you want to drink?”

She smiles and kisses him on his lips and sighs.

“I’ll drink the fresh lemonade I made a few days ago. Why don’t you try it? I didn’t make it too sweet actually it’s just right.”

He smiles as he exits.

“Ok Riana I’ll try some if you insist. Hurry up before they get cold.”

She looks at him as he exits and brushes her long, brown, wavy hair after blow drying it. She hears her door close and sighs after wiping the sweat from her forehead.

‘Whew that was too close. I could feel how much I wanted him but I know it’s impossible. I’m going to forget about it right now before we get into a fight like Alyssa and Raph.’

By Alyssa’s place she unlocks the door and they enter. He looks around and stares.

“Wow Alyssa it’s a lot bigger than your old apartment. I guess all the hard work at the studio paid off for you to afford such a big house in New York City. Have you heard anything about the movie yet?”

She stares and shakes her head.

“Well we were told that the movie would be different from the 1st 3 you 4 were in. Besides that I really have no idea. I do have a trailer downloaded to my lap top if you’re interested. “

He smiles.

“Sure I am. Thanks Alyssa.”

She looks at him and goes into her files and clicks on the trailer. He watches in silence as it plays. Alyssa looks up.

“Raph I’m going to make something to eat. Are you hungry by any chance?”

He nods his head in agreement. Then she enters the kitchen and looks in the freezer for something to eat for them. She decides on frozen pizza with sausage and pepperoni. She watches him from the bar and sighs as the ache returns after being gone since the last night she made that move on him and nearly lost him. She hears the microwave go off and takes the pizza out to cut into pieces for them to share. Then she calls to him.

“Raph the pizza is ready what are you having to drink?”

He stops the trailer after it ends and closes her lap top.

“I’ll have ice water or Gatorade. We really don’t drink that much soda.”

Then he enters the kitchen and sits at the table and sighs. She brings the pizza and the plates to the table. She turns back toward the fridge and pours them both Gatorade. As her back is turned toward him he eyes her up and down gulping. Then he sees her turn toward him and he eyes her up and down several times with sweat dripping from his forehead beneath his face mask. He closes his eyes and keeps his eyes on his plate as he eats his pizza in silence. Alyssa puts his glass by the plate and then sits down across from him with a puzzled look.

She looks up once and then eyes him up and down with sweat forming on her skin beginning to soak her see through blouse. He looks up after he eats and stares at the wet spot on her blouse and gulps as the shape is revealed to him. He gets up so fast that he literally bangs into the wall.

“Raph are you ok? I saw you fall. What just happened?”

He doesn’t respond and washes their dishes in the sink. As he washes the dishes he takes deep breaths to relieve the ache getting sharper as he thinks about Alyssa’s perfect body. After many attempts it fails and becomes so sharp that it jolts through his entire body. When he finishes the dishes he enters the living room and sees Alyssa sitting by the fireplace gazing into the flames as they rise. He sits next to her on the blanket and holds her close to him. As he holds her she feels the heat his body was letting off and gulps as their lips meet once and then break apart.

Then his embrace becomes tighter as he attempts to kiss her again. She accepts his approach and feels his hands moving up her blouse and lifts her arms above her head as he slips it off gently kissing her shoulders. She reaches behind and undoes her clasps letting it fall to the ground. Soon his hands are around them as he continues kissing her bare skin gently as he pushes her down toward the blanket. She moves his hands to her jeans and helps him unbutton them and to unzip them. He slips her jeans down slowly and moves his hands to the warmth and sighs. She grabs his hands and helps him slip them off completely. She sighs as his lips move across her chest and down to her stomach. Then she moves her hands to his belt and undoes the eyelets. He feels her hands moving up his thighs and takes a deep breath as he moves them apart slowly.

She begins to speak.

“I thought you didn’t know how to Aagh….”

He puts his finger to her mouth as he advances on her causing her to scream out…..”Easy now it’s been awhile since I….Aagh”

His lips curse over hers as he silences her. He feels her nails dig in his skin and they get deeper surrounding them in red with everything else vanished from their state. She sighs loudly as her body rises and then falls back to the blanket as the sensation takes her over as she grips him tightly. Hours pass and she falls asleep in his arms after it was over and done with. He holds himself as he sits up and wipes the sweat from his brow and the rest of his body. Then he uses his fingers and wipes the tears from Alyssa’s eyes and wipes the sweat from her brow still caressing her soft skin and covers them both with the satin sheet after he turns off the fireplace and puts the air on. Soon after he lies back down next to her and puts his arms around her feeling her soft, bare skin against his. Then his eyes close and he falls asleep still in pain.                                                                                                                                      

I do not own the rights of TMNT the characters expressed; Leonardo,Raphael,Donatello,Michaelangelo,Splinter,April O'Neil, and Casey Jones are owned by Kevin Eastman,Peter Laird, and Mirage Studios...some characters are my own...please enjoy reading my stories and don't copy!!Thank you Shana